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Event Planning in Qatar

Event Planning in Qatar 

Event industry is a worldwide growing and developing business that became an essential thing on all levels; professional, governmental and even personal level. For better understanding, it is important to define the term event; simply it means a group of people gathering for a certain purpose. This event industry has three major branches; sport, meetings, conference, expos as related to business and political events, and cultural, arts and music events. There are also two kinds of events; profit and non-profit events, held by business organizations, government or community. Besides that it differ in purposes; it can be for entertainment, celebrating, charity, commercial causes. Moreover, there are some basic rules for good event industry; teamwork, the whole idea of event industry is built on the concept of teamwork as people with different points of view and way of thinking have to work together in order to produce the final form of an event, and the success of any event depends mainly on the commitment and cooperation between team members.

Importance of Creativity and Critical Thinking:

Furthermore, creativity and critical thinking is an important factor for a good event industry, as the main purpose that the event planner seeks is to meet the aspiration of his customer or even exceed all expectations, which will only happen through creativity and fresh ideas. This creativity is highly noticed in designs, which act as the attracting factor in the event. All of this should be combined with experienced and strong leadership. The leader of the team takes the responsibility of direct contact with the clients, providers, besides guiding the members of his team and shares work load and duties among them. So, a team leader should be flexible, open minded, patient and a wise decision maker. These were a general overview for event industry, but for more specific look let’s discuss the event industry in Qatar. 

The development in Qatar, in terms of political, industrial and economic influence, is recognized comprehensively in the literature of Qatar and part of the Qatari`s long-term plans for future progress including an increasing industrial events. As a matter of fact, after getting previously the right of hosting the Asian Games and managed to win the privileges to organize the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Qatar is going also to host several musical, artistic, economic, political, business and cultural events. Furthermore, The events industry witnesses host country`s destination advancements as well as the impacts of tourism enlargement related to leverage of hosting social through the host of the government which is stated in the academic literature. The research introduces here a stage of a five partite mission subsidized by the National Priorities Research Program (NPRP). 

The Evaluation of the Event Industry in Qatar:

It is believed that, the industrial events seek to identify the administrations that introduce the events industry in Qatar; under the vision to evaluate events` administrators in addition to insights of the situation of 'green' and 'active' living advancement inside the whole state. Moreover, this event provide internally and externally accessible processes and scope of pro-behavior adjustment plans for development throughout the events. Thus, chief supporters for pro 'green' and active' living matters exert essential efforts. In stage one of the study, views tend to grasp administrators` apparent anticipations of alterations in light of arrangements for hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup and to hold attitudes that managers envisions might utilize the momentum from great events to further encourage 'green' and 'active' living plans to crew, events` participants and various external stakeholders. Through submitting to a review about literature corresponding with event leveraging and the situation of hosting it, a comprehensive advancement of 'green' and 'active' life in Qatar. The study engaged to a questionnaire survey to reach the event industry strategies and demography. 

The Development of Event Industry in Qatar:

The experts in event industry improved a database for event management contacts as a result of the absence of a demonstrative body or federation as members of such events' establishments in addition to providing the event management with tasks that are executed in-house by sections of larger associations. The consequences promote the literature bearing in mind the context of Qatar in terms of 'green' and 'active' living advancement efforts as well as showing indication of outlooks of great event leveraging in order to change attitudes. However, the restrictions of the minor sample size and expressive factors of the first stage of the research shape a methodological involvement between the development of the research and its procedures for measuring the organizational attitude that changes messaging in the events industry. It also provides a highlight of managers' opinions of Qatar's context corresponds with 'green' and 'active' living advancement connected to competences, key influencers and expected growths in light of the arrangements for hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup-Qatar.

Technology is considered a main tool for facilitating the process of announcement for an event and sometimes the topic of the event. For instance, technology made the event industry faster and easier especially the internet, which is considered the fastest way in spreading the news about an event and inviting the largest number of people to attend it. But using technology in announcing about an event requires a high level of creative marketing. As for Qatar, the QTA, Qatar Expo Event Management in Doha and other concerned parties are providing all the needed information about any event going to be held in Qatar using attractive designs and smart marketing ideas in order to attract the largest number of people for the event. Besides some technological events such as the Qatar Stone Tech and Project Qatar, the 13th International Construction Technology & Building Materials Exhibition, both to be held in 2016. 

