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Essay about Working Woman

Essay about Working Woman

Introduction about Women's Work:

Women's work has always been a matter of controversy between both women and men. There are many opponents and supporters of women's work especially the working mothers. Some say that women's work can lead to neglect to the home affairs like cleaning and cooking. They also say that women's work can lead to the failure of children as when women stay at homes, they study for their children. It is not a condition that the working mother cook and clean by herself as she can simply hire a maid. Moreover, many mothers who do not work have maids in their homes. In addition, there are many mothers study for their children and their children are not successful in their study. That is because students’ results depend on their intelligence and self-efforts. Mothers in the Middle East should work to gain life experience, increase their communication skills and get their full rights of equality with full chances for competition.

Gaining Life Experiences:

Life experience is the general knowledge that one gets along his life and different situations. If the mother in the Middle East did not work, she would not have any good experience in life. This experience is very important as it makes on differentiate the good things from the bad things and make sound decisions. In the past, women worked as queens, clothes waivers and bakers, but in the present women suffer from the lack of sufficient works (Elliott, 1882, P.146). Life experiences are the best teachers for any woman as these experiences can make her smart and intelligent. On the other hand, the mothers who do not work become very naïve and credulous. To know the importance of life experiences, it is enough to say that this experience is not written in any book but it is learned. When the woman works, she faces many problems and these problems make her very knowledgeable.

Improving Communication Skills:

Communication skills are the basic skills of any interaction between any humans. The human was created to communicate with other people from other cultures, races and backgrounds. Many women in the Middle East suffer from the problem of the bad communication skills. That is because many of them do not communicate a lot because many of them are not employed. Women in the West can work from 42 to 80 hours weekly (Hirshman, 2007, P.6). 

These women do not have any problems of communization or self-confidence. All activities of life depend on communication between people. The doctor, professor, teacher, employee, engineer and scientist all should have good communication skills. Without this communication skills, women there should be gaps and clashes between people. The working mother who enhanced her communication skills through work can interact with her children and increase intimacy with them.

Getting an Opportunity for Competition:

When women work, they increase their chances to hold high positions and lead their countries. Women should work to get their rights of equality with full chances for competition. The effect of this is that women have proven their high endurance and the ability to work under pressure even if they have children. The Center for Economic and Policy Research has proved that women do not leave their works even if there is a bad economy (Hirshman, 2007, P.4). 

Woman has been a president, vice president, minister and ambassador and all these women can be mothers. This would be a good proof that mothers in the Middle East should work and struggle in life.

Learning New Skills and Improving Talents:

Women’s participation in the public life allows women to learn how to use their talents at work and to learn how to help their society. Women are naturally talented and they are known to be able to multitask and perform many missions. 

For example; housewives usually handle all the house work and child rearing duties in the Arabic Gulf and they take care of their husbands needs as well. All of this proves that, when women get the chance they would normally be able to handle more than one task in time and that helps their society. Thus, women in the Arab countries and especially in the Gulf region should be able to work without any problems because work will help them and it does not affect their personal life.

Maximizing Business Benefits:

Women`s contribution in business and work life helps in increasing business benefits. Therefore, any Labor market that consists mostly of a female based structure has a minor gender gap in employment as well as it has remarkable earnings in the company. Women based occupational structure are normally more cooperative as women tend to cooperate more than compete with each other and that provides a company with a more stable environment that any company would need and prefer. 

Women don`t compete with each other in terms of earnings. They prefer to cooperate in getting rid of earning`s gaps to maintain companies from raising their profits. This proves that Women in work life is beneficial to business. Concisely, the number of women in business life inside any society is good for business.

Effect #6: Helping Family in Life Expenses:

Women should not leave the workforce to be fulltime mothers because of increase they gain many financial benefits for them and their families. Recently the amount of women working in the Gulf has increased significantly like, Qatar and Kuwait. The amount of females with jobs in Kuwait has increased to reach 51 percent in 2007. In Bahrain women interviewed for a study on women empowerment claimed that men in fact are starting to prefer women with jobs because they can help in life expenses. 

In fact women with jobs can help their husbands to afford family expenses. In contrast to just staying at home women can gain money. They become able buy anything they want not only for them but also for their families. Thus women working in fact increases the family`s financial situation and helps in stabilizing the family.

Short Paragraph about Women's Work:

To sum up, mothers should work in the Middle East to increase their life experiences, Promote interaction based on communication skills and to compete for the best of their countries. There are many examples of women who could gather between work and being mothers. This made them pioneers in their fields and made their children and husband proud of them. It is not a condition that mothers should stay at homes to bring up their children. The intelligent mother is the one that grow values in her children not the one that stays at home in vain. All these reasons are enough to make one agrees with women's work and supports their case. Women in the Middle East need to get more rights to be as equal as men.

Essay about Working Woman

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