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How to Play Bowling Game

How to Play Bowling Game

Bowling is one of the popular sports in the world and a lot of people whether they are amateurs or professionals enjoy playing it and have fun. In addition, it is known by the name “tenpins”. Furthermore, one person or more can practice it as this is considered as a great advantage. On the other hand, bowling is a kind of sport that is played by many people from all the ages and they follow its news and champions whether on TV or on social websites. In different ways, bowling is played with calmness and tranquility. It doesn’t involve chaos or huge crowds shouting. Since you could practice it inside your house, you don’t have to encounter the risks of bad weather like other sports you could play such as football and baseball. Furthermore, it doesn’t need a lot of fitness and health in order to practice as all you need is a strong arm. It is also suitable for all ages and it encourages friends to have fun together and enjoy their leisure time. If you are staying alone, you could play it individually instead of feeling bored. Like other activities, bowling has a lot of benefits and experts and sportsmen recommend you to play it especially if you need to get your body in shape and increase your fitness. It permits both hands and feet to stretch which could offer high levels of exercising for muscles in these organs.

All Types of Bowling:

We must take in consideration that there are two types of bowlers: one of them is the amateur one who goes with his friends to any club and spend a good time having fun while the other one is the competitor or the professional one who take parts in real matches and competitions. We have all to admit that we practiced bowling in a certain moment of our lives as it is easy and doesn’t need a great strength. Actually, all you have to do is bend to take the ball then walk and throw it to make the pins fall. In fact, you don’t have to feel embarrassed if you play the sport in this way as this is the way bowling alleys use in order to increase their income and this is the method a lot of people play it in order to have fun and enjoy their leisure time.

As for the professional ones, they could range between participants who play in adult leagues once and a while and Jason Belmonte who is regarded as one of the most amazing players of the sport in the whole world who travels more than ten months in the entire year in order to practice between thirty and eighty sports monthly. On the contrary, there is a slight difference between bowlers like Jason Belmonte and participants in adult leagues: the first type depends on the sport in order to be able to bring home the bacon for his family and kids while the second type plays the sport just for entertainment and amusement.

Equipment Used to Play Bowling Game:

Bowling is a sport which is practiced by many people through international countries. When players practice the sport, they try to score the highest points through throwing a ball on a flat lane in order to make objects called pins to fall down and that’s how the team wins.

As a matter of fact, there are a lot of types of bowling but the most popular one is called tenpin bowling. In this type, pins are put at the finish of a lane whose length is sixty feet. The number of pins is ten and is normally fabricated from polyester or polyurethane. Normally, the match is divided into three sets as every set has ten rounds while the sport takes place between two individuals or two opponent teams.

Like other sports and sports such as tennis and baseball, bowling needs a lot of tools and equipment in order to be practiced and played perfectly. In fact, the normal equipment is very cheap and anyone could afford their price while the good made ones cost a lot of money because they have high quality. As for the normal players, they can rent equipment at the bowling alleys or clubs.

In order to play bowling, you will need the following equipment and tools:

First: balls: balls used in bowling are made of rubber, plastic or urethane or mixture between these equipment. As for tenpin balls, they contain three holes: one for the ring and the middle finger and the third one for the thumb.

Second: bags: as they will provide your balls with protection so that you don’t lose them or find them scratched.

Third: accessories: tools for maintenance of pins, towels, gloves, tools for cleaning pins and wrist grip sacks and supports.

Fourth: clothes: bowling games are usually played in centers full of air conditioners and that means that it could be played indoor and players could wear casual clothes.

Fifth: shoes: players can’t wear wide shoes and the sole has to be smooth.

If we compare between operators of bowling centers and normal bowling players, we will find that the first ones use different equipment. For bowling centers, all they have to care about is the bowling alleys as they need different equipment which demand regular maintenance and performance.

Bowling Alleys Equipment:

First: lanes: lane is a long surface where bowling ball is thrown in order to drop the pins. In order to form a lane whose length is seventy five feet and width is three point five feet long boards made of wood are connected together. The wooden lanes are very smooth and need cleaning, maintenance and polishing once and a while.

