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Paragraph about traffic problems

Paragraph about traffic problems

Traffic jam is one of the most stressful things that can ever happen to you when you are driving to any destination. Traffic is very bad in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh in particular. The country is getting ready for the many events that is going to take place in the near future. There are the several reasons of traffic jamming in Riyadh. The school seasons also are a very challenging. Living in Riyadh is very admirable during the summer vacations when expatriates go back to their countries. This time of year is perfect for living in Riyadh smoothly

The Big Number of Expatriates:

Reasons of Traffic Jam in Saudi Arabia include the high number of cars and vehicles. Number of expatriates is developing quick and quick year by year. The increment of conceiving an offspring is the component behind numerous things that happen every day in our lives. This increment has the great and the awful. Talking about the awful, over populace prompts congested streets with substantial traffic in light of the fact that consistently new infants are conceived and the streets are the same. Indeed new conceived children are not the explanation behind fender benders yet as a rule, the packed urban communities have various mischances consistently that are normally due to the high traffic streets in the city and the high ways.

The Weak Traffic Infrastructure:

Reasons of Traffic Jam in Saudi Arabia include Infrastructure. The heavy and mega structures, which are taking place, now in Riyadh, are very tough. All the structuring and infrastructures are made in no time all in one time. Add to that a powerful open transport framework; Riyadh has been experiencing a development of its transportation system, including the expansion of new thruways and a metro framework. With the progressing development lives up to expectations crosswise over Riyadh, traffic interruptions because of redirections and street terminations are likewise inescapable. With its current street structure, Riyadh has a mixed bag of street situations with differing velocity cutoff points, running from little low-speed private streets to huge multi-path merchant streets where rates can be much higher. Information proposes that the most elevated extent of loss crashes in Riyadh.

Considering the repercussions of street blockages, Riyadh has started completing the extension of its transportation system, which incorporates development of new interstates, Riyadh (King Khaled) Airport, and the arranged development of a metro framework. As it seems to be, Riyadh has an extensive street system made up fundamentally of two- and three-path double carriageways. Numerous significant roundabouts have been evacuated and supplanted with traffic light intersections, underpasses or bridges. Besides, numerous significant lanes in the city are being changed over into thruways to suit the expanding traffic on streets.

Rush Hours of Schools and Universities:

Reasons of Traffic Jam in Saudi Arabia include schooling. One of the most challenging attributes are the schools seasons. It means a lot of traffic in the early morning and on their way back after schools. They start in the early morning and return by afternoon. Riyadh is very calm when the schools are off or in summer. Simply, most of the expatriate families go home and this leads to less congestion. Actually, there is no congestion during the summer in Riyadh. In addition, the Saudi families fly to neighboring countries in the GCC, Egypt and Europe for short and long vacations.


It is worth mentioning that Saudi Arabia is a promising country. The major focus on Riyadh has to be spreader to other cities in Saudi Arabia and think about centralizing as well as transferring the ministries offices to remote areas that serve all Saudi people around the corners of the country. Traffic jams will ever exist as long there is no action. However, the Municipality of Riyadh is really doing a great job. It is a matter of few years to suffer but the results will be outstanding in the future for citizens and expatriates.

Paragraph about traffic problems
Ali Badr
By : Ali Badr
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