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Business Feasibility Study Sample Restaurant

Business Feasibility Study Sample Restaurant 

Sample Introduction for Restaurant Feasibility Study:

Restaurants nowadays offer different choices of food between Eastern food and Western food. This is to meet the tastes of people in different cultures and traditions. Moreover, restaurants provide domestic atmosphere that is one of the most significant and attractive way in the market field. This is because people still prefer to feel home while eating food even they are eating at restaurant. In this research paper, new project will be offered with its strategic plans and its accurate marketing plan that supports the restaurant to become famous restaurant in Jeddah and the entire country. The restaurant will introduce best types of food and drinks for all people who live in Jeddah.


There are many businesses to make in our modern life such as a restaurant, a coffee shop and a wedding planner office. However, in our modern days, fast food or junk food becomes one of the most important aspect in daily life due to the short day time and the various tasks that are made in each day that make people have no time to cook their meals at homes. Therefore, restaurants come as a solution for this problem that confronts people each day. Restaurants help people to save time and effort at kitchens to cook food after their long day at work. Restaurants offer all types of foods with a high quality standard that attracts people and make them prefer these kinds of food more than the ones that are made at home.

Project Overview:

This research paper is going to establish a new business for a restaurant that offers different and unique types of foods from Eastern and Western countries. This restaurant will be in Saudi Arabia, as it is one of the most remarkable countries in demanding fast food whereas, Saudi people prefer to go to restaurants to eat and find best types of foods. This restaurant will take the name of “Alfanar Restaurant for Local and Global Food”, which is considered an attractive name for all people in different ages. 

The aim of the restaurant is to offer different kinds of local foods such as the Saudi Machbous, Kabsa, Balaleet and Ghuzi, and global foods such as Pizza, Grilled Chicken, Spaghetti, Burger, Italian Pasta, Beef Piccata, Chicken Alfredo and many other global foods that grasp the attention of new customers and meet the different tastes of people in Jeddah. Furthermore, Saudi Arabia is the target country for the project this is because the Arabian countries in general regard the highest percentage among other countries in the world that use junk food and go to restaurants.

This feasibility study is going to tackle various important points in order to elaborate the strategy of constructing the restaurant. This is because the main aim of the research paper is to create a great model for strategy plans of constructing a project to be followed by others. Therefore, this research paper is going to talk about the mission and objectives of the restaurant and the products as well as the services that are going to be offered in there. The project is going to elaborate the role of management and key personnel and the results of using them in a good way. The research paper is going to create a strategic marketing plan for the restaurant and shows its marketing target as well as its results. Moreover, designation of the project is the most essential part of this plan as the Arabian countries concern about the design of the restaurants. Finally, the research paper is going to display the major risk factors and exit strategy that may confront the project.

Mission and Objectives:

“Alfanar Restaurant for Local and Global Food” is a restaurant that has significant mission and objectives to be achieved. The mission of this restaurant is to offer different kinds of food that are varied between Eastern and Western food. This is the reason that the name of the restaurant is derived from. This restaurant is aimed at providing new ideas in serving the clients there and to offer them new plates that may not offer in other restaurants. The main objectives of the restaurant is to achieve the best records and profits in Saudi Arabia in order to gain popularity and to be the well-known restaurant there.

Products and Services:

Alfanar Restaurant for Local and Global Food is going to offer different kinds of food that vary between Eastern and Western food. The restaurant provides two menus for the clients; one of them contains the Eastern foods such as, Saudi Machbous, Kabsa, Balaleet, Ghuzi and other kinds of Eastern food. On the other hand, the second menu contains Western food such as, Pizza, Grilled Chicken, Spaghetti, Burger, Italian Pasta, Beef Piccata, Chicken Alfredo and others. Regarding the service of the restaurant, it offers a great, well-trained waiters staff and chefs. The restaurant offers a welcome soup for the gests that offered freely without being paid. Home delivery is a service that is provided be the restaurant for its customers in order to deliver the food for the people to their homes if they do not want to go to the restaurant.

Management and Key Personnel:

Management is the image of the restaurant therefore, the strategic plan of the restaurant focuses on providing the best managers to control the movement inside and outside the restaurant. Managers are divided into categories, some of them are responsible for the waiters and the complains of the gests, others are responsible for the staff that is responsible for the cleanliness of the restaurant, others are responsible for the home delivery department, and others are responsible for the financial department in there. These divisions are made to facilitate the management of the restaurant and to deliver the gests the best services and products. Management the place is important in any project because people take the first impression on the place through the managerial aspect.

Target Market and Marketing Strategy:

In this project, the target market of the restaurant will be the Saudi community. All the concerns will focus on the methods of providing the best services and products that meet the culture of the Saudi community and its taste. This research paper puts an accurate marketing strategy for the restaurant, which starts with the prices and the quality of food, as they are the main points that the citizen of Jeddah consider. The restaurant provides a high quality food with different types in low prices regarding the other restaurants.

The “Alfanar Restaurant for Local and Global Food” will be established in “Mall of Arabia” which is one of the most well-known mall in Jeddah. This location helps the restaurant to gain a publication in a short time due to the high percentage of Saudi people who visit the mall.

The restaurant will print fliers to be distributed among people in the mall and outside it to gain more popularity among Saudi people. Offers and competitions are going to be placed in the marketing strategy of the restaurant that help in attracting people, gaining more profits for the restaurant, and obtaining popularity that may lead to create a brand for the restaurant. All these aspects will help in achieving the target of the restaurant in the Saudi market.

Design and Development and Operation Plan:

Saudi Arabia tries hard to become one of the most powerful and touristic countries in the world. Therefore, it concerns about providing the best designs and new shapes buildings in order to enhance its image and to attract people from all over the world. Saudi Arabia concentrates on the future plans for 2030 that will make it the most attractive country in the world and as a result of that it will gain huge profits for the country.

For that, the “Alfanar Restaurant for Local and Global Food” will focus on designing the building of the restaurant in a new technique that will attract people to it. This is will happen through dividing the restaurant into two areas, one of them will take the Eastern atmosphere with its Arabian seats and decorations that enters the customer into the old Arabian atmosphere. On the other area, it will take the Western atmosphere with its simple seats and decorations that will take the customers to the European culture. This will help in creating new ideas to be made in other projects that will lead in developing the image of the Saudi community around the world.

Major Risk Factors and Exit Strategy:

Each strategic plan should put into consideration the risk factors that may confront a project. This is to maintain a strong foundation for the project and to secure it from being totally loss. Therefore, in this strategic plan for the “Alfanar Restaurant for Local and Global Food”, the aspect of risk are mentioned and some techniques are created to preserve the project.

The location of the restaurant may be caused major risk for it, because it will establish among other old and well-known restaurant that may lead to the loss of the project. For that, the aspect of attraction should be stressed on and strengthen in order to guarantee the success of the place. Moreover, the first year of any project is the most minimal year in profits, thus the project should maintain a good financial part in order to serve the needs of the restaurant in the first year.

Restaurant Feasibility Study

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