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Starbucks Observation Essay

Starbucks Observation Essay

This essay is a report to evaluate Starbucks Café shop in the Gulf. Four days are the determined period for evaluation. During this period, many questions and points are going to be discussed in order to elaborate the effectiveness of this café on the Gulf people. Survey is going to be the second step for this evaluation in order to know the interaction of the Gulf people with this café and their various opinions on it.

The First Day Observation:

The first day is a general sight on the place and the workers there. In this day, the focus is on the layout of the café, which is the first impression that took on any place during the first visit. 

1. A European Atmosphere:

This Starbucks Café shop is a café that takes the form of the European atmosphere. The façade of the café is made from wood material and take the shape of the old European houses. It depends on the quick visit of the customers to take their drink, breakfast, and go to their work. The internal walls of the café is full of different pictures for the old actors and singers of the European culture that makes the Arabian people live in an European atmosphere.

2. Comfortable Chairs:

Moreover, the café has a comfortable kind of chairs that lead the customers to have their drink in a good mood and without something that may bother them. According to the bathrooms of the café, it is made of an old European design for its components, in order to give the impression of the great old eras and to evoke the old style in the modern days to make a mixture between old and modern European designs. The idea of the café attracts many Arabian people to this place in order to live the European atmosphere that is regarded as something new for them.

The Second Day Observation:

After evaluating the layout of the café, the second day is focused on the behaviors and attitudes of the Gulf people inside the café. The new idea of transferring the European atmosphere to an Arabian country leads many people to visit this place to discover it and to live in its atmosphere. 

1. People Evaluation for Time:

The main obvious thing in the attitude and behavior of the Gulf people in the café is that they start to act like the European people while visiting cafes and restaurants. The European people are well-known for their sanctification of time, this is because they do not like to waste their time on talking to each other in a café and loss the precious time for their jobs. This attitude reflected on the Arabian people that they seem to be faster in ordering their needs from the waiter and take their drink and breakfast at morning in a fast way in order to go to their work. 

2. Talking Habits of Nationalities:

Furthermore, the European people are known for their less talking with each other. This too is because they praise their time as they see that the talking should be in important things only and not in something not valuable, that may waste their time for a precious thing to talk about. This behavior is reflected on the Arabian people that they seem to be less talkative than before and begin to praise their time and exploit it in something valuable.

3. People Taking Photos:

The Arabian people who are visit the place for the first time are attracted by the European design of the place and start to take photos to be memorable for them. Additionally, some people begin to move in the place to see each part of it as a kind of discovery. Others refused to make the waiter takes their orders and go to the counter to order their needs by themselves. This also is a European attitude and behavior that is reflected on the Arabian people.

The Third Day Observation:

In the third day and after evaluating the layout of the café and the attitude and behavior of the people who visit the café, the focus this time is on the type of people who used to go to this café and the reason why they go to this café. In this third visit to this café, it is obvious to realize that the majority of people who visit this café is from the middle level and the high level.

1. Types of People:

There, one can see owners of companies come in the morning to take their drink and breakfast before going to their companies. Moreover, employees and ordinary people go to this café as a kind of relaxation before starting their day. Most of the times, high level people are used to ask for light breakfast and coffee or tea for drink while ordinary people ask for fresh freeze juices to drink in the morning with a sandwich or may be more than one.

2. High Food Quality:

The quality of food leads people to order more than one time because the food and drinks are delicious. Yet, they orders their needs in a fast way in order to went to their works. However, in the evening time, the Gulf people are used to dress comfortable clothes to release themselves from the formal suits that they used to wear for their works.

3. Night Calm Lights:

In the evening the café open spotlights over the whole place that give a relaxing mood for the customers and lead them to talk and watching TV as well as drink and eat their orders. This also is a good idea that people are in urgently need for it after a hard long day in work.

The Fourth Day Observation:

In the fourth day, the main focus is on the employees’ attitudes and the way they treat their customers in the café. 

1. Working Staff Attitude:

It is obvious that the employees inside this café are taking orders to always smile in front of their customers in order to give them good impression on the place and its services. Moreover, the cleanliness of the place is the most important thing there. They also make a great concern on the cleanliness of the whole place and especially on bathrooms. According to the waiters, they are very friendly and polite when they take the order from the customer. 

The managers of the waiters are always exist in the place to observe the waiters and their attitudes with them. In addition to that, they go to the customers after they finished their food and drink to ask them for the quality of the food and drink and if they have any comment on the place and its services.

2. Helpful Waiters:

Furthermore, the waiters are very helpful for their customers as they help their customer in choosing the best things to be ordered. This attitude is lovable for many people especially in the morning, because they are very rush to go to their work and cannot be able to determine the good things to eat and drink. The financial part of the place are very active and gives good salaries for their employees that leads them to work hard and in a creative ways. Employees and managers are working together for one main aim, which is the succession of the place. This also spreads a good and friendly atmosphere in the whole place. 

3. Ready-To-Eat Foods:

The café also offers a junk foods that are already made and ready to be eaten directly, but the creative thing here is the way that the waiters provide these foods to their customers, the thing that attracts the customers and make them choose this place to be their favorable one among others.

Starbucks Observation Essay


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