Second: machines for bowling: they are considered as equipment used in order to put and organize the pins when they fall.

Third: retriever: it is a device used in order to get the ball back near the player after every shot and it comes back through a tunnel to arrive at the beginning line.

Fourth: area of players: there are machines used to sort balls. There is also a hand dryer that could be designed at the ball sorter. In addition, monitors and computers are used in order to show the players their scoring. Players could have the ability to own seats and tables in order to rest or take a break. Beside the seats, we could find a rack with excessive number of bowling balls.

Major Rules of Bowling Game:

In order to be able to play the sport like experts, you have to know the rules, laws and regulations. Here are them:

1- The Equipment and the Lane: 

The field in bowling is a lane whose length is sixty feet starting from the foul line reaching to the head pin as this distance is forty two inches wide. On the other hand, there are gutters on both sides of the gutters.

If the ball gets out of the lane, it will fall in the gutter and then carried away from the pins. As for the approach, it is an area with length of fifteen feet that finishes at the foul line. As for the player, he is not allowed to step on the line which is sixty feet behind the headpin. On the other side, the pins are organized in four rows according to the following arrangement: four pins in the fourth row, three pins in the third, two pins in the second and one pin in the first row.

Their numbers are from one to ten and they don’t have determined numbers but the place in which they are set has. As for the regulation pin, it is fabricated of tough maple and its height is fifteen inches. In addition, its diameter is two and quarter inches at the base and a perimeter of fifteen inches at its broadest point. The weight of the balls must range between three pounds, three pounds and six ounces as well as 10 ounces.

On the other hand, the regulation ball is made of solid and has a perimeter of no more than twenty seven inches. It is also weighs between ten and sixteen pounds. The ball could comprise three holes or two but the majority of players use the ball with three holes in which they put their two middle fingers and the thumb. Furthermore, you can’t wear your regular shoes when you play bowling as they could destroy the lanes. If you use your right hand in playing, you could wear a left shoe with a slippery sole that is made of hard leather or vinyl as in addition to a right shoe made of rubber that will help the player to brake if he is going to fall.

2- Progress of Playing: 

The sport consists of ten frames as each frame shows one turn for the bowler and the player has the ability in each turn to throw the ball twice. The throw is called a strike when the player makes all the ten pins fall from the first throw. On the other hand, the throw is named a spare when the player makes all the ten pins fall from the first and the second throw.

What’s more, the throw is considered open frame when the pins are still standing after the second throw. When the player steps on the foul line, it counts as a foul and a shot has to be played in addition to the pins which fell as they have to be placed without counting. In the case of the fall of pins from one ball that entered the gutter or from a ball which are bounced off the cushion, they don’t count and have to be reorganized again.

3- Methods of Bowling Lanes:

A- You have to wait for the player on your right hand to throw his ball if both of you are playing at the same time.

B- Stay behind your mate while he throws the ball.

C- Make the ball trapped to your lane only.

D- Concentrate on the foul line even in normal play.

E- You have to play fairly.

F- You must not practice the sport wearing normal shoes like sneakers.

G- You must not use other balls of other players unless you ask them first.

H- You have to be careful while talking and not say bad words or get in fight with other players because you have to show them respect. Ninth: get ready when your turn comes.

Objective of Bowling Game:

The objective of bowling is to score points as you possibly could. Once you have the highest score between other players, you are the winner of the sport.

In the open frame, the player wins the sport foe the number of the pins he make drop or fall. When he plays a spare throw, a mark is written in a small square on the upper hand angle of that frame on the screen of scores and no score is added till the first ball in the next frame is thrown. What’s more, the winner takes points for ten plus the number of pins which fall with the throw of the next ball.

For instance, the player throws a spare in the first frame and while he throws the first ball of the second frame, he make seven pins fall. Then, the first frame earns seventeen points. In the case of the existence of the fall of three pins, nine pins are added to make a total of twenty six in the second frame.

