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Obesity Definition, Causes, Health Risks and Solutions

Obesity Definition, Causes, Health Risks and Solutions

We face many diseases in our world that sometimes might be easily defeated and sometimes not. Such diseases are like blood pressure, heart diseases, back pain and ulcers. When we feel ill, we go to the doctor. After examinations and analysis, he tells us the main causes which made us ill and his diagnosis differs from a case to another. It might be a heart trouble, lumbers pain or high pressure. But let’s agree that in most cases he advices us saying “better to lose weight“. For this reason, many doctors from all over the world consider obesity and being fat as the most harmful diseases in general. As it’s mentioned in the statistic studies that millions suffer from obesity. It is thought that being fat makes you’re your life shorter by causing the diseases that we have just mentioned above.

Obesity Definition:

Too many definitions are used for obesity but leading to one meaning which is “the state of being above your normal weight. For example, some said that it is the state of being over 30 pounds. Others said that it is not a standard measure to define it as being over 30 pounds and they considered it is relevant to the height of body and so on. But I prefer to say the first.

Causes of Obesity:

1- Some Biological Causes:

After looking for the different causes of obesity, I found that these causes can be divided generally into biological and medical. As for the biological causes, there are some genetic factors that cause fatness. Genetic factors like slow metabolisms might make people overweight. Studies identified specific location on chromosomes that is related to the occurrence of fatness. While some studies found that the genetic factors have their considerable influences on BMI as well as obesity. On the other hand, a study approved that the physical activity can overcome the genetic factors.

2- Environmental Factors for Children:

Meanwhile, the environmental factors are less effecting in older children but in the younger children they are interacted perfectly with genetic. Also these genetics determine what number of fat cells that a person may has. But some other people actually are born with more cells. So we can say that we can control the diets of the genetic factors. 

3- The Leptin Hormone:

Also the appetite is one of the main factors that controls the obesity. The brain and gastro tract determine your appetite for eating. Biologically, our bodies produce a number of molecules which decreases or increases appetite. A hormone known as leptin does the same function also. Scientists believe that this hormone may be released in the stomach by cells plays an important role in keeping the resistance of insulin and the storing of fats in our bodies. The levels of leptin rise because of more storing cells of fat. In this case, you feel no hungry but if this leptin is not high, you will feel hungry. Then you will eat according to that feeling. This means that less liptin is hungrier. More hungry means eating much. Eating much means getting fatter and so on.

4- The Small Physical Activity:

Concerning the medical or the physical causes, there are some medical conditions that may have its role in being overweight. Doctors determine these conditions such as Hypothyroidism, genetic disorders and other medical cases that cause obesity. More of that, as we take medicines to recover there are still side effects that cause obesity like Corticosteroids and the some hormones for female. So we should take our doctors’ advice when taking any medicines. But it is discovered that staying at home and not walking too much increases the probabilities of obesity. This is because our bodies need specific amount of energy to act. When we do some kind of work or physically move the body, we burn calories which will make us fatter in case of being stored in our bodies.

5- Wrong Habits of People:

There are some habits people used to do in daily life which lead to the same result. These habits are like sleeping too much, watching TV for hours, eating deliveries, eating unhealthy food which contains too much salt or fats and drinking Pepsi and the like. In addition to that, people eat too more than the need. This food is full of fats and calories. All these fats and calories will be large portion that definitely causes obesity. People follow many bad habits when eating and do not care for what does it mean. Almost you find their food containing fewer nutritious ingredients but more fats. All these habits put our health into risk which means that we should be well acknowledged of healthy foods and goods habits before time is over.

Obesity Health Risks:

The effects and health risks of obesity influences individuals and society as well. And the bane will be shared from both. As for the public or individuals, it causes high pressure and then difficulties in breathing in bed time. It also causes heart disease and might damage both kidneys. It also affects the main joints in body like knees and shoulders. It also causes acid and ulcers. More of that it makes the most serious problems in stomach. It makes abdominal and pelvic problems and affects the urinary bladder badly. It also makes you feel depression and unwell to do anything and causes the abnormality of the menstrual period. It affects the marriage life and threatens stability between married couple cause it causes infertility. Dangerously, it affects the diabetes because it is much related to the rate of insulin in blood.

While concerning its effects on society, you might be demanded in any work upon your qualification but you, at the same time, are not suitable for this occupation. This is because of your obesity off course. The real disaster is that this might exceed to reach education, habits and so on. Thus you are excellent and required, but no acceptable. So, it is a double harmful. Moreover, this affects the social statue and income as well.

Obesity Solutions:

1- Eating Healthy Food:

Solutions are so easy but who cares? Firstly, eating good and healthy food that contains nutritious ingredients and free of fats is the first solution. Doing sports and exercises helps you in burning more calories that your body is not in need of it. On the other hand, it helps to enjoy good health and improves learning. In addition to that, making healthy diets is useful. 

2- Following a Diet Lifestyle:

The purpose is to promote fast loss of weight. Another kind of diet is the fad diet .it helps to lose pounds quickly and will be better to get used to it as a lifestyle. To lose weight is not easy. It is like a challenge. There are some things we can do to lose pounds but should be safe. We can determine how many calories we need every day to control it and to eat what’s enough for a day.

3- Eating Balanced Foods:

To follow a healthy food due to an organized plan is an important step. For example, we can diversify and balance food between vegetables, fruits and low fat food. Also we can wear hot dress that helps us burning fats. Some good drinks are affective to lose weight. We can change our bad eating habits. Some people prefer to go to Sauna in certain times weekly. 

4- Sleeping Enough:

Sleeping well also helps in losing weight. The right amount of sleeping should be between 6 to 8 hours only, not less and not more to make the body burn fats well. Besides, one should sleep early and wake up early. 

5- Doing a Physical Activity:

The aerobic activities are very useful also that help in burning calories. Swimming is one of the most effective solutions because burns calories incredibly. Some herbal medicines can be taken. Herbal medicines are very affective, useful and safe.


Thus, as it so clear that obesity, which can be defined as the state of being weight over the normal, is considered by many doctors as the big cause of many diseases. It causes the majority of diseases like back pain, high blood pressure and heart problems. People from all over the world should be acknowledged of that disease. As we mentioned that it affects both individuals and society. There are medical and biological causes for obesity. Biological causes are like the genetic factors mentioned above. The medical causes are like the side effects of some medicines. The solutions offered for the obesity are many. We have a good and healthy food to eat. We can do sports and sleep well. Also we can make fad diets and drink the very useful herbal medicines.

Obesity Definition, Causes, Health Risks and Solutions

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