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Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet

Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet

No wonder that Social Media and internet in general are now part of our lives. You cannot think about living a day without checking your mail, Facebook, twitter or any other online media. Here the comparison is all about seeing the advantages and disadvantages of each side. Since you are connected to internet, there are advantages and disadvantages. The advantages can be mentioned in the point that you are trying to get yourself acknowledged with the latest updates around the world. From the moment you are online, many things around you happen; updates, notifications, social media news, celebrity’s news and world news. You are acquainted to your family and friends. 

The more you are using online services for entertaining, the more you are losing your time. Time is gold. In addition, you are sitting all the time on your chair. If there is no time for you to practice any kind of sport, you will end up with obesity. In addition, you lose your abilities to communicate with people around you. You get used to the fact is anything can be told in an SMS, tweet or Facebook post which means you create a virtual world of your own.


Online services have come a long way to get us obsessed and controlled. Online service include many types. There are the media services, mails, social networking, games, news, celebrities, etc… no matter your age; you still can make use of any of these services. The internet is now part of your life. In USA, Barak Obama has offered the Congress a new Law to consider Interest services as a utility like Water and Electricity. This means you and me are getting connected a way or another. Your life is almost based on technology and fast moving attributes. Everything is now synced into cloud servers. Your data are collected and you are not more exposed to hackers and intelligence units more than ever. Online service in general are very useful. You have nothing against them. 

However, the individual is the one to use properly or mistakenly. Speaking about the advantages and disadvantages of the online services in general and social media in particular will lead to real and detailed comparison about ways any individual use them. In the next few passages, a clear comparison shall be conducted to mention the differences and similarities, advantages and risks of using the internet. In addition, the comparison is ringing the bells towards the privacy concerns and how you are monitored online the more you are connected and using mobiles, computers and any ready-to-go-online gadget.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Internet:

The Internet is for sure a grand and stunning expansion in our lives. The Internet can be known as a sort of worldwide meeting spot where individuals from all parts of the world can meet up. It is an administration accessible on the PC, through which everything under the sun is currently at the fingertips of any individual who has admittance to the Internet. On the other hand, Social media are turning into a critical intermediary for association between governments, governments and subjects, and legislative organizations and organizations. This is because of the novel qualities of social media: openness, investment, and imparting. Then again, in spite of quick reception, a developing concern and doubt with respect to the utilization of social media exists in general society segment.

Advantages of The Internet:

Advantage #1: Emails:

An online correspondence framework. With email, you can send and get moment electronic messages, which works like composing letters. Your messages are conveyed in a flash to individuals anywhere on the planet, dissimilar to conventional mail that takes a ton of time.

Advantage #2: Searching for Information:

The Internet is a virtual fortune of data. Any sort of data on any subject under the sun is accessible on the Internet. The 'web search tools' on the Internet can help you to discover information on any subject that you require.

Advantage #3: Shopping:

Alongside getting data on the Internet, you can likewise shop on the web. Numerous online stores and locales can be utilized to search for items and purchase them utilizing your Visa. You do not have to go out and can do all your shopping from the accommodation of your home.

Advantage #4: Online Chatting / Making Friends:

There is also the free websites that you can use to make new friendships from different countries. Of course, this is very helpful to globalization because you are now closer to others that before. We no longer live isolated.

Advantage #5: Downloads:

Now with the internet, you have full access with higher speeds than before to services and products that offer downloads; free and paid to use it for your daily work. This is also part of the great advantages or the internet.

Advantage #6: Affordable and Easy Education:

The Internet has turned into a vital propagator of information, both through free and additionally paid administrations. The validity of this manifestation of instruction and whether it is sheltered, secure, and reliable, is generally demonstrated through the quality and legitimacy of substance exhibited by every site. The World Wide Web has turned into an amazing street for the scholastically unprivileged, to gather more prominent information and skill on subjects.

Advantage #7: Entertainment:

One of the preeminent reasons why individuals are keen on surfing the Web. Truth be told, the Internet has increased much accomplishment by promoting for a few multifaceted diversion commercial enterprises. Discovering the most recent redesigns about big names and investigating way of life sites have ended up normal exercises of numerous Internet customers.

Advantage #8: E-Commerce Using Online Services:

Various fiscal administrations, we can perform all our money related exchanges on the web. We can book tickets for a motion picture, exchange trusts, pay service bills and charges without needing to leave our homes or workplaces. Travel sites for occasion, offer speedy booking plans and arrangement schedules according to the inclination of their customers. E-Commerce is utilized for all kind of business managing that includes the exchange of cash through the Internet. Online exchange of cash has turned into the standard with a wide range of business. E-trade, with its endless reach over a mixture of items and administrations, makes it conceivable to have the customer's requests conveyed at their doorsteps. Sites, for example, eBay permit clients to offer, purchase and even closeout items on the web.

Disadvantages and Privacy Concerns about the Internet:

The privacy issues at play with the coming of social media sites incorporate social profiling, digital stalking, outsider revelation of individual data, area divulgence, and digital harassing and trolling. Clients of social media sites, in the same way as Facebook, unknowingly have a tendency to dole out a considerable measure of their own data on the Internet, unless they are amazingly specific about their privacy settings. Facebook and Twitter Inc. have ended up immensely mainstream amongst clients, who every now and again redesign statuses and tweet about their area and individual lives. No matter what are your online behaviors, you will remain vulnerable to viruses and spamming, malware attacks and several breaches. Below are some of the Privacy concerns of using online services:

Disadvantage #1: Spamming:

Sending undesirable messages, which fill no need and unnecessarily deter the PC framework. Such illicit exercises can be exceptionally baffling as it makes it slower to get to our email records and makes the whole administration untrustworthy for customers. Spammers for the most part utilize bots that shell the recipient with an unending line of promotions. This can end up being progressively confounding, as it continues being blended with our more imperative messages.

Disadvantage #2: Malware Threats:

A standout amongst the most irritating issues with the Internet is the simplicity with which any malware can contaminate our PCs. Web clients are frequently tormented by infection assaults that mischief their PCs and essential documents. Infection projects are unnoticeable and may be enacted just by clicking an apparently innocuous connection. PCs joined with the Internet are to a great degree inclined to IP focused on infection assaults that may wind up slamming the framework totally.

Disadvantage #3: Personal Information Theft:

Whether you utilize the Internet for internet keeping money, social networking or different administrations, you may hazard a robbery to your own data, for example, name, location, charge card number and so forth. Individuals can get to this data through unsecured associations or by planting programming and after that utilization your own points of interest for their profit. Obviously, this may arrive you in a bad position.

Disadvantage #4: Spying and Monitoring:

Determining your location has never been easier. While you are happy that your friends can see you location gradually, others are even happier to monitor you. You are not alone anymore. Every cellphone and internet wires can lead to your location even if you tried to use mask to hide yourself; you are still exposed as long you have anything in your pocket or hand and it is connected to the internet.


Finally, the internet is now a business tool; believe it or not. You cannot just pass a day without checking your emails, unless you are prisoned or banished. However, there are potentials and severe dangers surrounding you while being online. There are services that help you to stay masked online through giving you options to reroute your physical IP address. Still you can be in danger. Nothing can change the fact that online services and internet have been helpful for our daily tasks. They remain also vulnerable to other malicious purposes that can affect your life.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet

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