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Workout and Exercises to Get abs

Workout and Exercises to Get abs

Most people suffer from their lack of ability to perform their daily tasks because they don’t practice sports or any type of exercises. Workout is important habit must be done every day at least just in the morning to feel active and ready to complete you day. People who eat too much are suffered from Abs fat so they have to create a deficit in energy expenditure and caloric intake beside the Abs workout. Abdominal workout is defined as doing the exercises related to the abdominal muscles. The Abs muscles are very important muscles in our bodies; they help us to breathe, to cough, to sneeze, and to perform most of the needed natural activities which we do them without concerning to the importance of Abs muscles in performing them. 

People, who practice these exercises enjoy facility in doing their tasks in different places during their day such as the houses, schools, clubs, and the work places. If your abdominal muscles are weak you may feel pain when you stand up or wake up from the bed because your Abs muscles are too weak to perform such easy and normal tasks. So, most people do not know the importance of their Abs muscles in their day to day life. There is also a relation between the age of people and the tasks they have to do, and consequently with the types of the abdominal workouts they have to perform.

Abdominal Muscles Anatomy:

The anterior wall of the human abdomen contains of six important muscles which extend from many places on the ribs to many places on the pelvis. The rectus abdominis muscles are a paired of muscles existing vertically on each side of the anterior wall of the human abdomen, the internal oblique, the external oblique, and the transverse abdominal. We can say that the rectus abdominal muscles are important postural muscles.

Workout and Exercises to Get abs

Ab Workout Benefits:

1- Abs exercises help your body to attain a better posture.

2- Abs exercises also help making your lower back more flexible.

3- Moreover, Abs exercises improve the process of digestion.

4- Additionally, you will be more active and participate in the natural life' tasks through Abs exercises.

5- Besides, mental and thinking ability will be stimulated if one do Abs exercises.

6- Additionally, Abs exercises reduces the chance of lower back injury.

7- Moreover, Abs exercises improves your sport performance.

8- Abs exercises also allow you to strengthen your muscles and get a flat stomach.

9- Abs exercises allows you to face the troubles of chiropractic.

10- Moreover, Abs exercises aid to relieve pressure and strain.

11- Abs exercises also help to overcome anxiety about difficulties of getting flat stomach.

12- Finally, Abs exercises eliminate the threat of illnesses or diseases such as obesity, heart attacks, diabetes, and hypertension.

Benefits of Doing Abs Everyday:

Benefit #1- Strength

The Abs muscles play an important role in the strength of the whole body especial the core muscles. The effect of the Abs exercises reaches many parts of the human body that enable the person to perform his skills efficiently and actively. These exercises strengthen the stomach muscles which help in breathing, digesting, and many other natural tasks inside the human body.

Benefit #2- Speed: 

Besides, the more your Abs muscles are strong, the more you will be able to perform faster than before, the activities you did before with laziness, you will perform more rapidly when you regularly practice the abdominal exercises.

Benefit #3- Endurance: 

Moreover, Abs workout raise the ability to endure more tasks than before, that it strengthen your muscles and enable you to perform the tasks you have to do easier and faster. The Abs exercises concern more in the stomach muscles which are the main muscles which control the movement of many parts of the human body, so, it help the body to endure hard works and difficult movements.

Benefit #4- Flexibility: 

Improving the Abs muscles by exercising provide wide range of movement, it facilitates the movement of the other muscles and cooperates with the joints to make the movement easier. The efforts made by people who didn’t practice the abdominal exercises are more than people who practice them because they face complexity and difficulty when they try to make even simple move such as standing up.

Benefit #5- Coordination:

Finally, doing Abs workout create a coordination body because the abdominal muscles are existing at the center of the human body and so they control the main shape of the whole body. Each one likes to have healthy body with good shape; so many fat people tend to reshape their body by practicing Abs exercises. But they are not enough; they have to be performed with organized system for foods nutrition and drinks beverages.