These discussions led to the fact that Qatar is about to host the most important and major event in the region for many years which is the FIFA World Cup for the first time in Qatar and the whole region, besides other global, regional and non-sporting events. For instance, Qatar hosted the Handball Championship for Men and World Swimming Championship FINA, as part of total 179 events in 2014. All of these express the successful event industry strategy followed by Qatari government in order to promote the development in all affected areas. Thanks to the effective cooperation between different and concerned governmental and non-governmental divisions and organizations represented in the (QTA) mainly on one hand and hotels, touristic companies and skilled events planners on the other hand, the event industry sector was able to make such a success. 

Hosting the 2022 World Cup:

As matter of fact, Qatar is going to host the World Cup 2022 in winter on December due to the hot weather, the high temperatures and high humidity in there which would be a critical barrier in front of players and coaches to play and for fans who will attend the matches in the stadiums. Qatar is considered one of the greatest and richest states in the Gulf region thanks to the exports of oil and liquefied natural gas thence, Qatar would entertain better economic prosperity as a result of hosting this biggest remarkable sports` event as it will raise the profits and promote the income of the country in addition to developing the standards of living there. Besides, Qatar launched eminent preparations for the big event; including building new stadiums in order to adequate with the huge crowds that will come to support their football teams. Qatari leaders starts also to re-establish new roads, infrastructures and constructions as well as repairing and fixing any issues or problems that stand as obstacles in front of improving the service of several facilities such as hotels and resorts so that visitors and tourists could enjoy their time there. 

From another point of view, Qatar gets an amazing opportunity to show the entire world its capability to do more than exporting petroleum products. Qatar is full of interesting places, beaches and landmarks that contribute hotspots for many tourists. What’s more, people are going to recognize more about Qatari geography, history, culture, customs and habits that could make them get the passion of coming again in the future to enjoy their residence in the country. Nonetheless, the Qatari government should start its arrangements because of the lack of time and to avoid any kind of pressure. From Qatari citizens` sides, this great event is going to be a glamorous celebration for them and this will prove how helpful, friendly and kind they are. As for tourists, they should show respect for Qatari culture and Islamic traditions in addition to rituals of people in Qatar through eliminating any kind of insults or racism. As a result of that tourists will be able to have fun and entertain their time whereas they visit different places. 

Tourists and visitors are going to make a lot of wondering in Qatar through a light-rail network, a water-taxi systems and a network of trains pedestrian or subways. As well as all the power, communications, public services and transportation systems would use computers and high technology from a single command center, making Lusail a "smart" city” that could automatically adjust with the changes in traffic and weather environments. Barry Hughes, senior vice chief at (HOK), the global architectural corporation that established Lusail`s Marina Mall shopping center stated that “It's a great chance to construct a vision for the upcoming days". The oil-rich Qatari government contribute a stable sponsor for Lusail that enable it to provide advanced solutions to many urban difficulties and getting rid of critical obstacles as it's being established from the ground up. For instance, the city's oil, electricity in addition to water lines are being placed out in some underground network of tunnels, which permit an opportunity before maintenance efforts that would not interrupt the process of building new structures, infrastructures, roads or even individuals above. 

As soon as Qatar has won the privilege for hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup there were many ceremonies and pageantry in Qatar, the great Persian Gulf country. Ever since then, nevertheless, the success in gaining such right has been tackled by controversy and argument speeches. These matters are relating to the possibility of playing in unbearable temperatures in summer, the circumstances of migrant labors, who are building World Cup infrastructure, in addition to the accusations of bribery and corruption that have all been elevated. The UK's Sunday Times newspaper introduced several updated reports relating to the claims about “a Qatari officials have paid more than $5 million to protect support for winning such right of hosting the 2022 World Cup”. That provoked some of FIFA's main partners, who are believed to pay around $185 million for the sponsorships procedures, for example, Adidas corporation and Sony to call their concerns. After that Sony declared a statement in order to say "We presume these accusations to be examined appropriately, and remaining to presume that FIFA managers are going to adhere to the major principles of honesty, morals and fair play across all aspects of its processes. 

