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"Dracula" Character Analysis Essay

"Dracula" Character Analysis Essay

Evil exists in life from the beginning of creation till now. It is expressed many times in novels and in short stories, in addition to a lot of literal works. But this is not out of the blue; the authors of these works draw and characterize villains and monsters according to a particular worldview. The author draws the evil characters or the villains from his point of view and a lot of people can accept the origin of horror in fear which brings the situation through "Dracula" story. One of the most important factors for the success of any literal and artistic work is the existence of the antagonistic force which represents the contradiction between good and evil in particular situations. The analysis of Dracula shows that it is an evil story represented by frightening elements, appearance and the evil nature of this hero.

Analysis of The Bad Acts of Count Dracula:

The author Bram Stoker portrays the character of the classic vampire Count Dracula and showed us a horrific story of a bloodthirsty vampire. This character remained memorable for people who read  "Dracula" story or watched the movie. The frightening element appeared in some factors with  "Dracula" story such as creeping around in the middle of the night, haunting an ancient Transylvanian castle, stealing babies, and many other things although the few elements of weakness that Dracula cannot pass over the rivers or inter the victim's house without invitation from the owner. Moreover, power can only be shown just by the midnight and becomes powerless by daylight.

Dracula Horrifying Appearance Analysis:

The appearance of Count Dracula provides a great example of horror and evil. The author of this story triggered the attention of the audience by the contradiction in the appearance and behaviors of Count Dracula. Count Dracula is a Transylvanian nobleman who inhabits an old castle located in the Carpathian Mountains. Count Dracula is a rich, handsome and powerful man. He has many lands and properties. He has a good and acceptable appearance. Additionally, he is a powerful man in the society. 

On the other hand, this man provides a great horror to the audience when they knew that this beloved character was the main cause behind the misfortune and death of many people in the city. The author asserted that appearance is deceptive so that people should not make a judgment upon appearance only. But, behind the aristocratic charm, Count Dracula has a dark and evil soul. He has an evil villain inside him. He is always bloodthirsty. His power makes him stronger than twenty men, he is able to control the weather and assume the form of an animal. However, his power is limited and there are some things that he cannot do. He can't enter the house of his victim without an invitation. His power is limited to be valid just at night and it becomes useless by daylight. He can't cross water without being carried.

The Luck and Misery of Count Dracula Analysis:

The vampire Dracula is known an evil character so the member of the Crew of Light is devoted to defeat Dracula. He is the only obvious evil character in  "Dracula" story. It is clearly shown through his deeds in spite of his nobility. Dracula is lucky because he is handsome man, smart and strong which provide him with power over people. This character is considered one of the most evil characters ever to be created in literary works. 

The character of Count Dracula may not be lucky to have this power because he lives with heartless. He is cruel and violent against other people. He also uses the character of Lucy to take his revenge; he put his power in her and controlled but after her sweetness turned into cruelty. The novel also reflected evil through the issue of sex or the homosexuality, which is controversial topics for this story. The concept of evil incorporated with stiff sexual manners and temptations as a main element for the concept of homosexuality.

Analyzing The Relationship between Count Dracula, Night and Evil:

The character of Count Dracula is portrayed as repulsive and corpse-like creatures in midnight, and remains with the aristocratic charm in daylight. But the evil of Dracula disappears in the daylight. We can obviously notice the relationship between night and evil. Night and darkness usually express evil and fear. The character of Count Dracula is described with different supernatural abilities. He is stronger than twenty men; he is also able to be undead that he is usually safe from the conventional ways of attack. 

However, Count Dracula can be killed just by cutting his neck and impalement through his heart, like all the vampires he can be killed also by the silver bullets, wooden stakes, iron weapons and holy water. His evil and power can be transmitted as one of the most ambiguous power that he has; he is able to convert the vampire condition to his victims by feeding on them then feeding them with vampire blood. So, blood can be considered a symbol of the evil existed in the character of Dracula. Blood in this story is either a tool to transfer a natural human into a killer vampire, or to kill someone and feed on his or her blood. Both cases express evil very much. But in contrast; blood is the source of power, health, and life. Blood plays an important role in order to increase horror and fear of audience.


To conclude, Dracula story expresses the idea of evil when being analyzed. Evil in this story has been portrayed as one of the most memorable evil character all over the world for almost all ages. People may use Dracula to frighten their children not to do mistakes. But in fact, the character of Dracula is described with nobility in birth and aristocratic life in order to have power on his victims. The author's analysis focuses upon the deception of appearance in which people may be betrayed and cheated by the speaking styles and appearances of characters. Author wants the audience to penetrate more in the nature of humanity in order to explain and analyze the nature of people.

"Dracula" Character Analysis Essay
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