When the player throws a strike, it is written with an x in the small square and the scoring is ten plus the whole number of pins which fall in the following two throws. Therefore, the player who throws three strikes in a row in the first three frames receives thirty points in the first frame. On the other hand, the perfect sport of bowling contains twelve strikes in a row with total of one hundred and twenty pins fallen.

So, the question here is why twelve strikes instead of ten? The answer is because when the player receives a strike in the last frame, his scoring can’t be registered till he throws two more balls. The same goes with the player who throws a spare in the last frame as he needs to throw one more ball before registering the final score.

Health & Emotional Benefits of Bowling Game:

Bowling like any other sport has a lot of advantages and benefits for all the people who practice it. In fact, you have to take in consideration that a small amount of exercising will not hurt you. Actually stretching your body will help your muscles get stronger and will make them avoid injuries or wounds. As for league bowlers, they have a normal system of warming up and exercise in order to keep their play strong and stable. Like all the exercises, stretching is amazing for both your body and the brain.

On the other side, one of the benefits of bowling is that it is easy for all people from different ages and levels of fitness and health as it doesn’t need a lot of strength or power in order to play. Both five and ten pins own various competitions. As a matter of fact, five pins that your throw three easier balls in each frame while ten pins you throw twice one stronger ball. Whilst you walk, a lot of bowling five pins you get a powerful strength rolling between twelve and sixteen pounds for balls. Meanwhile, bowling is an organized system of physical exercises, of organization in both the approach and the way of controlling the ball. As a matter of fact, bowling could decrease the amount of calories while enjoying time and having fun. According to your weight whether you are fat or thin and according to the amount of effort you exert, a match of bowling could be able to burn between one hundred and sixty and three hundred calories based on the way of challenge you have against your opponents. Bowling is a controlled form of exercise, control in the approach, control in how the ball.

In addition, bowling is a great chance for you to make new friends, meet new people and make new relationships. It is considered as a new method to create healthy relations with open-minded people. Changes in life arrive to the world and the field of friendship too. As well as assisting you in order to stay healthy, bowling is a great sport to get in touch and in contact with people.

There is no doubt that the person could have fun whilst having the ability to keep a good life such as bowling. Despite the fact that it is an easy sport, there is a huge risk in a slow paced more organized sport. Similarly to other sports, in order to be able to practice the sport well and become a professional player as well as enjoying the sport, you must play more than once a week.

As for more normal players, the advantages of the sport appear in enjoying playing with family and friends in addition to laughter as it is very good for changing the mood and releasing the stress out. Therefore, if you want to have fun, you must play bowling because it will help you in getting your body in shape as well as getting in touch with people.

Comparing Bowling Game and Volleyball:

Bowling has turned out to be one of the most notable sports in the world and in order to be an expert in playing it; you have to follow the laws and rules, which apply, to any one without taking in consideration his style of play. The main pillars of the sport are the way you stand, the way to approach and the way you throw the ball perfectly. Although learning the rules are very simple, it takes a lot of time in order to do the moves in a right way. In fact, one of the mistakes a lot of beginners do while playing is ignoring the main rules and playing with the way they feel that it is right in order to get high scores.

On the other hand, there is a difference between bowling and other sports like volleyball. While bowling needs pins, lanes, balls and gutters, volleyball requires a net, round ball and a wide playfield in order to play the sport. Furthermore, bowling could be practiced individually or by team groups while volley ball has to be practiced between two teams as each team consists of six players. In volleyball, when the ball doesn’t go back over the net, the opponent team wins a point. At the end of winning the ball back from the opponent team, every player rotates one position clockwise. This rotation is considered as a special design of the sport and it means that all players have to play in both the front and back lines. The team wins the set through scoring twenty five points with a lead of two points and wins the match by scoring three sets.


To sum up, bowling is a great sport which is practiced by a lot of people in the whole world. It gained its popularity because it is simple, easy and quick and doesn’t require a lot of strength in order to be played. Besides, all people from different ages have the ability to play it regardless their style or fitness. Therefore, I recommend all the readers to start playing it because it will make their arm muscles and feet stronger as well as protecting their body from injuries and wounds.

How to Play Bowling Game

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