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"The Fifth Voyage of Sinbad" Summary

The Fifth Voyage of Sinbad Summary

Author of "The Fifth Voyage of Sindbad":

The author of "The Fifth Voyage of Sinbad" story is Sir Richard Burton's through a translation of the book of "One Thousand and One Nights". 

Setting of "The Fifth Voyage of Sindbad":

The first setting was Sindbad found the egg of the roc. The second setting was in the island. The third setting was a great city that has houses with good stones. The last setting was Bagdad after Sinbad became rich because he sold Coconuts and fine wood. 

Characters of "The Fifth Voyage of Sindbad":

1- Sinbad:

He is the best hero of the story. He is a sailor who adores being in adventures all the time. 

2- The Old Man:

He is the man who Sinbad have met him at the island after his ship was destroyed. He was an old man who could not talk and move. 

3- The Merchant:

He was the one that helped Sinbad in gaining his fortune by gathering coco-nuts with other merchant.

Summary of "The Fifth Voyage of Sindbad":

"The Fifth Voyage of Sinbad" story tells a great adventures about the famous brave strong and wise man who knows by the name of Sinbad. "The Fifth Voyage of Sinbad" story shows Sinbad as a wise man when they reach the island and found the egg of a roc, he tells other to move away from it because it is dangerous but they did not listen to him. 

After "The Fifth Voyage of Sinbad" story displays the courage of Sinbad in his way of being alive after the ship was destroyed by the hand of the two big roc. When Sinbad reached the island he found an old man who was a burden for Sinbad as he was always carry him on his back to collect the fruits from the trees. Sinbad killed him in order to be free from him. 

The ship that stopped at the island which he was in, the crew took Sinbad with them and went to a great city in order to give the merchants their cargos. At the end of "The Fifth Voyage of Sinbad" story Sinbad became richer than before due to his smart thinking of making a private goods to sell them for other merchants and profit from this process. He gained a lot of money from selling coco nut and fine woods and then he gave part of him money to the widows and orphans.

"The Fifth Voyage of Sindbad" Analysis:

"The Fifth Voyage of Sinbad" story is one of the most famous stories for its attractive fairy adventures. It cannot be boring because it has a diverse tales that attract the reader and makes him or her interact with the story as well as involves in its adventures. This story has many good and interesting events.

"The Fifth Voyage of Sinbad" Summary

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