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Event Industry History in Qatar

Event Industry in Qatar

To begin with, event industry is considered one of the most prosperous businesses in today’s world and it is growing in progress all the time. But first, let’s understand what an event is; it is the gathering of people for different purposes. Events can be divided into different types and held for different purposes and on many levels. Sometimes it is held on a personal level; people celebrating their events, and sometimes on a more professional level, and this is held by organizations and governments. Also, there are countless types of events, such as sports events, conferences, meetings, seminars, exhibitions, and musical events. Besides, it can be held to gain profit, and others aiming no profit. The purpose of holding an event can be for entertainment, charity, celebration, political and commercial reasons.

Importance of Event Industry in Qatar:

The field of the events industry today is very competitive not only between private event management companies but also between governments in organizing major events of a region as these events have great impacts on many sectors of the hosting country, especially on the economy. For instance, this research paper is going to handle the leading and growing events industry in the state of Qatar discussing the development in this industry and the measures are taken by the Qatari government to enhance this development. The economy of Qatar is considered the fastest growing economy in the world during the past few years depending mainly on oil and gas industries representing 50 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP) of the economy. But away from oil and gas, the Qatari government has developed a long term economic strategy depending on opening new opportunities and gates for fresh investments. The leading economic and political role of Qatar in the region qualifies it to achieve such a plan, along with this strategy emerged the fast-growing events industry business as the most sufficient method with which the government can promote its investments and attract the largest number of people visit Qatar for many different reasons.

Growth & Development of Event Industry in Qatar:

The development of the events industry sector in Qatar was obvious in the past few years through the huge number of major and important events that Qatar hosted and will host in the future, some of them is going to happen for the first time in the region such as the World Cup 2022, like a major sporting event, besides another 90 important sporting events starting from last April 2015 till March 2016 taking place in Qatar. The sporting events hosted by Qatar vary between local, regional, and international events. Another main event is the 2019 world athletics championship, which Qatar was chosen to hold. All of these events contribute to making Doha a global sporting hub. Moreover, Qatar is full of cultural, arts, and musical events for purpose of entertainment; such as the Annual Doha Cultural Festival, Doha International Trade Fair, Doha International Book Fair, Art Festival of Qatar, Doha Tribeca Film Festival, and Qatar Open Tennis Tournament. Along with various political and economic conferences hosted by Qatar.

Sportive Events in Qatar:

As for sports, Qatar hosts various major sporting events in the universe such as the Asian Football Cup, Asian Games, and the 2022 World Cup. There are also the world`s supreme entertaining sports in Qatar for instance, tennis, desert trekking, sailing, golf, ice-skating, horse riding, dune-bashing, rugby, horse and camel racing, water sports, boating, swimming, falconry, cycling, bowling, power-boating, snooker, football, and motor racing; all of these events attract many tourists and visitors and make them enjoy their time inside the country. Qatar offers also great opportunities for sports lovers to try many new sports activities in spas, fitness centers, gymnasiums, sportive clubs, in addition to diving or water-skiing in the attractively pure and fresh blue waters off Qatar’s beaches.

Therefore, a representative from Qatar’s Olympics Committee (QOC) declared that “The timetable of national sports events is supposed to be busier in the next year with an expectation of more than 8 main events every month”. Furthermore, in a speech to Doha news, the representative affirmed that the number of global sports events in Qatar in 2015 was 44 and it will raise to become 56 in 2016. Thus, the estimated expectations of sports events both local and global exceed 89 sports events in 2016; as there were 84 sports events in 2015. He added also “through hosting world-class sports events in the state of Qatar this will contribute in encouraging more people in common levels, improve more leading participants, enable more females as well as enthuse greater community contribution in such events”. Briefly, the crowded schedule is considered part of a momentum by local administrators to position Qatar as a worldwide sporting destination and interesting hub to enhance a stronger sporty culture forward of the 2022 World Cup.

The Future of Event Industry in Qatar:

Sports come permanently in the first interest of the lives of Qatar’s inhabitants as numerous of Qatar’s sporting places are free in front of the people in an attempt to inspire them to practice sport and entertain a healthy life. Statistics refer that Qatar has devoted more than 2.9 billion US$ to invest in building new sports clubs and promote the infrastructure of the country in the last 5 years; this helps Qatar to become the world’s principal homes to entertain sports.

