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Amazon Shopping App Review

Amazon Shopping App Review

Naming of the App:

The selected shopping company is Amazon. It is serving in the US market with a large market share among the other alternative online seller. It is the best website to buy your things from the web. It has the safest and accurate delivery options. is offering an app that works with the two popular platforms; Android and iOS. The App carried the name of Amazon with the shopping cart as a logo. Definitely, it reflects the purpose and the name of the owning company. For any user who is surfing the Play store or App store, he/she will definitely recognize it.

Easiness of Finding the App in Google Play and App Store:

Definitely, it is easy to look for the application online. Simply, typing amazon only in the search bar will direct you the desired result. As for now, below are the links in order to find the application in the App store and the Google Play store. If you are an Apple iPhone/iPad user, go to this link. If you are an android user, click here. There is also a different way. If you are accessing the website from your phone, the website will offer you a better shopping through their app. Hence, you are redirected to your platform app market.

Popularity of the App:

According to the Play Store, the application is rated at 3.8 out of 5 stars. It is a very good percentage for any app on the Play Store. It also shows high download times, which is 2.622.480 downloads on Google Play only. The application is popular in the Play store but mostly in the US Play store because this application is region-based. According to the App Store, the download and installation times are not provided by the website or the iTunes.

Availability of Different Versions of the App:

Yes, there are two versions of the application. It can be found in the same markets as well. Since the tablets have different dimensions and resolutions, the smart developer in any company has to make a compatible version o f the same application for tablets as well. However, some superb developing application companies tend to have a sole app that can be used on any device; a phone or tablet.

App Availablitiy for Different Platforms:

There is a compatible version for Microsoft Windows. It can be found in the windows store. It is fully functional. However, it does not have the same rating and hits of downloads like App Store and Google Play Store.

Is the App User-Friendly?

According to a real experiment and personal use for the application, I rate it 3 stars. It is user friendly but it is somehow lagging in some aspects. Since installation, I received different updates for the Android version. It can say it is 70% user friendly. However, it is a promising application. Amazon is counting heavily on transitioning the shopping experience to the mobiles and tablets because of the massive increase of smartphones recently. 80% of the features you used to find it in the web version are typically existent in the mobile version.

Thinking of Four More Criteria:

a. The price: Is it a paid or freemium application?

- It’s a free application for all the platforms

b. Customer support?

- The customer support can be reached through the application, which facilitate the customer shopping experience if he/she is stuck at any point during the purchase of the aftersales.

c. Performance?

- The application is doing very well most of the time and 80% responsive. It can be working from 2.3 Android and higher. It can be installed to iPhones and iPads running iOS 7.0 or higher. It does not need high RAMs.

d. Looks and Sound?

- The Application is looking attractive and stylish. It does not support sound notifications but it supports silent push notifications that can help you to know the today’s deals and recommended deals based on your previous purchases and products browsing.

App Recommendation and Competitors:

I would pleasurably recommend this application for family, friends and workmates. The app is easy to use and very handy. You can definitely find anything you are looking for with few finger taps. As per the competition between Amazon and other applications like EBay, AliExpress and Flipkart (India-based), for me, the application records higher ranking in terms of availability, ranking, download times, user interface and user-friendly aspect.

Amazon Shopping App Review

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