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Benefits and Advantages of Tourism

Tourism Benefits and Advantages 

Happiness refers to the emotional state of people through bringing to them pleasant or positive energy that affects in an amazing way inside people`s heart and feelings. There are many researches and surveys on how to rise positive attitudes and moods that been exploited on our strengths? In addition to shedding the light on what majorly cause people to be happy and enjoy their times? This relates to several positive psychology procedures that arouse the attention on ongoing visions into behavior, mood, and thoughts. Truly, not all of us are born with a sunny character and personality however, specialists support the idea about happiness as it can be learned and brought to us by others.

Advantage #1: Travelling and Happiness:

Happiness can be achieved also through travelling to new interesting places, spending nice time with friends, being with someone you love, attending great festivals and celebrations or even go shopping. In order to be happy you should think about good things, try to make your life full of optimistic stuff, avoid any negative or pessimistic thoughts. Briefly, freedom, joy, well-being, pleasure, financial prosperity, political order and stability inside the country in addition to the state of safety and equality; all of these factors are able to increase people`s happiness and affect very positively on the people`s attitudes and behaviors.

Advantage #2: Tourism and Improving People`s Mood:

Tourism means the travelling from a specific country to another looking for amusement or finding new things. There are many purposes of tourism for instance, recreation, relaxation, religious, family or business usually for a specific duration. None can doubt the great effects and impacts of tourism not only on individuals` behaviors and mood but also on countries` development and growth. Thus, The progresses in infrastructures, several leisure facilities, constructing new hotels, beaches and roads, offering new job opportunities and enhancing the economy of the country; all of these positive impacts come from tourism and play important role in increasing people`s happiness.

In fact, tourism reassures the conservation of handicrafts, traditional customs, marketing or advertising the domestic products, festivals and shopping malls. The impacts of tourism on people`s mood appear through giving them a chance to create a cultural understanding, increase global awareness of different matters such as human rights or independence as well as changing the value systems as people become able to find their identity.

Advantage #3: Shopping in Foreign Countries Is Fantastic:

Shopping refers to the act of looking for or buying things through going to malls, big markets or shopping centers. Most people like to go shopping for amusement and watching new products. Tourists are fond of shopping, attending festivals or dining outside while they are travelling to another country. Whereas travellers are more likely to go shopping for buying clothes, galleries, shoes, jewelries, books, art crafts, foods and historical or traditional antiques. And in terms of dining out side, several restaurants present local and universal recipes and ingredients. Shoppers and Diners are also more likely to contribute in outdoor cafes, foodstuff tastings, participate in educational events, historical activities or great festivals and visit health resorts or beaches. Concisely, attending festivals, dining and shopping are considered the most mutual activities carried out by tourists that can bring happiness to them.

Advantage #4: Festivals While Travelling Are Exciting:

Festivals and big ceremonies are very popular in many countries and especially the Middle East such as “The Magnificent Mile Shopping Festival” in Dubai, the shopping capital of the Middle East, with about 50 malls, counting and outdoor markets that present their products and innovations throughout the yearly Dubai Shopping Festival. Qatar also has many shopping markets and festivals. Furthermore, Paris is considered the world capital of Haute Couture and a shopper`s dream as there are awesome avenues and shopping festivals. As tourists and travellers prefer settled vacations, relaxing, recreation, finding and exploring new cultures, they incline to attend outdoor activities, entertaining activities, shopping festivals and big ceremonials occasions.


To sum up, happiness means the state of being in a good mood through creating an inspiration of content or positive energy that touch people`s heart and feelings. Tourism is capable of generating progressive influences and happiness for people as it would help in conveying a supportive power for peaceful mind, pride in cultural traditions, exchanging customs, shared traditional life styles, festivals, ceremonies, learning new things and shopping. Tourists and travellers are incline to go shopping, attend festivals or dine outdoor through their travel to another country. Hence, enjoying great festivals and ceremonies are the major people`s destinations from travel.

Benefits and Advantages of Tourism


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