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Similarities and Differences of Educational Systems

The Educational System of Qatar and the United Kingdom

There are some common and different things between the educational system in Qatar and the United Kingdom. The apparent common thing between Qatar and the UK in education is that both countries are depending on education in order to be in the first line between the advanced countries. The education in Qatar and the United Kingdom is a matter of identity and first class importance, so all the people motivate their children to study and continue to the highest educational ranks like the master and the PhD degree. Both countries are developing their educational systems in order to compete the other countries in the world and they pay a special attention to the science and the scientists. Nevertheless, the educational systems are different in both countries. There are many similarities and differences between the Qatari Educational system and the British educational system.

Similarities between Qatar and the UK Education:

The first similarity between the education in Qatar and the education in the United Kingdom is in the modern curriculum. Qatar depends on curriculum to develop creation and analytical thinking at the students. The United Kingdom also sees the academic curriculum is the first step towards creating a generation that can lead the country and reaches with it to the high ranks between nations.

The second similarity is the English language requirements as both countries requires a certificate in English to complete high studies. Qataris who prefer to complete their postgraduate studies in Qatar should have the ability to speak English well. Universities in Qatar demand the postgraduate students to have some certificates like TOEFL certificate or IELTS with a good grade. In the UK, the international students who obtained a university degree can apply for the postgraduate degree. To complete the postgraduate education in the UK, students should have cope with the standards of English language evaluation. Some universities require IELTS, SELTA or passing the English exam made by the university.

The third similarity is in the social rank of the teacher. Qatar Ministry of Education provides the teacher with a high level of income as it sees the teacher as the base of the educational system and he should have a high income to give his best to the students. The same happens in the UK. The teaching profession in the UK is noble job and the teachers get high incomes because of their importance.

Differences between Qatar and the UK Education:

There are differences between the educational system in Qatar and the educational system in the UK. The first difference is in the language of study. Qatar is an Arab and Islamic country, so the formal language, which is accredited in all the schools, except for language and international schools, is Arabic. The matter in the United Kingdom is as England is a western country in which the formal language is English, so the language study there in is English.

The second difference between Qatar and the United Kingdom in education is in the single segregated education and the coeducation. Qatar has an Arabic and Islamic background. Because of this background, Qatar prefers the single segregated education to the coeducation. Separating both sexes is one of the methods to protect the girls and to make the boys and the girls concentrate only in education. The United Kingdom background is different and as a result, England and the western countries as all prefer the single segregated education to the coeducation.

The third and the last difference between the education in Qatar and the UK is in the educational authorities. The educational authorities in Qatar differ from the educational authorities in the UK. Qatar has two educational authorities; the first is the Ministry of Education while the second is the Supreme Council of Education. The Supreme Education Council was founded in two thousand and two and it is regarded the entity which is responsible of developing the education in the country and it also draws the general policies of the education. In England, the first educational authority is the LEA, These local authorities was founded in 1 April 2001. In 2004 the Children Social Services “CSS” declared an act to appoint a director in every unitary authority in the UK. Both countries are smart in developing the education and treating any problems, which may appear. Qatar is qualifying it students through sending them to complete their studies in the UK and get back to Qatar and apply what they have learned.


Finally, Qatar and the United Kingdom educational systems are different but the fact is that both countries are paying their full attention to the educational process. The Qatari students are smart enough to study what the British studies and this is apparent in the number of the Qatari students who study in the UK. Qatar and the UK education have some similarities and some differences. The similarities are in using modern curriculum, English language requirements for the postgraduate studies and the social position of the teachers. The differences can be counted in the language of study, the coeducation and the single segregated and the educational authorities.

Similarities and Differences of Educational Systems


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