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Coca-Cola Advertising Strategy Example

Coca-Cola Advertising Strategy Example

Client Problem or Opportunity:

Having a powerful coordinated marketing communications method and productively to execute it is one of the necessities for organizations in a cutting edge business world without which the chances for organization's long haul development will be traded off. To be effective the segments and all components of advertising battles, including pictures, writings sound and feature materials need to be powerful. Advertising fights launched and led by Coca Cola has a scope of goals to accomplish that incorporate empowering a preferring for Coca Cola, expanding transient deals, shaping purchaser conduct and others. The assessment of media advertising battles directed through the web, then again is led by application an alternate scope of appraisal devices, for example, the aggregate number of interesting guests to the site, length of visit to the site, characteristic web index results, paid web search tool results, and others.

Communication Objectives:

The campaign objectives are somehow to be reflecting at the end in the revenues and budget things for any company. For coca cola, the company is always looking for talented and inspirational marketers who always inspired the people like "share a coke" campaign and "open for happiness" campaign. To carefully state the objectives of any campaign, there must be a reasons why this campaign is made in the first place. So my idea about the campaign is (Coke for Qatar 2022). It is related to a specific region and particularly in the GCC and Middle East. People are excited in the Arabic about the FIFA world cup which will be held in Qatar by the year of 2022. Sure it will be a limited campaign which is targeting a specific period of time. But it can start distributing after the end of the Russian World Cup in 2018. Selling branded coke with the theme of Qatar’s upcoming world cup will definitely lead to more sales in the first place. Same like what happened with the campaign of written names on the coke cans, this campaign will also be inspirational to the people in the Middle East, Arabs, GCC states and Qatar in particular:

1- Increasing the revenues.

2- Increasing the love of the brand

3-  Becoming the GCC and Middle East most admired brand of coke over other competitors including Pepsi Co.

Target Market/ Audience Analysis:

Speaking about the target market, GCC and Middle East, North Africa and Qatar in particular. The customers in target will be the football fans. It is well known for all that the aforementioned areas are football admirers. Anything related to football will definitely work with as a charm. In other words, analysis the audience will be any age group starting from 12 years old till any limit. Football does not know any age limit. Talking to the youth will be very effective through the TV advertisement as well as the radio ads. Considering some history of Qatari football and their old and recent achievement in the national, international and intercontinental challenges can be an asset while making the advertisements. A draw system can speak to youthful in nation and corporate picture of organization can be changed by a craftsmanship sponsorship. This can be attained to by illuminating its name and a best vocalist can be supported for these targets. Youngsters in Qatar can perceive the organization because of its brands, which are strong to create the rock scenes better than already. 

Coca Cola is well known among the guys because of its game sponsorships. The thought behind the sponsorship is to approach the vast gatherings of people amid the games occasions in nation. Football matches are the headliners in Qatar for the every one of the 12 months and Coca Cola can increase its promoting fight. Pennants are valuable set on the entryways or doors of the stadiums or play areas. A push system is more helpful to draw in the youthful grown-ups. By the across the board battle on TV youthful crowd can get to be more responsive towards the Coca Cola's brands. The TV crusade or publicizing is a savvy way and gives a chance to focus on crowd to secure a relationship with backers and projects. Another can be diffused by the film buildings. Film is a spot where focused on gathering of people are in a best approach with the sort of the film picked there.

Campaign Big Idea:

The big idea of the campaign is touching the hearts of football fans in the GCC area and their excitement about the upcoming Qatari hosted FIFA world cup in 2022. It will stir emotions of many Arabs who are excited to see this big venue to be hosted in an Arabic country. It is expected to grab the attention of more fans, even more fans than the other region targeted campaigns. Football is the happiness recipe for Middle Eastern, North African and Arabs. So the campaign theme will be Coke for Qatar 2022.

It is supposed to make extra revenues. It is related to a specific region and particularly in the GCC and Middle East. People are excited in the Arabic about the FIFA world cup which will be held in Qatar by the year of 2022. Sure it will be a limited campaign which is targeting a specific period of time.

Media Recommendations:

The targeted media recommendation will be as stated before the TV and Radio ads. It will have the sports theme and spirit whenever it is broadcasting with a whistling and football sounds in the background. Such ads are very enthusiastic. The TV ads as well as the radio are the most convenient ways in marketing for a campaign especially if it is talking about specific purpose; football. Cinemas banners are another solution.

Banners are taking into account the same subjects demonstrated at TVs. Banners set on general society transport are great method for publicizing on the grounds that transports are seen by most of the individuals, particularly understudies who make a trip to their colleges. Stadiums are the spots where the banners are shown amid the games occasions in real urban areas where the matches will be played. An alternate way is website is the principle wellspring of the internet promoting and redesigns about the brands, costs and new advancements can be gotten to through the sites. Screen savers, amusements and different downloads about the Coca Cola brands are accessible from the Coca Cola sites.

Advertising Budget:

For the budget, the campaign will cost over than one million Qatari Riyal. There are several reasons why and how this budget will be used. In terms of publication and spreading around the GCC area and North Africa during and before the venue starting. This budget is not very big but it will serve the most of campaign’s objectives. There will extra channels for the advertising. The social media like Facebook, twitter and Instagram will cost money. The magazines and newspapers are another channel to spend money of the budget. The cinemas and theatres are also included in the budget. All these channels are capable of capturing the attention of many audiences so they can go and grab a coke. The budget will also include promotional offers like spreading and distributing free coca cola at the gates of stadiums at every match in the hosting country, Qatar.

Timing of the Advertising Campaign:

The campaign shall start gradually in spreading and publication through the above mentioned channels in order to grab the most potential customers’ attention in the beginning. The campaign will start by 3 months before the start of the biggest championship on earth. The hosting of world cup in an Arabic country will definitely enjoy a high demand on soft drinks because you’re in an Arabic country with hot weather and nonalcoholic as well. This means there will be huge demand on the soft drinks. The competition with other admired brands like Pepsi will be extremely hard because Pepsi has another piece of the cake. Coca Cola campaign will remain a secret recipe so it will surprise. The timing should also be considered to be before the launch of the competitors’ advertising campaigns.

Differentiation from Competitors:

The competition is expected to very fierce with the same companies in the same field. Pepsi is the main competitor in the region. The difference between Coca Cola and others will remain in the brand and the love of it. The cans and bottles will have the name and flag of the state of Qatar. It will also has the faces of the Qatari National team players which is extra benefit in selling because the fans will be devoted to buy the bottle that carries his/her favorite player.

Coca-Cola Advertising Strategy Example

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