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Short Essay about Dreams at Night

Essay about Dreams at Night

Dreaming happens when one sleeps but it does not have a specific time. One can dream at anytime with anything. This matter has been studied for many years although there is not a complete truth about dreaming. The matter is very complicated. 

Causes for Dreaming:

There are many reasons for dreaming. These reasons has been investigated through scientists through many years. Studying dreaming and its reason can prove that one can live in another world without the knowing of other people. He can lonely listen and see things in his own private world which is the dream. 

1. Wishing Something: 

This theory has been introduced by Freud. He said that when one wishes something when he is awake, he dreams of it. This reason is very logic as dreaming can be the reflection of the real world in dreams. 

2. Transferring the Short Memories to Long Kept Memories: 

This theory says that brain is like a memory storage. It needs to rest and to clean itself to continue life. The brain transfers the short memory into the long memory. It is like the computers that needs to dismiss the short memory in order to be fast. 

3. Getting Rid of the Unneeded Information 

Each day, one meets different people and passes different situations. These persons and situations might be unimportant. Millions of information one gets each day. When people sleep, they delete these unimportant information and keep the important information. 

4. Solving Problems 

When one’s body gets tired he sleeps. The same thing happens to the brain when it encounters a problem. Sleeping helps one to concentrate after that and helps the brain to find solution for the problems. This is like inspiration and it happens in the unconsciousness. 

Famous Dreams Interpreters:

1. The Prophet Joseph:

He was a prophet who was very beautiful and chaste. He was the most famous person to interpret dreams and he was mentioned in the Holy Quran. He interpreted the dreams of two of his fellows and the king of Egypt at this time. 

2. The Prophet Mohammed: 

He is the best and the last prophet. He had many interpretations that are proved by the narrators. He was dreaming of the companions and tell them about the interpretations of these dreams. 

3. Mohamed Ibn Sireen:

He was a pious man who had a good reputation. He was the most famous follower of the Prophet to interpret dreams. He has a book called dreams interpretation and it used as a reference in dreams’ interpretations 

4. Ibn Khaldoon:

He was the founder of sociology. He has studied dreams and he said that dreams are to free the spirit from the body burdens. This theory is respected and many persons approved like things after his death. 

Types of Dreams:

1. Lucid Dreams:

These dreams when one knows and realizes that he is dreaming. People say that these dreams are not dreams however they are. Knowing that someone is dreaming while he is asleep is normal and happens. 

2. Nightmares: 

These are the bad dreams with the bad events. These dreams affects people and their moods. These dreams almost make people sad when they are awake. 

3. Recurring Dreams: 

These are the dreams that reoccur many times in many nights. These dreams happens when one thinks in something a lot when he is awake. 

4. Signal Dreams: 

These are the dreams that give important information about something. Signal dreams are guiding for people and they give information or teach something.


Finally, dreaming is a complicated process and it is not fully known by scientists in the present time. There are some interactions inside the brain makes it dream and imagine without any senses like eyes or ears. The recommendation for not dreaming with any nightmares is that one does not think a lot about his problems when he is awake. Finally, dreaming can be transfer good emotions or bad emotions to any person that when he wakes up and remember what happened he can be happy or sad. 

Short Essay about Dreams at Night


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