1- Aspire Zone Foundation in Qatar:

In Qatar visitors can find “Aspire Zone”, the Qatar Sports 240 hectare city, a world-class region for amusement, wellness, athletics, training pitch for the English football team recreation. Aspire Zone is existed about 9km away from Doha’s Central Business District, as it was established in order to host the Asian Games in 2006. Inside “Aspire Zone” visitors find worldwide sports arenas, academies and clubs, educations and medical services, parklands, retail facilities in addition to mosques. Aspire Zone is considered also an academy for sports brilliance, for sending athletes in universal well-known competitions and championships, as well as discovering and improving athletic talents. Whence, trainees get the advantage of the latest tools and new technologies with state-of-the-art accommodations in Aspire Zone and famous specialists in a devoted Aseptic Health Center for players.

The role of “Aspire Zone” is to enhance, boost and support the economy of Qatar in the field of sports through attracting and catching the attention of more customers, athletes, students, and partners by applying an inclusive number of facilities for them. On the other hand, before its beginning in 2003, Aspire Zone Foundation which was previously called Sports City Project made proof to the whole world that it is the home of all sports inside and outside Qatar. The dream in fact started with a desire to host the Asian Games in 2006. Later in 2009, Qatar Olympic Committee exploits Aspire Zone to be the center of the bid in Doha in the Summer Olympic Games for 2016. This region is considered as a preferable place for a huge number of groups like athletes, corporations, companies, and the public who are looking forward to experiencing a nice time in Aspire Zone that sooner or later result in completing the passions and tasks of the company which is a place for pleasure.

2- Qatar National League Support:

As a matter of fact, Qataris are very famous for their marvelous sports` support; as the Qatari National League (football) is one of the greatest leagues in the Middle East, besides Qataris appreciate several sports events, from the Professional Golfers' Association of European Tour Qatar Masters to the Association of Tennis Professionals Qatar Open (tennis) to racing competitions of all types. Thanks to the remarkable state-of-the-art amenities in addition to different and striking scenery, Qatar got the reputation of being a perfect home to participate in sports activities.

3- Qatar National Vision 2030 and Event Industry:

Actually, the vision of the state of Qatar for 2030 National Visions is shaped a phase for the country to represent and continue its eventual sequence for development, progress, and prosperity connected with the views of its leaders, and the desires, hopes, and ambitions of its community. This vision targets to divert and modify Qatar to become a developed country in 2030 that has the capacity of tolerating its progress in addition to generating a high level of living standards for citizens. This vision stands mainly on 4 elements which involve a pledge to human development to allow Qatari people to sustain a developed community. The participation of “Aspire Zone” throughout this vision is to provide entrance and promotion for a large number of countless activities in the field of sports.

In fact, Qatar and its capital Doha can take part in the international and local scale through offering a welfare environment and atmosphere full of Arabic customs and traditions, Islamic history, good weather and climate, geographical places and a rich nation with its culture. The link among these factors when they are related to the sports skill and abilities as well as the gathering of places in Aspire Zone will suggest a great opportunity to attract and catch the attention of businessmen to invest in federations of global sports, national venues and companies and organizations of sports events. Qatar is also guaranteed to reveal to the world and to its citizens that sports are the only global practice to have the capability to motivate or move these values.

Sport Event Industry in Qatar

Whereas, Sports events in Qatar has no limits, there are other different kinds of adventures for instance, weightlifting, bowling and ice skating events; bearing in mind the existence of the desert that paves the way for sand board and sand ski lovers to entertain their hobbies. In addition the Mesaieed and Doha Golf Clubs make it easy for golfers to contest their games on a championship course. Khalifa Tennis and Squash Club, with more than 16 courts, gyms and swimming pools, enable followers of racquet sports and swimmers to practice their beloved kinds of sports. Furthermore, Qatar owns a well-deserved name in camel and horse racing, as there are high quality of spectacular Arabian thoroughbreds, the original Arabian horses and the club of Equestrian that hosts the challenges of horse racing. For camel racing, traditionally popular as the ‘sport of sheikhs’, Al Shahaniya town embraces these events, where Qatar’s major camel racetrack is positioned.

1- The World Boxing Championship for Men:

The host of great sports events in Qatar don`t stop at that point as the events contain the (Amateur International Boxing Association) AIBA, World Boxing Championship for Men, and for the first time, the event has come to Qatar. Al Sadd Sports Club is going to host that championship from the fifth of October to the eighteenth of the same month in 2015. There was also a smaller boxing event, the Doha International Boxing Tournament, which was held in May with more than 100 boxers from several countries, for example, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, India, Morocco, Egypt, Australia, and the Philippines. Hence, Youseff Kazem, the chief of Qatar Boxing Federation said that “This tournament was a useful training for the officials` event, AIBA, World Championship in October”.

