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Success Elements, Types, and Advantages

Simple Ways to Be Successful

Certainly, each person seeks to success in the different aspects of his life like education, work, marriage and life in general. Before talking about success, one should identify it. Success means that one achieves a good thing in his life. This includes putting an objective and seeking to achieve it. Such achievements make one happy and make him feel with his big value in the world. Therefore, success is related to achievements. Moreover, success should include a change from a status in which one was to another status or from a position to another better position.

Elements for Success:

Success has many elements and no success could be achieved through such elements like: 

1- Patience:

It is very significant because success does not take place in a night. To be a successful person, one should have patience and he should expect many failures.

2- Determination: 

Success does not come to people who give up their dreams and hopes.

3- Courage: 

Successful persons are the courage people that do not fear failure. Courage is an essentiality to any persons, because without courage, he would not make any effective decision.

4- Creation & Innovation: 

People usually admire those who have strange and creative ideas. There are many people, who have been creative and achieved success through their innovation. Bill Gates is an example of a creative person who has achieved a big success through his creation in establishing Apple Company with its pioneer products. 

5- Time Respect: 

Ultimately, respecting time is the final element of success because it enables a person to have enough time to do everything through time management and making daily plans. 

Types of Success:

There are many types of success. Through understanding these types, one can have a good realization of the essence of success. Success can be individual or group and it has many types like:

1- Success on Study: 

School is like a second home for students because they spend a long time on it. Being a successful student has a big role in creating a successful person in the future. Success in school is through achieving high grades in exams. After that, one continues his study in university and similarly achieving high grades in university is a shape of success. Thus, the first type of success is the academic success. 

2- Success on Work: 

After a while, one starts to search for work. Having a job does not mean that one is successful. That is because there are many employees who prove failures in their work. The successful employee is the one that can achieve his personal career goals and the objectives of the organization he works in. Having a professional job does not mean that one is successful because there are many successful persons who administrate their free business. Hence, work success is the second type of success. 

3- Success on Personal Relations: 

This success includes good relationships with family and neighbors. Communication with people and building good relationships with them have a big influence on the character of any person. The last kind of success is on the religious level. This includes having a good relation with God and obligating his instructions.

Advantages of Being Successful:

Numerous advantages can be extracted from success and these advantages are:

1-  Optimism: 

When one achieves success in his life, he feels with optimism and hopefulness for future. 

2- Self-Estimation and Self-Evaluation Feelings: 

A successful person sees himself as a good person who can make a difference to the world. 

3- Having Hope for the Future and Avoiding Depression: 

This hope for the future is a good motif that makes one search for a bigger success in the short or the long run. 

4- Having Positivity: 

The reason behind this is that when a good person achieves success, he helps others to be successful because he loves this concept and wants it to be spread. 

5- Being Surrounded with Positive and Successful People: 

This is because the successful persons search for each other.


To sum up, success is one of the best concepts in the world. Success has many elements like patience, determination, courage, creation and innovation. Moreover, there are many types of success such as the academic success, work success and relations success. In additions, there are many advantages for success like having optimism, hopefulness for future, self-estimation, and self-evaluation getting rid of any depression, positivity and being surrounded with positive and successful people. Therefore, success is essential to anyone and people should encourage others to be successful and not depressing them.

Success Elements, Types, and Advantages


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