Workout and Exercises to Get abs:

There are a lot of Abs exercises which are very useful for people and provide them with powerful Abs muscles such as the 3/4 set-up exercise, the air bike exercise, and the bent-knee raise exercise. These exercise don't need any equipment except the body, they practice specific movements that empower their Abs muscles. Abs workout is suitable for most age levels from teenagers to elderly people, but it is important to be aware for the weight because people, who have abdominal fat must lose weight before practicing these exercises because the rate of fat in their body will prevent their abdominal muscles to benefit from the abdominal exercises.

1- 3/4 Sit-Up Exercise

To perform this Abs exercise, lie down on the floor and your legs bent at the knees, then put your hands behind your head raise your torso toward your knees. Finally, return to your start position again and repeat the same steps more and more.

Workout and Exercises to Get abs

2- Air Bike Exercise: 

Another exercise is the air bike, this exercise is performed by lying on ground, then put your hands behind your head and lift your shoulders into the crunch position, lift your knees up parallel to the ground and start to move your legs as you are riding a bike and move your left shoulder to ward you right knee and vice versa.

Workout and Exercises to Get abs

3- Bent-Knee Raise Exercise

This exercise also needs you to lay on the ground but with your arms next to your sides, lift your feet off the ground and bent your knees. Pull your knees towards you till your hips reach your chest. Finally return to the start position and repeat the previous movements again.

Workout and Exercises to Get abs

4- Crunching Exercises:

This exercise is done on the floor. It can work in order to increase the endurance and the strong muscles of the players. 6 repetition of this exercise are effective in order to make people feel good and strong abdominal part. They can practice it through putting their hands after their head, then they bring the shoulders up toward the ceiling but they do not move their hands, elbows, or head.

Workout and Exercises to Get abs

5- Floor Side Crunch Exercise:

It is effective exercise in order to strengthen the abdominal part of the players. The exercise focuses on the oblique of the body. People shall work in order to practice these exercises for many times. Players shall practice this game for many times so that they can be used this exercise.

Workout and Exercises to Get abs

6- Bicycles Abs Exercise:

This exercise is one of the effective abs exercise fin order to strengthening the abdominal part of people when the bicycle exercise is combined with a straight crunch. The exercise can work in order to increase the blood flow in the abdominal part.

Workout and Exercises to Get abs

Age Related Variation of Used Exercises:

The abdominal workout age related variation depends on the type of the exercises and the main purpose of practicing it, but in general teenagers and adults are the appropriate age to create goo abdominal muscles that help them to do their main tasks easier and more efficient. These exercises also related to the weight of the people that the people who are total body fat must reduce their weight first before thinking to strengthen their abdominal muscles, because they will not be able to practice the abdominal exercise unless losing their weight. The coordination between the age of people and the abdominal exercises which they practiced is very important, there are many abdominal exercises that tends to build up the muscles of the teenagers to help them in their daily activities which are more than the activities of the adults, middle aged and even elderly who already kept their muscles strong when they were youths.


No doubt that the abdominal exercises are very important for all people because they help them to actively complete their day to day activities without suffering from incapability, obesity, or feeling pain. This is because the abdominal muscles control most of the parts of the human body and help in facilitating the movement of these parts. The abdominal exercises have a great effect on the general health of people; they help people's bodies to attain a better posture, to make their lower back more flexible, to improve the digestion process, to develop thoughts and mental ability, to improve the performance of people who practice sports even professional or as a hobby, to face the troubles of chiropractic, to relieve pressure and strain, and to eliminate the threat of illnesses of diseases such as heart attacks, diabetes, and hypertension. Abdominal workout also affect positively the basic skills such as; provide abdominal muscles with more strength and make them more strong, also the abdominal exercises increase the speed of the movement especially for athletes and runners, and the endurance of people to bear the hard tasks in their work and in their day to day life in addition to the flexibility and coordination that the abdominal muscles enjoy.


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