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"Tom Sawyer" Plot Summary and Analysis

"Tom Sawyer" Plot Summary and Analysis

"The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" story took place in the town of St Petersburg, Missouri. It is timed in the mid of the nineteenth century. "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" story did not have a standard narrative structure. The story is named " The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”, Tom Sawyer is the hero of "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" story, he has a good heart and powerful ethical conscience, he used to live with his Aunt Polly and his step-brother. Aunt Polly was Tom’s aunt she was a woman carrying a good heart and she used to struggle to build consensus between the two sisters do not feel the difference, but always fail to tightly control the Tom always said that they were afraid of implicating himself in trouble. Syed is the third brother Tom, Tom used to enjoy rhythm problems... Mr. different character for Tom is reversed with something; it is behaving in a manner typical exclamation Aunt Polly.

"Tom Sawyer" Plot Summary:

1. Introduction to Tom:

Tom is a clever boy and he and possesses an incredible insight into human nature that he learned to listen to his conscience and became liable for his actions. The events, recorded in the book occurred that one can aware and remind of himself’ characteristics in the past. Appears in the novel situation of conflict of moral experienced Huckleberry between the values ​​of for granted in the community who live it, his conscience was unable at first to refute these values, which remain present permanently in his mind, however, that in the end, offers a moral choice to build on the relationship that links with Jim as a friend and recognize its value as a human being, with that such decisions are not compatible with the things learned in childhood.

2. Tom Falls in Love:

At the beginning of "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" story, there was a new girl in the town Tom was falling in the love with her, she was a teacher but she wanted to break up with him because she knew that he was with another girl named Amy Lawrence, Tom accompanied Huckleberry Finn, who was the son of the town drunk, towards the graveyard by night to try out the "cure" for warts. In the cemetery, that it was witnessing the death of the young Dr. Robinson by the Native American in this situation Injun Joe. Was Scared, and Tom Hawk escaped and swore blood oath not to tell anyone what they saw, Injun Joe blamed his friend, Muff Potter, an unfortunate drunk, for that offense. He was arrested wrongfully Potter, anxiety feelings of guilt Tom began to grow.

3. Tom's Escaping from the Village:

Despite his young age and his companion Tom planed with Heclbrai offender escape from the monotonous village and broke into the world of pirates and exciting through sailing boat stolen, Friend Tom, Huck, Tom, and Joe Harper run away to an island to become pirates. While frolicking and enjoying newly discovered freedom, the boys become informed that the community is sounding the river for their bodies. Tom sneaks into the homeland overnight to monitor the fuss. Shortly regretting the suffering of his loved ones, Tom was struck by the idea of ​​appearing at his funeral and caught everyone by surprise. He convinced Joe and Huck to do the same. He met with great rejoicing return, and become the envy and admiration of all their friends.

4. Tom Backs to School:

Again at the school, Tom obtained himself back into favor after Becky nobly accepted the blame for the book, which had ripped. Soon start the trial of Muff Potter, Tom, to overcome the feeling of guilt, testified against Injun Joe. Potter and cleared, but Injun Joe smuggled out of the courtroom through a window. The arrival of summer and Tom hook and go looking to bury treasure in a haunted house after going on the top floor to hear the noise below.

5. Tom Plans to Steal Treasure:

Overlooking by holes in the ground, and they saw Injun Joe come into the house disguised as Spanish deaf and dumb. He and his colleague, a mannered man, planned to bury some stolen treasure from the hiding spot, Tom Hawk wriggle with delight the possibility of digging it up. By an amazing chance, Injun Joe and his partner found a buried box of gold themselves. When they see Tom and Huck and tools, they become suspicious that someone is sharing a place to hide and carry off the gold rather than being buried.

6. Seeking to Catch Gold from Injun Joe:

Spotting began in the shadow every night whereas Hawke was watching for a chance to catch the gold from Injun Joe. Meanwhile, Tom went on a stroll to the cave with Becky McDougall and colleagues. In the same evening, Hawke saw Injun Joe and his peer with the box. He followed and heard their plans for attacking the widow Douglas, a resident of the type of St. Petersburg. By running to fetch assistance, hook went on the way of violence and becomes an unknown hero.

7. Tom Is Lost in a Cave:

Tom and Becky were lost in the cave, and their absence was not discovered until the following morning. Men of the town began to look for, but all in vain. Tom and Becky run out of foodstuffs and candles and started to weaken. The horror of the status increases when Tom, looking for a way out of the cave, happened to Injun Joe, who used the cave as a hiding place. Ultimately as the researchers and giving up, Tom found a way out. The city celebrates, and Becky's father, Judge Thatcher, locked up the cave. Injun Joe caught up inside, starves to death. A week later,

8. Tom Finds the Treasure:

Tom Hawk took to the cave and found a box of gold, and invested the proceeds of that for them. Widow Douglas adopts the hook, and when he tried to escape Huckleberry's civilized life, Tom promised him that if he dating back to the widow, he could adhere to the band Tom thief. Reluctantly accepted, agree Huckleberry.

"Tom Sawyer" Analysis:

In my point of view, it is an interesting book that I like but there were still dark aspects of "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" story so it wasn’t just all fun. I like the sense of humor that is certainly clear from the beginning. It has a good point that it begins where this book ends, and it was interesting to recognize things being resolved at the end. The book is a series of lessons, in my opinion, the muff potter case teaches the importance of honesty. Forgiveness is learned with tom and Becky. Moreover, I would recommend this classic book to my friends.

"Tom Sawyer" Plot Summary and Analysis


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