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Water Pollution Causes, Effects and Solutions

Water Pollution Causes, Effects & Solution

Water pollution may lead to end of humanity. Pollution or contamination threatens the human life because of its deadly effects and consequences on the human beings. Water pollution is a type of pollution of environment. Water pollution leads to contaminating different water facilities such as seas, rivers, oceans and groundwater. Because of the importance of water for the life of many organisms especially the human beings, water pollution is a problem that needs a great consideration and attention. Regardless of the causes of the water pollution, governmental and nongovernmental organizations and authorities shall play an important role to solve this problem.

Causes of Water Pollution:

- Cause #1: The main causes of water pollution include the oil spill. Many oil ships may get rid of their waste into seas or oceans. Consequently, this will lead to spread of oil on the sea surface. Such toxic and contaminated materials have negative effects and consequences on the living organisms on water. 

- Cause #2: On the other hand, sewage and waster is a main cause to contaminate sea water. Some household facilities throw their waste water into seas. 

- Cause #3: Schools, hospitals and other facilities throw their waste into sea and this causes water pollution. 

- Cause #4: Some natural elements can lead to the water pollution such as the acid rains.

Effects of Water Pollution:

Effect #1: Water pollution may cause some problems and diseases. Many sea animals and fishes may be killed because of water pollution. 

Effect #2: Dolphins, fishes, birds and other may consume the contaminated and toxic materials in the sea, consequently, this will lead to their deaths. 

Effect #3: Human beings can eat the toxic and contaminated fishes and animals from the sea. Thus, this will lead to spread of many diseases among the human beings such as hepatitis and cholera. It is worth mentioning that water is the main source of life. Thus, contamination of water can terminate the life.

Solutions to Water Pollution:

Solution #1: It is so important to invent and use some ways to solve the problems of water pollution. Firstly, charity organizations and companies shall work to provide some solutions to protect our water. 

Solution #2: Charity organizations shall increase the public awareness about the importance of water preservation and protection especially to maintain a good life. 

Solution #3: Governments shall enact some laws and regulations in order to guide and control over the water contamination effectively. Because of the oil spills are the main cause behind the increase of water pollution, the governmental officials shall take decisive measures and procedures to ensure the effective safety and security of ships. 

Solution #4: Moreover, the ships shall be subjected to different checkups and maintenance in order to protect our water from pollution.


In conclusion, water pollution is a problem that provides many threats and dangers for the life on earth. Many governments may use laws and regulations to control over water pollution, but people shall do their best efforts to help government. Furthermore, the public awareness campaigns can attract the attention of many people toward the dangers of the water pollution. “No pure water, no life on earth”, this statement shall be known to all people whether they are governmental organizations or private ones.

Water Pollution Causes, Effects and Solutions


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