As a result of that, several doubts have been directed to the weather conditions, working on the first stadium, that has already started, as the government has earmarked more than $62 billion of the annual budget for promoting World Cup infrastructure spending. Without winning the right of hosting such tournament, many building plans might be slowed down. Farouk Soussa, chief economist for the Middle East at Citigroup Global Market said that "The decline in construction activities is going to have an impact on overall Gross Domestic Product growth” and he added also "If you consider long term, the bigger dangers are the loss of the Qatar brand". Soussa`s speeches didn`t stop in that limit as he stated further that "Qatar has several motivations to be the national hub for congress, finance, tourism, industry and technology. The world cup has an essential role of that strategy". Moreover, Qatari spokespersons asserted that strategies will go forward and they will not stop to reach their goals of development and prosperity inside the state. "First we are self-assured that the world cup will be in Qatar in 2022. Second nothing will stop us, everything will go ahead in quick steps" stated Rashid bin Ali Al-Mansoori, Chief Executive Officer of the Qatar Stock Exchange. He added also that "As we witnessed in Qatar there are various of projects that began even before the announcement of winning the World Cup such as new hospital, the subway, new stadiums, developed airports, the new ports and the Lusail cities". 

world cup 2022 is supposed to be a magnificent event since Qatar possesses all the resources required for hosting such global tournament. Moreover, an economic boom is going to be achieved through the event for the country because of the great numbers of people that thought to attend the matches to support their teams and watch their favorite players. What’s more, experts believe that Qatar should begin to broadcast in social media, channels on TV and Radio with the intention of attracting the attention of publics in different regions of the globe in order to make them prepared for such great event. 

National and International Exhibitions in Qatar:

As a matter of fact, Qatar and especially Doha nowadays is hosting different not only national but also international exhibitions, fairs and conferences around the year. The Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA), in its current report that produced annually, declared several impressive achievements by the state of Qatar not only in Doha but also in different cities that asserts the point that Qatar is moving forward towards evolution. It announced that the overall number of tourists and visitors that came to Qatar in 2013 passed 230,640 tourists. This was up by about 15 percent over the last year (2012) with a plurality of the visitors coming for activities that are related to business. The increment in the number of tourists is in cycle with the statistics that appeared in 2013 alone, a total of about 20.000 rooms were available in merely 115 hotels and guesthouses in Qatar that obviously conveys the state is extremely putting itself as very striking destination not only for business tourism but also for other types of tourism such as recreation tourism or religious tourism. 

The newly announcement of the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) 2012 Country and City Rankings confirmed this opinion further. “Doha has reinforced its ranking position among the global most common attractive destinations” said The ICCA. The city has raised in ranking position more than 50 positions to share the 110th position with Riga, Florence, and San Juan, in a list of more than 365 partaking capitals in the summits, incentives, conferences and fairs “Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, Events and Business Travel” (MICE) Middle East subdivision. 

Hamad Mohammed Al Abdan, Director of Doha Exhibitions Center, stated, among the brands that the QTA owns, all are crowd pullers such as the Qatar Motor Show, the HYA Abaya Exhibition and the Doha Trade Exhibition, “according to the increasing number of existing hotel sideways with the capacity of agreements and conferences, consequently it is the comparatively broader selection of fairs and conferences locations that have started in the last two years”. He additional said that “Formerly, Doha Exhibition Centre (DEC) was the only fair that would contribute in hosting such great events for instance, Qatar Motor Show, the Project Qatar, or the Doha Watches and Jewelry fair, correspondence with the feature of their scope, would not be held in hostels”. 

“Trevor McCartney”, manager of business development of the Qatar National Convention Centre (QNCC) told an appropriate indicator of the MICE Middle East volumes in the state of Qatar “from the time when its primary start in December 2011, until our date, it has accommodated more than 310 events, big and minor, and received about 180,820 delegates and guests. He added also that “The effect of that on economy produced from external delegates presently stands at an remarkable 291 million QR”. 

Obviously, experts cannot categorize MICE as a uniform classification as the measure of occasions that the QNCC or the Doha Exhibitions Centre (DEC) embraces are of greater measures and scopes than the hotels would host. Furthermore, there supposed to occur events of different objectives of spectators and subjects. Meanwhile enormous hotels, hostels and convention centers accommodated to bigger events, when it comes to themed occasions like, gatherings, business meetings, press conferences, event organizers, seminars or political summits. The explanation of the interest in the business of the hotel`s (MICE) revealed by the side of Zeid F. Talhami, manager of sales and marketing, Grand Heritage Doha Hotel and Spa, “We are considered a boutique hotel. We concentrate mainly on domestic and universal events, seminars, press media conferences, business meeting in addition to sport teams”. 

Hence, Avsar Koc, regional chief of sales and marketing, Kempinski Doha, said that they have conferred the in needed extravagance housing services for big events for instance Doha Watches and Jewelry fair, Tedx Youth Doha and the final occasion space for the Doha Tribeca Film Festival. “Through the year the main concern was on fairs and great exhibitions that exceed the number of 40 every year” said Hamad Mohammed Al Abdan, director of DEC, QTA.

