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"Great Magic" Summary, Characters and Setting

Great Magic by Otakar Batlicka

Setting of "Great Magic":

In Brazil in a little town called Talka Chuano. The Place assigned to him to collect samples from the jungles of Latin America, Brazil. The place was called El Corazon where he was sent to collect the samples

Characters of "Great Magic":

1- Engineer Owens: A young engineer

2- Owner of the Pub Funday Pasada: The role is not mentioned

3- The Magician: He was selling magic pieces

4- Moso Pedritto: A carrier

Summary of "Great Magic":

1. Who Is Owens?

Owens is an engineer. His company sent him to collect samples for something big but it was not mentioned clearly. The company asked him to return to the rainforests after completing his old task in the jungle for few month. He wanted to return to Rio de Janeiro. Yet he was assigned a new task. 

2. Owens Meets a Magician:

On his way back to the jungle in El Corazon, he met a magician who convinced him to buy his magic to avoid the snakes. One a dark night, he went out of the camp and checked a red rock where he found monkeys and a big poisonous snake. 

3. Owens Kills a Snake: 

Before meeting the snake, Owens almost hit a cord fixed in the ground. He grabbed his gun and shot the snake dead. He said if he did not look for his steps, he would have been dead. 

4. End of the Story:

Returning to the camp, he wondered what was written on the magic piece. Moso, the carrier, explained to him it is not a magic writing but it is written there “Watch your Steps”. Since then he got a lesson to watch his steps before heading to anything.

Analysis of "Great Magic":

It is a nice story and it gave me a lesson to learn. Watching my steps before heading or doing anything. I have to be sure of what I am going to do before heading to it. It is dangerous to just let yourself to the unknown. Studying and knowledge is not only in books. However, everything can be learned and acquired if we give it some care and attention.

"Great Magic" Plot Summary, Characters and Setting


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