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Advantages of Small Indoor Pools

Advantages of Small Indoor Pools

Indoor swimming pools have a dramatic effect on human health either physiologically or psychologically. That is because they benefit the body through swimming and improve the inner state of humans. Nevertheless, indoor swimming pools have become a matter of controversy as they have supporters and opponents. The supporters of indoor swimming pools say that it is an amazing thing to have a swimming pool in your home or villa in which you can swim anytime. 

Advantages of Small Indoor Pools:

1- Getting out of Work Pressures:

Many people like to relax beside their swimming pools. They see this as a good chance to get out of work pressures and have time for rest and contemplating. In addition, swimming pools encourage people to practice swimming which is a beneficial sport for the body. It is great that people can learn and practice swimming in their indoor swimming pools keeping their privacy and own distance. On the other side, there are many people say that indoor swimming pools are very dangerous on the children that may drown in such indoor swimming pools. They also say that if each one made an indoor swimming pool, the world would run out of water especially in a country like the United States (Beale). The fact is that people can keep their children away from indoor swimming pools by barriers or plastic covers. Moreover, swimming pools can use desalinated water to fill.

2- Treating Mental Disorders:

People who have mental disorders and psychological diseases are advised to practice aerobics in swimming pools (Valizadeh et al). That is worth spending money on istalling a new swimming pool in the home. Therefore, people who practice sports in indoor swimming pools are healthier than the people who do not practice such sports. Valizadeh represents an expert opinion about noticing the health of people who practice sports on swimming pools and the result was the improvement of their health.

3- Disinfection Sterilization:

Swimming in indoor swimming pools is very safe. Studies have proven that the disinfection of the swimming pools Swimming pools should be cleaned and disinfected regularly. Studies have shown that the disinfection of the indoor swimming pools occurs through the interaction that happens between nitrogen and charloine (Catto et al). Thus, it have proven by science that swimming pools can be clean. In reality, not all swimming pools transfer infection between people. However, it have been proved that the use of chlorine can disinfect the water of the swimming pools and kill the containments. Any infection that happens in indoor swimming pools can occur because of the source of water, water replacement rate and the number of swimmers who have illnesses (Fantuzzi et al).

4- Indoor Swimming Pools Are Safe for Children:

Children are the future of any nation and the hope of any parents. Thus, they should be safe in homes or villas. Some people say that the indoor swimming pools are very dangerous on children. The number of the children under 20 years old who have dies in the United States because of swimming pools in 2002 was 1158 persons (Saljua et al). Thus, they claim that indoor swimming pools are dangerous on people especially younger people. In reality, this number is very small if it is compared to the number of the U.S. citizens. Moreover, the reason of such deaths either it is parents’ neglect or because these youngers do not swim well. The real reason is not a swimming pool.


To sum up, swimming pools are very important for all the people. Some people see indoor swimming pools as unneeded things. But, they can be used for practicing sports to strengthen the body. Moreover, swimming pools are very decorative and they give the feeling of inner comfort. Some people do not like swimming pools and they are free but they should not deny the advantages of having indoor swimming pools.

Three Benefits and Advantages for Indoor Swimming Pools

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