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"Five Children and It" Plot Summary and Characters

"Five Children and It" Summary by Edith Nesbit

This book report is written according to instructions of Mr. David Shumber in Real Reading No. 2. The short story “Five Children and It” is a short story written by the great author Edith Nesbit. This short story is 56 pages and it was published by Oxford University Press. Edith Nesbit wrote this short story which was published by Oxford University Press in 2008 and its word count is 5945 words. This short story is an interesting story. I chose "Five Children and It" story because it is an adventure story and I like this type of stories. Truly, "Five Children and It" story is one of the childish stories. Then, this short story is turned into a film by John Stephenson.

Main Characters of "Five Children and It":

The main character of this short story is the Psammead. It is the main character because it has a significant role to develop the events in "Five Children and It" story. It is a sand fairy that is able to grant wishes to the children.

Secondary Characters of "Five Children and It":

The other characters in "Five Children and It" story include the five children; Robert, Anthea, Jane, Cyril, the young baby, and Martha. Moreover, the nursemaid, the baker’s boy and children’s parents are also important characters. They are the minor characters in "Five Children and It" story because they have the minor roles in the story. The five children went in the gravel pit to meet the Psammead. They asked it for wishes that were wrong after that. The baker’s boy is another character who fought with Robert. The children parents left their home in London to go to the countryside while the nursemaid called Martha did not recognize the children when they were beautiful.

Summary of "Five Children and It":

Children Moves to London Summary:

"Five Children and It" story is a childish story that tells the story of the young children. The children and their parents moved from London to the new house in the countryside of Kent. The children went to a Gravel pit to meet the Psammead, a sand fairy that was able to grant people wishes.

The Psammead  Gives Children a Wish Summary:

The children agreed that the Psammead gave them a wish everyday provided that their wishes would be turned into stone in the sunset. The children wished to be rich but this wish did not be helpful because they were accused with robbery. They asked to have wings but they dropped on the roof of church. They wanted other wishes but all these wishes were wrong.

Summary of Story End:

Children asked the Psammead to repair these issues but it stipulated that she would not give them any wish in the future. In the end of story, the Psammead managed to repair everything and none could remember the bad actions of the children.

Analysis of "Five Children and It":

My final thoughts on “Five Children and It” are that this story is one of the most interesting childish story that can help children understand more good values and concepts. The adventure stories can give more values in an interesting manner. "Five Children and It" story tells children to be responsible for their actions. I learn to be responsible for my actions. I recommend my friends shall write this short story because of its interesting actions and good goals.

"Five Children and It" Plot Summary and Characters
Ali Badr
By : Ali Badr
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