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Elements of Airport Emergency Plan Example

Elements of Airport Emergency Plan Example

It is a matter of a fact that World Cup 2022 shall achieve a big effect on Qatar and all of its facilities. This is to say that the number of all the visitors in the country shall witness a dramatic increase. Many people shall come from many countries around the world in order to watch the different matches of the most popular teams in the world such as Brazil, Germany, England, France, Argentina and Italy. It is estimated that there shall be an increase in the number of passengers from 29 million passengers in each year to 93 passengers each year by the coming of 2022. This increase in the number of the visitors should be met with an increase in the measures of the Civil Defences current disaster emergency response plan especially in a place such as Hamad International Airport. This shall include the discussion of the current emergency plan in Hamad International Airport in addition to the new metro line that shall have stations near to the airport. Moreover, there shall be a clarification for the role of media in the case that a disaster has happened for the support of the workers in regard to the support for the Civil Defense.

Risk Management Plan:

The current plan for the emergency cases in Hamad International Airport is a good plan for risks management. It includes the methods of dealing with many of the problems and dangers that could lead to an emergency in this regard such as the cut off of the electricity, the delays of planes, and the medical cases in the airport. The airport has an emergency response facilities such as the Emergency Ops Centre that is available 24 hours a day in order to deal with any of the emergency situations at the airport. This center includes a central control during emergency. It is mainly manned by HIA senior staff, some of the stakeholders and governmental agencies for the provision of emergency/ responding services. The governmental agencies that are included in the decision making process in the cases of emergencies are the Civil Defense, Ministry of Interior, and Ministry of Health. These three parties are responsible for the provision of proper data and the participation in the process of decision making when emergencies occur. The decisions that are made in this center are centralized and collaborative. The biggest advantage in this center is that it has a direct link to the site of the incidents and means of media through monitoring. 

In fact, having an emergency Ops Center is not a good choice especially with the expected increase in the number of the passengers by 2022. There are two choices in order to develop this center. The first choice is developing the center through making some expansions and developments for it. This shall be through adding new spaces and places for the center in addition to advertising the center in the airport and during the flight in order to facilitate communication with the center and raising the awareness of the people concerning the cases by which the center is meant. This shall add a new value to the center in regard to expanding it in order to include the big expected numbers of passengers in the light of FIFA World Cup 2022 that will be held in Qatar. The second choice in establishing new emergency ops centers in different places in the airport in order to satisfy the emergency needs of the passengers. Such centers should be independent but working through one system. This shall help in decentralization in the process of decision making. This tendency towards decentralization is an international tendency that is beneficial for all the organizations.

Local Control Centre in Hamad Airport:

Another emergency control or response facility is called HIA Local Control Center. This center is one of the reporting points for the emergency response. This is a place where volunteers, off-airport staff, service providers and emergency respondents gather in order to report and respond to any of the emergencies based on the role of each of these persons. The local control center is meant by the communication between the local parties in the cases of emergencies. This issue happens through the points of reporting. Such points are very important because they are responsible for receiving the information and distributing it to the meant parties in order to make an appropriate decision in the cases of emergencies. 

There should be an addition for many local control centers in addition to specializing each of them in reporting a specific kind of incidents. This shall help in the distribution of tasks in addition to specialization in different aspects of reporting. The establishment of the new centers should be based on the number of the expected passengers in 2022. That is to say that the current number of passengers is 29 million while the future number of passengers is 93 million, which means that the number shall be nearly doubled three times. This would refer that if there is now only one center for this purpose, there should be three centers in the future.

Hamad Airport Support Centre:

Moreover, the airport has a facility called HIA Support Centre. This center has two internal centers which are HIA Support Centre 1 and HIA Support Centre 2. In fact, HIA Support Centre 1 is meant by the external support responders for the humanitarian activities. On the other hand, HIA Support Centre 2 is meant by the internal emergency responders and staff in Hamad Airport. For the preparation of the FIFA World Cup 2022, there should be an activation for the role of HIA Support Centre 1. This is because of the big number of the passengers that will be in the airport travelling from their countries to the State of Qatar in order to watch matches. This will contribute to the successful management of any of the risks or emergencies. The focus on the activation for the role of HIA Support Centre 1 is important because the Qatari people are humanitarian and they like to volunteer in any of the activities especially the ones that will benefit their country. The activation of the role of HIA Support Centre 1 shall help in getting more volunteers to the airport.