The Development of Tourism in Qatar:

The growing event industry in Qatar has a strong relation with the huge developments in tourism sector. In the past the economy of Qatar depended mainly on the revenues of oil industry, but with time the government realized the importance of creating a new source for development in order to support the economy. The developments made in the tourism sector helped in developing other sectors such as the environmental sector, as it encourages the government to take care of all aspects related to the environment, because it is the main attracting factor for tourists. Along with the growing tourism sector, emerged new kinds of business especially the event industry business. Events industry is considered the tool with which the government can make propaganda for its touristic sites, commercial advantages or shopping markets, which are the most significant attract factors for tourists. These events are held in order to encourage people to come and visit Qatar. 

Most of the events that is held to encourage tourism, are entertainment events, whether cultural, arts or musical in order to introduce the Qatari cultural side to the world, because most of the tourists are seeking to know new and different cultures. However, the business tourism holds an important position in the number of tourists visiting Qatar as the business tourists represents 90% percent of the total number of Qatar tourists. This large number of business travelers into Qatar is due to the amazing fast growing economy of Qatar and the important economic events held by the government of Qatar. For instance the Doha, the Capital city of Qatar is regarded as a great MICE site, which encouraged the government in Qatar to form an institution called QMDI “Qatar MICE Development Institute”, this institution plays the role of the observer and advisor for hosting the most important and global business events for the purpose of supporting business tourism. However, the government is still working on developing the business tourism through some major events to attract the business visitors to extend their visit, after finishing business, to a week instead of three days. 

Furthermore, the (QTA) is doing their best in order to increase the other branches of tourism such as cultural and entertainment tourism. As for cultural events, Qatar holds some film festivals, such as the Tribeca Film Festival 2008 which was held for the first time in Qatar. Besides the opening of the Museum of Islamic Arts in the same year with a fantastic design and location for the museum that attracted a huge number of tourists. In addition to more small and various events around the year and particularly in winter, the best time for weather in Qatar. Such events include the shopping festival at Doha Exhibition Centre for a period of eight days, which is held every year for two times with the cooperation between Qatar Tourism Authority and Qatar Expo Event Management, attracting about 50.000 visitors per day. Another entertainment event started in 2009 was the Doha Food Festival which will be held annually in outdoor tents. The nature and land scape of Qatar qualifies it to be the best destination for adventurers who love exploring desert. 

Entertainment events are the main interest of the Qatari government and (QTA) currently in developing tourism sector. As there many events were held last year and will continue in order to encourage tourists to visit Qatar and make it one of the leading touristic destination not only on the regional level but internationally also. Some entertainment events are like; water shows held on the gulf side under the moon, musical and artistic events in the “Entertainment City” in the Doha Exhibition Center and performances presented for children like Disney on Ice performance. All of these events will be part of the main event “the summer festival”, which the director of marketing and promotions, Rashed Al Qurese, described saying, “Qatar Summer Festival 2014 is part of QTA’s efforts to make Qatar the best tourist destination for families in the region. Through the summer festival, we will offer quality performances to present Qatar’s various entertainment options and warm hospitality.” 

Now it is obvious that how Qatar cares a lot and recognize the great impact and benefits of events industry on almost all aspects of the Qatari society; economy, tourism, environment, politics, the broad image of Qatar around the world and finally social and cultural benefits. As a result the Qatari government represented in the (QTA) in cooperation with other organizations to develop workshops aiming at improving the human skills and abilities in both tourism and events industries in Qatar. The workshops included discussions and presentations from the representatives attending the workshop. 

Banking Industry in Qatar:

Banking industry relates to the industry that has the appalling characteristic of being ancient and boring. However, a global direction and inclination for releasing from limits has led to a lot of innovative and frequent businesses to the banks. Moreover, this was connected with new developments, improvements and advancements in technology for instance internet banking and ATMs. This appears that the banking industry is doing its best to reduce or remove its bad image and reputation. 

Thus, banking industry in Qatar has observed more than eleven percent wave in whole savings to ten hundred billion QR in two thousand and fourteen, should do well this year with balance sheet in order to raise its incomes and grow in double-digits. In addition, Qatar Central Bank governor “Sheikh Abdulla bin Saoud al-Thani” and QNB acting CEO Ali al-Kuwari at the MEED conference confirmed and emphasized these elements. Furthermore, Sheikh Abdulla stated that “Performance of Qatari commercial banks was keeping its pace with the whole huge and economic environment and the projects, researches on energy and utilities department value fifty billion dollars is predicted to be granted”. Whence, the strategies and methods that the central bank applies in order to achieve financial stability through its smart and intelligent policies would reduce the loans that weren’t performed were only one point nine percent of whole loans in two thousand and fourteen. There is no doubt that Qatar is doing its great and best efforts to promote bases and infrastructures such as metro, port, industrial areas for small and medium companies in addition to firms, widening and extending network of drainage and water in order to be ready to host the 2022 World Cup. 

