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"Little Women" Summary, Characters & Analysis

Little Women Summary, Characters & Analysis

In "Little Women" story, Louisa May Alcott seemed to be a lifelong advocate for social reform, championing abolitionism and women’s rights. It is known that she spent most of her life as volunteer that she served as a nurse in the Civil War. later, she wrote one of the first memoirs in order to set the public’s attention to conditions in the military hospitals as well as the suffering that was incurred by the American soldiers.

"Little Women" Historical Context:

The American historical context in the little women is that Alcott seems not to be a big event in the nursing history. Her hopes seem not be important, like Florence Nightingale’s contemporaneous. Her service seemed not to be very common during the Civil War history like that of her effective contemporaries who can be Dorothea Dix and Clara Barton. She seemed to be revered as the author of Little Women who is the semi-autobiographical novel about four sisters who lived living in Concord while their father seemed to serve in the Civil War. 

"Little Women" Summary:

The Life of the Four Girls:

The story opened with the lives of the four March girls who there were two of them were the youngest as well as were entering adolescence. Meg and Jo are regarded as teenagers. The story told the story of the girls lives in the fifteenth years of their lives. Each girl of them is introduced to have an imaginary for what she wished, however each of them ends with a very several future or fate than she imagined for herself. 

Meg Is Missing Moments:

Meg, was the one, who missed the wealth of the old days before her father lost his fortune and she is married to Mr. Brooke who was the tutor of Laurie Laurence as well as she lived in a very modest house. However, she should learn to realize the fact that she seems not to be anymore as well as could not engage in activities that her rich friend Sally Moffat have the ability to enjoy. However, she found all her money, 

Sally as a Lonely Woman:

Sally seemed to be a lonely lady with a husband who was lived in his own world and only thought of himself. In addition, Jo has a writing skill that she wrote firstly the romances article for the local paper as well as a novel that can receive several reviews as well as the sensation stories. Later, after her sister Beth died, Jo found the mixture of misery and heartfelt sincerity that allowed her to write stories that seemed to have the publisher begging. 

Beth Lives with No Ambitions:

Beth, who is the third girl and was the only one who had not any ambitions and the only whose desire seemed to live at home with her parents and practice her music. She was regarded as a model of selflessness as well as gentleness. In addition, she complained the least about the things they have not the ability to buy it in addition had the right kind word for any situation. In addition, her primary fault seemed to be that she is very shy that she has not the ability to attend a public school and so it got her schooling at home. 

Amy Needs a Rich Groom:

Amy seems to be the youngest. She wished to marry a rich man for having money. She had the intention to move about in high society as well as have wealthy friends, expensive jewels and rich clothes. In case that she got the chance to achieve her dreams, she turned it away as well as turned instead to Laurie that their childhood seemed to be friendly. 

End of the Story:

The irony of only missing childhood life seemed to be that in giving up Amy's dreams of marrying wealth, she got it anyway because Laurie’s grandfather. Mr. Laurence seemed to be very wealthy as well as will leave his entire property to Laurie. In the end, all of the girls have the ability to learn that no amount of wealth can bring more happiness than that of a loving family.

"Little Women" Characters:

1- Meg: is short. She is the oldest one of the four March sisters. Besides, she is the most typical of the sisters who loves luxury, nice things as well as good society. She is the only one who remembered the days of her. She wished to be wealthy again as well as had a castle with many servants as well as expensive possessions. In addition, she is romantic that in case that she had to tell a story in order to amuse her sisters, it will be about love and marriage

2- Jo: is the second oldest March sister who is a writer. She seemed to be modeled after Louisa May Alcott herself. She cuts as well as sells her hair in order to help her sick father. She loves literature that she love to read and write it. She can forms plays for her sisters in order to perform as well as writes stories that she published. In addition, she seemed to intimated Dickens as well as Shakespeare and Scott that whenever she didn’t perform chores, she went up in her room that is located in the corner of the attic and read her favorite book.

3- Beth: She is a quiet, selfless as well as shy girl who dreamed to be only in home with her family. She seemed to love music as well as play the piano and the only material thing that she seemed to want is a nicer piano as her family's seemed to be old. The piano that she played on, is given to her by her wealthy neighbor, Mr. Laurence. She seemed to share this anonymous girl's musical talent in addition she's going to share her demise. She has the ability to sing hymns that her relation with such an ethereal art form fostered the idea. Later, in book 2, she is dead.

4- Amy: is youngest girl in March Family who loved art as well as seems to be a quite vain, however she learned to be elegant as well as generous. She hoped to marry rich that she regards however rejects Fred Vaughn and then marries Laurie. She attempted to make her clothes as well as accessories politeness in addition makes social claims on the family's wealthy friends and neighbors as well. She is pretty and successful. Moreover, she seems to be overly sensitive even spoiled.

Who Is My Favorite Characters?

I think that Jo is my favorite character because she worked hard for the prosperity of her family in addition for her sick father. In addition, she refused Laurie’s offer to marry her, in spite of the fact that everyone seemed to assume that they could end or finish together. On the other hand, she gives up her writing then she marries Professor Bhaer, who seems to be seen either as a domestic triumph or as a professional loss and as a result, she loses independence for the sake of her family.

Beth is the other character whom I liked, as she is very shy and quiet. She had a good soul that she always attempts to please other people in addition she seems to be concerned with keeping the family members together. I think that she has the ability to struggle with minor faults such as her resentment for the housework and it is a good thing therefore, she is a good person. Like JO, she seemed to have antisocial tendencies that she does not want to live in society where women are forced to conform to social conventions of female behavior and so I think that she wanted to have a role in her society not like any other women.

"Little Women" Analysis:

I like the story that the story of Little Women is regarded as a marvelous novel. It is full of humorous adventures as well as tragic moments. I think that I like the part in the story where the moment Teddy is going to proposes to Jo but although she rejects him, she is in love with him. I recommend the story of Little Women to anyone who want to enjoy the theme of romance, disappointment, misery in addition the desire to read about a four girls who struggled so much in life.

"Little Women" Summary, Characters & Analysis

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