2- International Paralympic Committee Athletics Championship (2015):

For a continuous series of sports events, Qatar planned to host the International Paralympic Committee Athletics World Championship in 2015. Sheikh Saoud Bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani, Qatari Olympic Committee secretary-general declared that “this championship shapes our ambition to rise opportunities for disabled and handicapped people to take part in sports activities and to exploit the World Championships to reveal the unbelievable accomplishments of Paralympic athletes”. Qatar Sports Club will by the host place for The IPC Athletics World Championship from 22 October to 31 2015. A representative of QOC stated that “most of the World Championship sports events, that will be hosted or have been hosted in Qatar, the Middle East witness them for the first time in their history, which presents new supporters, followers, athletes, sponsors, and new markets not only in Qatar but also in the Middle East”. Concisely, such events enable the whole world to take a look at the Middle East and the great achievements of many of the Middle East countries.

3- The Asian Senior Wrestling Championship:

Last but not least for the sports events, there was the Asian Senior Wrestling Championship at Aspire Zone from the forth of May to the eleventh in addition to the first Asian Youth Athletics Championship. Meanwhile, events reached an impetus of numerous successful tourneys hosted by Qatar for instance; the Final World Cup Swimming Championship, the Qatar Total Open, and the Men’s Handball World Championship. The Qatar Racing Club, which is a portion of the Arabian Drag Racing League, hosts several events and races over the year with Extreme Motorcycle and the flattest racing surface in the world.

Cultural Events in Qatar:

Qatar has succeeded to maintain its cultural and traditional legacy by organizing many events throughout the year and these events are held every year. Some traditional events are religious, in other words celebrating religious events; such as Ramadan, the holy month for Muslims which comes once a year, and fasting is a must for all capable Muslims. Celebrations of this month are held mostly in the capital city Doha. Ramadan is followed by Eid, a religious festival for Muslims celebrated across the country. 

1- The Annual Doha Cultural Festival:

Another kind of events is the Annual Doha Cultural Festival; the event is held every year in March and is considered the biggest event of its kind, besides it attracts a large number of tourists every year to Qatar. The event introduces the cultural side of the Gulf region in general and Qatar in particular. H.H. Al Sheikh Hamad Ben Khalifa Al Thani, the Prince of Qatar, takes the responsibility of supervising the preparations for this event. The festival provides a lot of programs including music, poetry, theatre, and dance that introduce the heritage and culture of Qatar. The Doha Cultural Festival offers tourists the opportunity to visit a lot of photography, art galleries, and fashion houses. Singing parties and poetry circles, in particular, are favored by both the local visitors and tourists. The authority of managing the festival offers a lot of facilities to encourage skilled and known artists and poets to participate in the events of the festival. At the end of the festival, awards are given to the most prominent contributors in the cultural field. This event reflects the true spirit of the culture of Qatar.

2- Doha International Book Fair:

Another significant event is Doha International Book Fair; visitors of Qatar can easily notice the great importance given to the campaign called “Qatar national vision 2030.” The country is doing its best to transfer the dependence of its economy on hydrocarbon industries to an economy built on knowledge. Qatar has already succeeded in raising the literacy rate to 97%, conducting a long term plan to reach 100%. Due to the fast and continuous changes that the region is witnessing for the past few years, therefore, every year Doha Book Fair applies new titles in order to reflect the hopes, visions, and preparations for the future and self -development. Besides, the event attracts authors, artists, and scholars from different countries to visit this cultural event with great excitement hoping to discuss the works of Arab artists, writers, and poets. With time the Doha International book fair is gaining the favor of its visitors and critics on both regional and international levels for its leading role in enhancing the cultural life and encouraging young talents of writers and artists. During the book fair session in 2013, about 418 publishing houses from 30 countries participated in the event and the number rose to 32 countries in 2014 giving the Doha Book Fair the advantage of presenting 23,000 books.

