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Sport and Event Management

Sport Event Management 

Managing sport events is one of the most important aspects for any host country that welcomes sport event. This is because managing sport event regards as the image of the country while the audients came to the events to judge and watch every single detail in the way of managing the event. However, sporting events needs more managements and observations because in these kinds of events, the host country receives large amount of audiences from all over the world that leads the country to secure and create new ideas that fascinates the whole world. Social media are the main source that transfers the events to the whole world, therefore, the sport events shall be managed and organized in a perfect way and contains fantastic opening scene for the participants. 

Sport Events Characteristics:-

Sport events are characterized by the funny and joy atmosphere that shall be found in the stadiums to create a sense of enthusiasm for the players. Thus, the aim of this research is to show the perfect strategies and guidelines that should be implemented to manage a successful sports event (Greenwell, et al, 2013). Managing a successful sports event depends mainly on good strategies, promotions, communication and great knowledge that would allow the hosting country to prove to the world that it deserved to host such event.

What Is Sport Event Management?

Event management is defined as the process of submitting a project that was planned before under construction. Therefore, good strategies always come from professional managers and team leader that have the ability to manage a team that consists of different specializations for one common project (Smith-Swan et al, 2012). Management plan shall include different kind of information before starting construction. This information include studying the brand, location, and atmosphere. On the other hand, sport events` organizers shall know the target audience, plan the logistics and manage the technical characteristics. These significant points are important in any plan for managing a sport event, because it facilitates the way of working for construction by organizing the work of each tem for a specific task with its details to produce the best of it. Study the different cultures of audiences who are going to participate the events is very important, because it makes the organizers able to understand the things that can admire the audiences.

Importance of Sport Event Management:-

Sports events differ from one to another according to their importance and reputation, for that, their managing tasks require specific preparations and arrangements to suit the kind of the event and make it successful. Moreover, the way of managing the sport events shall be accurate and paying the attention to small details in order to avoid mistakes and losing money as well as to reserve the image of the host country in front of the whole world. Additionally, the promotional campaigns and advertisements are the two significant methods that shall be taken into consideration as they are the main reason for enhancing and clarifying the image of the country and the way of managing the event (Smith-Swan et al, 2012).

As it was mentioned, the role of the promotional campaigns and advertisements is very significant and essential for all types of sport events. This is because they are the only means that can transfer what the host country wants and what it does not want. Moreover, they help in promoting for the country and its abilities of holding a great huge event like sport event. This also supports the economy of the country and its reputation among other countries all over the world (Westerbeek, et al, 2006). In addition to that, organizers of the sport events shall be aware of their previous mistakes and faults and start to correct them in the current events to guarantee the success of the sport event and to preserve the image of the country in front of the world.

Basic Activities of Sport Event Management:-

Researchers classify the four key activities for the success managing events in; problem formulation, theory building, research design, and problem solving (Westerbeek et al, 2006). Each one of these keys contains different kind of thinking and applications to guarantee the success of the project and the construction of the managing sport events. These four key activities are very essential in creating a management plan for a sport event. Problem formulation is one of the key activities that helps in recognizing the problem and starting to find the best solution for it and apply this solution in reality. Theory building is very important to determine the finest strategies and plans to be applied on the event in order to succeed it. Research design is specialized in searching for the latest fashions in building and organizing events for sports with their different types. This leads to apply the greatest selected design and adds some new creative ideas and notions to show the finest results to the whole world. The last key is problem solving, which is the managers’ main role during the preparation of the event. This is because they are the main individuals who are responsible for finding solutions for problems and provides them to the working team in order to fix the problem in the real plan.


Sport with its different kinds, becomes an attracted phenomena around the whole world. The way of treating and managing a sport event shows its importance and elaborates the numbers of fans for sports. Therefore, the host country for sporting events shall be aware of the value of sports and their events and deals with these events with more caution and importance. Moreover, selecting the best organizers and sports planners is very important to guarantee the success of the event and preserve as well as enhance the image of the country before the whole world. Organizers shall follow the four steps for succeeding a sport event, which are; problem formulation, theory building, research design, and problem solving. The role of social media which includes promotion campaigns and advertisements for the event shall be treated perfectly, because these means are the only things that can show the achievements of the host country in managing the sport events.

Sport and Event Management

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