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Why Should One Be Creative Thinker

Why Should One Be Creative Thinker

No doubt, that creative mind exists in each one of us. However, only few individuals who can manage to discover their creativity skills and maintain them in a way or another. The importance creative mind owners is that they are unique. They tend to work around the places they inhabit either it is their homes or workplaces in a different ways. 

Unlike ordinary people, creative people think differently. They look at things in a strange way because they keep examining the things closely. There is a fact that creative minds can be seen crazy and unaccepted by the society. Just everything change when they succeed to prove their ideas. In fact, creative minds are important because of being associated with many sides in character, they approach the world in a new way and they solve people's different problems.

Being Associated with Many Character Sides:

Creativity is associated with the different sides of the individuals, not only to the genes. It deals with the nature of the individuals and their personal tends. Some situations prove my conception about creativity importance. For example, someday my car was broken down in the in front of the house. My young brother was insisting to repair it, but I disagreed. He tried to fix it without informing me. Two days later, he told me the truth, I tried to move it, and this worked successfully. Therefore, the matter of creativity is not related to age, gender, or genes, but it is related to someone who need to make a change on positive way.

Approaching the World in a New Way:

Creative minds approach the world in a new and unique way and this is very important. One of the situation that reminds me of how creative minds work is related to technology. The invention of credit cards and ATM machines for example is one instance of creativity. People before used to carry cash with them all the time. However, with the modern world, cash was changed into more digital world sequence. 

Such an important idea has facilitated the life of many people around the globe. It helped many people to prevent thefts and not to carry cash all the time. In addition, it facilitated many of the purchases and made online shopping become a real matter. You can also imagine how this helped in making online shopping easier and that many of people now prefer to examine their purchases carefully while reading reviews about the product as well before completing the purchase process.

Creative Minds Solve Problems:

Truly, creative minds tend to solve people problems and this proves the importance of creative minds. For example, American Express first issued credit cards in 1987 that allowed payers to make their purchases in order to pay along the months instead of buy by end of each month. This has led to major changes in finance and later it became very complicated that it has to run through different security levels. With the modern techniques of online marketing and purchases, hackers started to do their criminal work and to gain access individuals’ bank accounts and steal their money. 

However, security procedures are now very hard to break and the chances to break into banks accounts became very hard to acquire. Since then, creative minds could solve the issues and difficulties of people all the time. According to Nancy Andreasen, “creative people enjoy adventure, they like to explore, as they explore, they may push the limits of social conventions” (Andreasen, p. 263). This means that creative people work all the time to find a solution for different issues in life.


Creative minds are very important and rare in our world and this situation of credit cards is very similar to the article of Nancy Andreasen, the creative mind. Simply there are countless and similar situations where you can find every creative idea around you. Try to look at everything in your hand and think how it was first invented; you will end up understanding that we owe a lot to those creative minds and their ideas in facilitating our lives. We are very grateful for what they brought us and we assure creative minds importance. Creative minds are approaching the nature and the life scenarios in a different way and technique that we usually do not mind them. The world continues to reflect minds that are more creative every day and more inspiring ideas.

Why Should One Be Creative Thinker

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