Event Management Industry within the MENA Region:

Events industry is rapidly becoming a major business in the Middle East region due to the fast and growing social and economic progress happening in the region. So the need for wise and innovative Event Management became essential, as a result of the dedicating a large sum of money in the financial plan of many of the big countries and companies on events. Events are considered the language of today’s business world as it is a great success factor for governments and businesses in the marketing and promotion process for anything such as an idea, product, company or nation. The oil industries revenues and the growing population in the MENA region has the greatest influence on the economy of most of the region’s countries, events are often used as an alternative source in order to encourage economic diversification and social development. This is mostly achieved through major events happening on an international level, such as the FIFA Football World Cup 2022, which will be hosted in Qatar for the first time in the whole MENA region. According to some estimations the Qatari government is has invested about USD 66 billion in order to host such an international event to the Middle East. Besides many of the Middle East businesses started to invest an annual average of USD 2 million in their events. So it is obvious that the consideration of Event Management as a strategic activity has become more significant than ever. 

Furthermore, the MENA region has witnessed significant political participations within the other powerful countries as it is always the place of action. So in the last few years the countries of the region specially the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, signed a large number of agreements with several countries and organizations, along with the influence of the rapid growth in the economic sector and the increasing number of population, particularly in Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, urged them to raise the demand for events in the MENA region more than the rest of the world. This increase in organizing important events led to more developments such as the development in the infrastructure, environmental and social sectors qualified the MENA region to be the best destination for all kinds of major events. All of this encourages the countries and major companies of MENA region to conduct effective event management strategies and provide whatever it takes to improve this business in the future and create new generations able to face the continuous changes in the region and the world. 

Critical Analysis of issues Relation to Professional Practice:

The analysis of the Qatar National Vision Strategy 2030 is considered a long-term strategy that would aid the development of tourism industry in Qatar through various of well-organized plans, sequencers, projects, and guidelines that were promoted in accordance with global top practices and resulting a nation-wide consultative procedures. The Strategy is based on an integrated determination to safeguard the sustainable progress inside the country through limiting its dependence on hydrocarbon resources. Furthermore, the country is trying to be placed on the world tourism chart by assisting promote and extend its people’s culture, traditions, customs, principles and values. As a matter of fact, The National Tourism Sector Strategy 2030 took the steps of improvement in line with the goals and supervisory principles of the Qatar National Vision 2030, the various strategies of the domestic sector, the country’s first National Enlargement plan from 2012 to 2016, in addition to emphasizing the necessity of decreasing the country`s reliance on the energy subdivision and to differentiate the economy. 

The major implementation of the National Tourism Sector Strategy 2030 is exploited through The firm leadership of the state of Qatar through showing its commitment to the strategies of tourism-related investments. Moreover, the QTA has made many efforts that supported, utmost remarkably in encouraging Qatar as a major tourism destination in numerous key markets around the globe. Besides, the resolute goals and timetables that are determined by the Strategies would permit controlling all parties accountable for its operative implementation, guaranteeing that Qataris are able to realize its welfares, whether in the short, average, or long-term. Bearing in mind, the development of QTA spearhead of the National Tourism Sector Strategy 2030, that is strictly operated with stakeholders through the board to advance a strategy that could streamline and carry all touristic efforts in an organized manner with a long-term vision and plan.


To sum up, event industry is considered a global booming and evolving business that took the fundamental role on all stages; professional, administrative and even personal stage. For more clarification, it is significant to utilize the term event; simply it refers to a group of people gathering in order to active particular goals. This event industry has different main branches such as sport, meetings and conference; expose as linked with business and political events, and on the other side cultural, arts and musical occasions. Therefore, two different types of events can be determined which are profit and non-profit events, held by business organizations, administration or municipals. Moreover, it varies in resolutions and targets; as it would be for entertainment, celebrating, charity, commercial reasons. Likewise, there are many rudimentary regulations in order to carry out successful event industry which are teamwork, the comprehensive idea of event industry that is built on the concept of teamwork as people with different opinions and thoughts should join their power to create the ultimate action of an event. Briefly, the success or failure of any event determined primarily by the commitment and cooperation among team participants. 

Event Planning in Qatar

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