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Importance of Reading in Early Years

Importance of Reading in Early Years

Malcom X is a good example of the need for the reading in our life today. Malcom X believes that the education and reading make people live a better life. Reading and numeracy are very important in life today. In the past they were very important also, but not much people have got this privilege. Life was difficult and the people could not learn due to money problems. Now, in our civilized and more developed world, there is still a great need for reading. The people need to be soundly founded in order to become leaders, inventors, and literates. Malcolm X was a great man in a time of darkness, discrimination and wrong perceptions. He had a very bad life, but he was very determined to learn to read and write. If Malcolm X were alive today, he would still value reading because it is important, creates good living, increases person's value, a way for befriending books, develops skills and creates a good social life.

Realizing the Importance of Reading:

The first reason why Malcolm would insist on reading is his persistence and eagerness to self-learning. Malcolm X's life could have taken a wrong direction, but he decided to be a better man after he went to the prison. He wanted to change his life and to succeed. In the prison, he started a strong struggle to become a reader. X, in his book "Prison Studies, "said "I should try to improve my penmanship" (3).He added "Finally the dictionary's A section had filled a whole tablet—and I went on into the B's" (4). Malcolm identified his goal and moved towards it throughout the years he spent in the prison.

Reading Would Make a Person Live Good:

The second reason why Malcolm would go on reading is his effective deal with different requirements in life. He has the ability to educate himself despite of the main challenges that may face him. Malcolm's relationship with reading is more than education as it exceeded this limit and became a passion for knowledge. X mentioned that "when [lights out] came, I would sit on the floor where I could continue reading in that glow" (13). His passion for knowledge made him read until a very late hour and he never cared. He was very hungry to reading and to know further information about the outside world. He never stopped as said "Every time I catch a place, I have with me a book that I want to read" (16). He never let a chance without reading and acquiring more knowledge.

Reading Could Increase a Person's Value:

The third reason why Malcolm would go on reading is that reading in early years is gaining more importance in our developed world. Stockar confirms that "learning to read is also learning to communicate." In our globalized world, people from different parts of the world can communicate. This can only be successful if they really know about each other. Reading makes this possible. Malcolm was a social and highly charismatic person who liked to know others and speak to them. That is why he would appreciate reading in our world today. He would need it to know about other people and their problems.

Reading Is a Way for Befriending Books:

The fourth reason why Malcolm would go on reading is the wide knowledge. Books and magazines provide a great opportunity in over to increase the knowledge of people. Malcolm said, "Anyone who has read a great deal can imagine then new word that opened". Reading plays an important role to increase information about different fields in life. Reading can open the door before realizing the world from another side. Literacy helps to read correctly, write efficiently and provide a critical view about many fields in our life. Reading in early years manages to increase the thinking ability of people. Careful reading of books can help to have values and ethics more than image and TV effects.

Reading Could Develop the Different Personal Skills:

The fifth reason why Malcolm would go on reading is the development of the skills of children. According to Denise von Stockar, "True literacy, objective of wise teaching, depends as a matter of fact on quite some other skills very often neglected, especially in the school scenario". Literacy has a great advantage as it can teach the children the methods of reading and writing different education tools. Parents may help their children through the use of books and magazines to read and write. Through this method, the mental and the psychological skills of the children will be developed and improved.

Reading Means a Good Social Life:

The final reason why Malcolm would go on reading is that reading can help to have a perfect social life. Malcolm said " I knew right there in prison that reading had changed forever the course of my life". This means that reading has a great role to change the thinking skills of people. Books are available in different places in the world. Books can help to have information so that you use them to have good social life. Books help to maintain a good health, and living longer. Literacy may have ethics and values that are not available in different methods of education.


Finally, Malcolm X would have the same passion for reading he had in the past. He knew that he lacked education and he worked so hard to change this. This developed with time and became a relationship of love between him and knowledge. He would still have the same desire to know to read and write because he would want to know about people in different countries around the world. Besides, literacy helps to have more knowledge and information about many fields in life. Literacy can develop the mental thinking of people. It helps to develop and improve a happy life for the readers. Books will remain the main source of reading and education regardless of the current and future development in different information sources.

Importance of Reading in Early Years

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