There are three main steps in order to activate the role of HIA Support Centre 1. The first step is the step of advertising. This advertising shall help people to know that the airport needs some volunteers for the event of FIFA World Cup 2022 and its related activities and management. This advertising should depend on the students that study in risk management related faculties. That is because these students are interested in the field of risk and emergencies management. 

The second step is the step of remuneration. It is not a condition that this remuneration should be a big financial remuneration. It could be just a certificate form the airport that a specific trainee had volunteered in the airport and helped in activities related to risk and emergency management. 

The last step is the step of training. Training is not an easy task to do and all the ne volunteers at HIA Support Centre 1 should get a good training in order to be efficient in the field of risk and emergency management. This training should be performed based on the risk management plan of the airport. It should include definitions about the different departments of the bank, the expected risks to occur in the bank and the methods through which these emergencies would be handled. This will be the role of the old volunteers in Hamad Airport Support Centre 1 and the internal staff of Hamad Airport Support Centre 2. A good training shall contribute to or lead to the creation of efficient persons that are able to deal with any of the emergencies without any problems. In additions, the good training will lead to the prevention of any risks on the lives of the people or their properties. This training should include different emergencies and role playing about the methods of dealing with these events.

Passenger Reception Centre in Hamad Airport:

In additions, there us a center called Passenger Reception Centre that is meant by treating any injured passenger in addition to providing him with welfare needs. It has around 566 seats in open spaces. In additions it has free Wi-Fi through 12 kiosks for the internet. Moreover, it has rooms for rest of females and males (Cantos, 2017). All these facilities and centers are put in Hamad International Airport for dealing with any of the emergency cases in the country. This is very essential for all of the passengers in order to save their lives. The Passenger Reception Centre should be well developed before the FIFA World Cup 2022 because it is expected that the number of the passengers shall increase from 29 million passengers to 93 million passengers by the year of 2022. This means that the existence of one Passenger Reception Centre and 12 kiosks for the distribution of free Wi-Fi connection shall not be enough. 

The first steps is that there should be a development for the Passenger Reception Centre through the increase of the number of the employees. This added number of employees shall help in the management of the emergencies and the quality of the provided services. The second steps is that there should be a development for the Passenger Reception Centre through the increase of the number of the seats. There are only 566 seats in the Passenger Reception Center in open spaces. This number should be doubled many times in order to endure the big expected number of passengers. The increase of these seats is not an easy thing and in requires the addition of new spaces to the current Passenger Reception Centre or the establishment of similar centers for passengers in different places. The third steps is that there should be a development for the Passenger Reception Centre through the addition of more Wi-Fi points and increasing the speed of all kiosks or points in order to make people feel with welfare and that they could communicate with others in the case that an emergency has occurred. The fourth steps is that there should be a development for the Passenger Reception Centre through the increase of the number of the guiding signs in order to guide people regarding different emergencies and the methods of dealing with these emergencies (Park in Digo, 2014).

Hamad Airport Metro Station:

For the new station of the metro that shall be at Hamad International Airport, many facts should be bear in mind. The first fact is that the number of the persons using the metro station at Hamad International Airport shall be more than the number of its users at any of the stations. This is due to the number of the passengers all the year either for tourism or work in addition to the number of the passengers that shall come to the State of Qatar in order to watch the matches in FIFA World Cup 2022. The second thing is that the station shall be more crowded in the cases of emergencies in the airport. This requires the workers in the metro station to be many in addition to increasing the number of the metro stations in the case that there was emergencies in the airport. There should be a development in the emergency response plan in order to include the metro stations on it.


To sum up, FIFA World Cup 2022 will cause a big increase in the number of the visitor of the State of Qatar. This shall of course affect Hamad International Airport that is expected to host many passengers during this period. Reviewing the emergency plan of the airport and developing it shall have a dramatic effect on people and their lives because it shall prevent many risks and lead to the management of the emergencies efficiently. It is recommended that Hamad International Airport increase its facilities in general in addition to the number of employees in order to be able to face this big increase in the number of passengers.

Elements of Airport Emergency Plan Example

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