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Advantages of Marketing

Advantages of Marketing

Truly, marketing has a lot of definitions. Furthermore, each one of them tries to confirm various meanings and different cases. Therefore, keeping all these definitions in your mind is really tough. Instead, it is better to think in methods and techniques to get advantages of establishing and founding values of customers in the most perfect way that could match with ethics and other rules and beliefs people could have. As for the American Marketing Association, it released two similar definitions in 2006 and 2007 but the one issued in 2007 is briefer. As a result, we must take in consideration that these points own a lot of points and elements. On the other hand, marketing has a lot of targets and aims in order to achieve customer value and accomplish customers’ satisfaction. 

Marketing & Strengthening Human Relations:

Actually, marketing often contains an exchange between two parties: venders and purchasers or others. Furthermore, it has a great effect on the company, its staff, shareholders, customers and others who could be influenced by choices and decisions made and taken by the company. What’s more, marketing includes continuous and long lasting relationships between buyers and sellers. Besides, processes and operations which are done during marketing comprise establishing, making communications and delivering as well as making exchanges about offerings and discounts.

Importance of Promotion:

In fact, if the company thought only about selling perfect products and goods with reasonable prices and high quality, then it wouldn’t be able to accomplish high profits or earn a lot of income. Therefore, in order to be able to increase sales and profits, the advantages of goods must be related and connected to customers and clients who go to buy these products. As a result, promotion is considered as a way of communications between customers and companies. As a matter of fact, the whole program of marketing communications for any business in any company is named the promotional mixture and comprises a mix of: immediate processes of marketing, advertising, private vending, instruments and equipment of public relations in addition to promotions of sales. On the other side, promotion contains a lot of probable targets and a large number of marketing promotions and here are the promotion aims and objectives:

1- To Inform:

This means that the company has to increase its customers’ awareness and knowledge about their products and goods existed in the market and what their purposes and targets are. This is regarded as a very essential target for new goods.

2- To Persuade:

This stage is very important as it establishes preferable reactions towards the company and its brands and trademarks. Therefore, if the company was able to achieve convincing promotion, it will be able to search for persuading and convincing customers as well as the commerce that their brand contains a lot of advantages which are higher than what their competitors own.

3- To Create and Establish Image:

Creating a brand image is regarded as the only method to establish different opinions and points of views in customers’ minds towards the products of the company existed and sold in the market.

Advantages of Marketing and Promotion:

Advantage #1- High Profits for the Company:

In order to make your small business a lot easier and to facilitate its operations, you have to run first a business in a famous company that accomplishes a lot of profits and income. Whilst the majority of industries like the buildings’ industry, give and provide a lot of profit margins on the first hand, others give you the chance to get more than fifteen percentage of profits’ margin annually or monthly on the other hand. But what is the meaning of profit margin and what are its basics and fundamental elements?

Profit margin means the percentage of profit that comes from income. On the contrary, this doesn’t necessarily mean that companies which get high income have high profit margins. For instance, according to CNN Money, restaurants earn a lot of dollars each night but unfortunately, they have to spend a lot of costs and profit margins that are more than five percent. Furthermore, any company could say that it achieves high profit margins if it accomplishes a profit margin more than ten percent in spite of the fact that the highest profit margins in famous companies go around twenty percent.

Advantage #2- Brand Recognition:

In fact, brand recognition is the limit to which the people or even the aim market of a certain company has the ability to determine and specify a brand according to its characteristics and features. Brand recognition achieves a lot of success when people are able to identify a brand without getting to know clearly the name of the company but instead via visual elements and features like slogans, colors, shapes and logos. In addition, each company has a certain suggestion that identifies and determines the reasons behind peoples’ obligation to do business with this company.

You could not identify your brand, but despite this fact, it does exist. Furthermore, you may have low prices as well as wide and large choices. What’s more, you could own unique and various products which are not existed in any other place. You could provide customers with services whether these services are separate or in packages. This as a matter of fact would help people in a certain and perfect method. May be you could also give customers a huge support and encouragement in the business.


To conclude, marketing is a very important element for each company as well as promotion. If any company wants to achieve a lot of income and increase its profits as well as gaining peoples’ trust, it has to promote for its products and goods in different places like Television channels, radio, social websites, magazines, commercials and other sources and fields of communication. Therefore, each company has to consider marketing in order to accomplish high profits.

Basic Advantages of Marketing


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