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Ooredoo Organizational Structure, Management Strategy & SWOT

Ooredoo Organizational Structure, Management Strategy & SWOT

Ooredoo company was first established in Kuwait as the main country then it expanded to acquire QTEL, the national Qatari telecommunication company and landline provider. It was established in 1999. In 2007, Qatar Telecom (QTEL) acquired 51% of Wataniya in Kuwait and from here started the expansion.

Ooredoo Company Organizational Structure:

The Chairman of the group is HH Sheikh Abdallah Bin Mohamed Bin Saud Al Thane with his Deputy Chairman H.E. Ali Shareef Al Emadi. The board of directors consist of extra 8 members besides the chairman and the deputy. They are giving the best management experience which is clear in their leadership and understanding to the markets they operate in and the regions they offer their services.

Ooredoo Company Management Strategy:

Ooredoo company share a vison of enriching the customers with their needs and desires whenever it is possible according to the values and laws. They have been serving for few decades so far and they’re doing fine in acquiring new markets. They are leaders of the service in Qatar. They control the market. Ooredoo company names means I WANT in Arabic which reflects the customer experience focus of the company towards its customers. They tend to offer the best rates in the region in terms of service while giving the best quality of service as well. Continuous offers and promotions through their unique campaigns. They are truly focused on the customer service experience to their customers in all touch points.

Ooredoo Company SWOT Analysis:


Ooredoo is a having a good infrastructure that makes it the leading in the Qatari market when it is all about internet speeds and voice service. They are having fast network, reliable access to the internet. Ooredoo company is also ways looking for the advancement and they are not settled at only one stage. They seek to me an admired brand. They are the market leaders. They have excellent organizational structure with extraordinary plans and strategy.


The profitability can be very low in the future because of the high demand and competition is very close while having small business units in the partnership in countries like Bosnia & Herzegovina and Maldives.


Growing economy is here with new acquisitions. There are always new products and service. Ooredoo seeks and approaches new markets. The income is increasing which can be seen as a new expanding and more customers mean more revenues and profitability.


There are few drawbacks and threats like the increasing and rising cost of materials and wages. There are possible external risks like any natural catastrophes that may destroy the infrastructure. The growing competition of a company such as Vodafone for example is very close.


To sum up, Ooredoo is a growing company that can do more in the future. They have good management with clear vision. They are doing their role in helping the society. It is a dream of anyone to start working for immediately because of the good environment you can find when you start working for them.

Ooredoo Organizational Structure, Management Strategy & SWOT
Ali Badr
By : Ali Badr
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