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Benefits of Electric Stove

Electric Stove Benefits

There have been many arguments over the matter of using electric stoves in homes. That is because electric stoves are alternatives for the gas stoves as the same case of gas stoves when they firstly appeared. When gas stoves appeared for the first time, they were alternatives for cool stoves. The same case goes here. The opponents of using electric stoves in homes say that they consume much electricity. 

Benefits of Electric Stoves:

1- Electricity Is Now Cheaper:

That is real that electric stoves consume much electricity and this makes cooking much expensive by 35% (F.) This was in the past time when electricity was not common and very expensive. In the present pace of life, people need to save their time and electric stoves cook foods in no time. The second claim that opponents of electric stoves add is that electric stoves are not safe. In the past, they were not safe but in the present electric stoves have the highest levels of safety. Electric stoves save time and effort of waiting for the food to be cooked. Therefore, electric stoves' use is essential in the present time for many reasons.

2- Saving Time of Cooking:

Electric stoves usage of electricity is very high, however these electric stoves saves time of cooking. The prices of electricity differ from a country to another. Thus, the cost of cooking on electric stove differs from a country to another and it is unfair to describe the cost of electric stoves as expensive. I has been proved that score stoves can produce electricity from waste heat (Ehsan et al). 

Therefore, scientists can improve the electric stoves depending on the same technique of score stove to generate electricity from heat. This would be very amazing as electric stoves would consume electricity for cooking and generate electricity at the same time. Moreover, according to a scientific experiment about using electric cookers with time and temperature control, electric stoves have been proven to be efficient conservers of energy (David).

3- Generating Much Heating with Control:

Issuing the control of the heat control in the electric stoves is very important. The reason of this discussion is that some people say that electric stoves are not practical and as the control of their heat is difficult. Both gas and electric stoves can work with the same termo control (Yusnaini). This shows there is no difference between electric and gas stoves in controlling the heat. However, electric stoves can produce much heat than the gas stoves. All these benefits of electric stoves make them more practical than gas stoves.

4- They Have Small Size & Beautiful Shape:

The most important thing for all the persons who use stoves in homes is the size, shape and easiness of usage. Firstly, the shape of the electric stoves is better than the shape of gas stoves. There are many models of electric stoves. Secondly, gas stoves are smaller than electric stoves and this gives an extra area in the kitchen to put many things. Thirdly, electric stoves can be cleaned easily and their ignitions are very stable and high. Moreover, electric stoves can prevent burning because of using non-flammable fire (Bean).


Lastly but not the least, electric stoves are very practical and safe more than gas stoves. The people who do not like using electric stoves say that they consume much electricity but one can electricity from heat controllers. It is very logic that producing more heat would consume more electricity. In addition, electric stoves depend on a permanent source of energy which is electricity, but gas stoves need to be changed every while. Electric stoves can save time which is the most precious thing on the human life.

Benefits of Electric Stove


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