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Omani Culture, Customs, Traditions and Foods

The Omani Culture

Oman or the Sultanate of Oman is considered the oldest country that received its independence inside not only the Arab gulf but also the whole Arab world. It is considered also an Asian country as one can find it on the map in the far southeast of Asia and Arabian Peninsula. This amazing location of Oman managed it to control the most important commercial sea routes in the world. The Arab world consists of many Arab countries that have common interests with Oman and friendly relationship among each other. The state of Qatar and Oman have so many common things like sharing the main characteristic in position and land nature as both contain many huge mountains and closely related weather. There is also a similarity between them in the political systems as both are monarchical states (, 2015). 

Famous Omani Customs and Traditions:

Some of the Omani people consider themselves as the perfect results of the overlap relationship among the Emirati people and Saudi Arabia people. There is no doubt that most of the Saudi citizens are dedicating their heart and soul for serving the Islamic provisions and laws as Mecca and El Madina are located there, the most sacred places for Muslims. 

On the other side, there are a lot of economic development inside Emirates as based mainly on the petroleum industry. The diversity in nations inside Emirates supports its income and tourism, however, the Emirati cultures and civilizations are facing bad impacts and effects of such expansion. Hence, the Omani citizens are the wonderful cohesion of religious beliefs and provisions in addition to the ancestors` customs, habits as well as traditions. Whereas, most tourists in Omani are hit by these adhering and previous traditions so that they just feel it is weird to follow such customs. 

Concerning with the basic Omani recent traditions, most of Omani citizens are fond of the American style of food and the new types of fast food as this saves time and effort no matter how much money they are going to spend on that. 

Furthermore the main garment customs and traditions in Omani still the same from the past as most of the Omani citizens are following their ancestors in clothing like wearing Abaya, Dishdashas, Kummas, Hijabs and even veil in their normal and formal life. There are also some kind of young people and youth who are following the global fashions and modes of clothing through wearing Jeans or shirts or other fashionable garments. 

But there is no doubt that most Omani citizens still like to grasp the traditions of their fathers not only in clothing but also in the manner of feeding through using hands instead of forks and knives. And all of these evidences proves the opinion that claims about how much proud and dignity that an Omani citizen feel inside his state and also through following the principles of the culture`s habits and traditions of the country (, 2015). 

Habits and Food in Oman:

After the great controversies and wars inside the Arab world, the Omani citizens and their country still concurrent, joint and resisting against any external danger that might affect its stability. Thus this combination and corporation inside Oman back not only to Omani citizens but also to the whole Arab world with pride and dignity. Omani people entertain the feeling of individual liberty as there are prominent freedom in expressing people`s problems and demands. If we compare Oman and Saudi Arabia in the matter of the grasping and keeping traditions, the Saudi`s side will win as in Saudi Arabia there are huge movements for keeping the traditions away from any new beliefs or cultures. Sultan “Qabos” in Oman the leader of this state who had great admire and love from the Omani citizens as they glorify him and respect him a lot. The pride, admiration and marvel feelings of the Omani citizens to their leaders are standing majorly on the safety state of the country in contrast to the state of war that most Arabian countries confront throughout the recent days of our life (Global EDGE, 2015). 

If we just moved from the traditions and ways of customs and clothes to the food systems and cuisine inside the Omani house, we will meet a lot food intendancies and trends. Rice is considered the main meal and major food factor not only in Oman but also in the whole Arab world. Omani citizens depend on rice their lunches as they don`t eat a lot in breakfast to save their stomachs empty for the main meal of the day, the lunch. On the dinning Omani table one can find many types of foods that are made according to the Arabic traditions and manners. The “Fatta” is one of the eminent types of Arabic food and it exists mainly in Oman, it consists of rice, bread, sauce and meat, it is really delicious type of Arabian food as most people like to eat it even daily and they never get bored of it. As matter of fact, the Islamic regulations put as the rules what to eat and what to avoid, and it is clear in Oman as an Islamic country, people there don`t eat swine meats which are prohibited according to the Islamic provisions (ROUGH GUIDES, 2015). 

Major Rules to Follow When One Contacts Omani People:

The major techniques in order to deal with other one has to be as kind and polite as possible. There is no difference in dealing with Omani people as they appreciate a lot people who are treating them with respect and friendly feelings. Thus people should try to have the knowledge and tips of Omani`s culture in greetings and habits in order to figure out the best ways of dealing with them. In spite of the Islamic regulations that control the relationships between men and women, there are most countries don`t undergone into that and try to go after the European principles and beliefs however, Oman still like to follow the Islamic rules not only in cultures but also in the relationships among both sexes (ROUGH GUIDES, 2015). 

Comparing the Omani and Qatari Cultures:

However, Qatar and Oman are both two Islamic countries and are following the restricted Islamic regulations and provisions, both countries have many differences, distinctions and variations between each other in cultures and types of civilizations. Despite the fact that Emirates is also an Arab Islamic country and is following the Islamic laws but there are diversions and contradictions of values and principles of freedoms inside the state as it contrasts and differs from Oman in following and applying regulations. There is also a pertly and clear difference between Qatar and Oman in the economic issues as Qatari`s economic system is more stable than Omani`s economic system. Moreover the financial markets and investments inside Qatar are more wide, major and effective than in Oman however, both countries depend mainly on the petroleum products. There are also relevant differences in food manners as the Qatari cuisine is keen on many global food recipes and it follows the European types of food, in contrast of that the Omani cuisine still like to be traditional (, 2015). 


In a nutshell, Omani cultures and beliefs are so prominent and amazing to know about. Omani citizens are considered so kind, easy to convince and gentle people. Briefly, Oman is an Islamic country that follows the rules of Islamic laws but also it tries to follow the future and the new criteria of development. 

Omani Culture, Customs, Traditions and Foods

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