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Small Restaurant Business Plan Example

Small Restaurant Business Plan Example

Juve restaurant is a new opening restaurant in Doha, Qatar. It is located in Alwaab road where there is high traffic and high demand on foods and other things. The place is decorated in an Italian design. However, it is pure Qatari atmosphere inside and essence. You can order your food takeaway or din in where you will find the most welcoming experience. You will be really happy to try their customer experience and fill their survey before you leave. They offer many recipes and cuisines. These cuisines include Turkish, Italian, Egyptian, Arabic, Hindi and Lebanese. The good thing about the restaurant is that they have a dedicated chef in charge of every cuisine because they tend to offer the best and unique tastes. The restaurant is offering a wide of different menus with extremely competitive prices. They tend to offer the best service in a good rates in order to increase their customers. Turkish and eastern desserts are included as well in order to be a complete restaurant. Juve restaurant is very promising and it is looking for expansion in the near future. However, it is still the sole branch in Doha.

Juve’s Mission and Vision:

Juve’s mission is very clear. They tend to deliver the best quality of service with a very friendly manner while keeping the positive and good looking of the welcoming waitresses. The management is very focused on how to satisfy their customers.

Their vision is to offer the best foods for the people of Qatar and to be the admired restaurant in the very first 6 months. In order to have these two things, mission and vision, done and elaborated, they are focusing on the below steps to maintain a good relationship with their customers. Making a splendid, novel and specials menu and additionally exciting that will be very surprising from whatever remains of contenders.

Juve's Management Style:

The management is the reason behind their innovation and focusing on the customer experience. In charge of the restaurant is Mr. Ali Alkuwari and he is owning a master in business administration. He has been in the market for 20 years. In the marketing, there is Mr. Ahmed Salem and he has been working in many notable and reputable companies in Kuwait and UAE. Mr. Karim in charge of accountancy and the other staff are ranged between chefs, waitresses, and cleaning staff. However, the chefs are well chosen from every specialization of the different cuisines.

Products and Services:

The restaurant is offering a wide range of different cuisines which is including the Italian, Turkish, Egyptian, Hindi, Lebanese and Arabic cuisines. The restaurant is offering Turkish, Arabic, and western desserts and sweets. The morning starts at 7 am with a unique breakfast offered to everyone till 11 am. It is a new service not found in many places except McDonalds. The best thing is that the restaurant has dedicated chefs per each cuisine.

Juve's Market Analysis:

Juve operates in a competitive market. However, it is full of options of different foods and choices. The management is discussing offering new and exclusive dishes soon. There are extra benefits offered to the regular customers like giving free meals when they order in the house or takeaway. Loyalty program for loyal customers where they accumulate points and can be replaced with meals and other services. Focusing on the marketing and customer satisfaction. The customer is always right. While doing the above, leadership is a must by the management in their place and neighboring areas.

Juve's SWOT Analysis:

1- Strength: Enough funds to start operating, excellent management, and talented chefs. Good marketing plan and spacious dinning yard.

2- Weakness: The only weakness is that the limited places in Doha since it is only one branch so far.

3- Opportunity: The chance to expand is very close and needed. To be number one in Doha and in Qatar generally is also available.

4- Threat: Higher wages of staff and increasing prices of materials and foods.


Juve is a promising restaurant in Doha. It has the best calibers in the market while offering the best choice and service for the customers. The restaurant is looking for expansion always. Their goal is to be on top of other restaurants in the area. The restaurant is having a space of 35 tables which is well enough to sustain the high demand.

Small Restaurant Business Plan Example
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