Political Events in Qatar:

The political and economic conferences agenda is a busy one. The calendar of the Permanent Committee for Organizing Conferences shows that Qatar has hosted many regional and international conferences such as; the Arab League 24TH Summit in March 2013, Darfur Donors Conference 2013, Business & Investment in Qatar Forum in April 2013. Then several important conferences held in Qatar last year starting with the First Arab States Regional South-South Development Expo from the period of 18-20 February 2014, the 11Th Doha Conference on Interfaith Dialogue in March 2014, the 14TH Doha Forum, Enriching the Middle East’s Economic Future Conference in May 2014, the U.S.-Islamic World Forum in June 2014 and finally the Gulf Cooperation Council 35TH Summit Meeting on December 2014. As for 2015- 2016, a new session of the last five conferences held in 2014 will be set again. 

1- The Annual NATO Conference on Proliferation:

Moreover, Qatar hosted the Annual NATO Conference on Proliferation Challenges, which contained almost 50 countries from five continents met in Qatar in March 2015; the conference tackled the risks and challenges that the rapid increase of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) causes in the region of the Middle East and Asia. This event was a good opportunity for the involved countries, informally, to exchange their perspectives about the situation and prepare the main issues that will be discussed during the Nuclear Non- proliferation Treaty Review Conference in April 2015. The NATO event held in Qatar was the first time that the Annual NATO Conference on WMD Arms Control, Disarmament and Non-Proliferation was held outside Europe and is hosted by a member state from the Gulf. It is one of NATO’s largest outreach activities involving Alliance member states as well as partners from around the world. 

2- Doha Climate Change Conference

Another major event was the Doha Climate Change Conference- November 2012, the event was held at Qatar National Convention Center in Doha. This event also marked the first time for the UN climate change discussions happen in the Middle East. The EU chose Doha to be the transition phase from the old climate regime, which focused mainly on that the developed countries have the legal obligation to reduce emissions, to a whole new perspective and system involving all countries, developed and developing alike, to make for the first time legal commitments under the new global agreement. Universities and educational organizations contribute also to organizing some regional events for scientific and educational purposes.

Artistic Events and Festivals in Qatar

As for Artistic events in Qatar, the artistic schedule is very surprising as every year, Qatar organizes a nation-wide artistic cultural exchange, themed over different topics and knowledge, bringing a sensational collection of events into the country’s artistic cultural agenda. As a result of that, Qatar is promptly becoming an attractive destination for tourists. Qatar Brazil theme hosted an extraordinary artistic fusion and offers a sequence of events, concerts, and fairs in Qatar in 2015. A constant mixture of concepts, knowledge, and thoughts is required for the development of any society, whereof Qatar National Vision 2030 reflects the awareness of transforming such concepts into a knowledge-based economy. Accordingly, the Qatar Foundation (QF), through its principal entities, arranges a steady stream of meetings, conferences, debates, lectures, and symposia over the year.

The World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) is the Yearly Research Conference, intensifies on the idea of knowledge sending and receiving activities that carry best thoughts to Qatar to educate, update, and cooperate with the growing set of home-grown specialists in a variety of fields. That is because of the delivery of strategies and directing the major QF events to the experts at Qatar “Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions” (MICE) Development Institute, a QF joint scheme company. The force manpower of this group are more than 52 person, who work behind the sights of more than 155 events through the last six years. Bearing in mind the crucial role of Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Naser, Chairman and CEO of the organization, who has been successfully accomplishing QMDI’s vision as a leading brand of brilliance and an innovator in the market. Likewise, setting a Convocation program in 2014 that can be as complex as staging in addition to Broadway Musical event generated more calls through the event with announcements of concerts by famous stars like Pharrell Williams, Gwen Stefani, Kylie Minogue, and Taio Cruz.


To sum up, event industry in Qatar refers to the domestic and global increasing and emerging businesses that turned out to be vital events on different sections such as; professional, governmental and even personal level. For better understanding, it is important to define the term event; simply it means a group of people gathering for a certain purpose. This event industry has three major branches; sport, meetings, conferences, expos as related to business and political events, and cultural, arts, and music events. There are also two kinds of events; profit and non-profit events, held by business organizations, government, or community. Moreover, events have several goals, for instance, entertainment, celebrations, charity purposes, and commercial reasons. Finally, there are many fundamental guidelines to host a successful event industry such as working teamwork, the entire indication of event industry is based on the notion of cooperation as individuals with altered opinions and thoughts shall work together in order to create the ultimate shape of an event, in addition to the accomplishment of any event be determined by the commitment and support between event participants.

Event Industry History in Qatar


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