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Advantages of Elderly Living Alone

Advantages of Elderly Living Alone

Every day people speak about each other describing themselves or describing somebody who is absent. All the descriptions are based on the human senses, which are the sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing. Another kind of descriptions is the description of advantages of something like staying in home alone. Staying alone in homes has many advantages like finding time for hobbies like watching TVs and drawing, studying hard in a quite environment, having the moments of inspiration and creation for writers and authors.

Many Hobbies Can Be Done at Homes:

There are many hobbies that can be done while staying alone in homes. Drawing is one of the hobbies that require the person to be alone. The best moments of creation are these moments of solidarity and isolation. Some people see that isolation is a bad thing in general, but staying alone in homes has many advantages. Almost all people have televisions in their homes and most of the people like to watch televisions while they are relaxing in homes alone. 

One Can Surf Social Media Websites:

In addition to that, people has computers, laptops and cell phones and they all prefer to serve the social media like Facebook, Twitter and Linked In. Making a phone call and understanding the speaker needs calmness and tranquility. All people especially the youths like to make phone calls in homes away from the noise outside. All these hobbies can be done in homes an environment of solidarity. Many of the youths like to play online games like Silk Road, which is considered one of the most played online games. All these online games can be played in homes without needing to get out of the home.

A Calm Place for Studying

Staying alone in home is a good chance to study well. All students cannot study well and concentrate unless they are alone away from any distributors. All students need to study well, while some students stay in their homes in the US because of racism and discrimination. The United States is a wide country and it contains people from all over the world. The diversity of the US is a good thing, but some ethnicities had been a subject to violence because of their origins or color “been linked to isolation, abandonment, and exclusion” (Ruiz-Casares & Heymann, P. 136, 2012)”. 

Staying at home alone is significant if it has a good reason like studying, while it is a bad thing if it is because of social isolation and racism. None can deny that students memorize and study well if they are alone in their homes, and this is a good advantage. Studying is the only way for people to achieve their dreams and contribute in the improvement and welfare of their countries. If the student were pressed by lectures and courses, they would fail in their exams as they do not hat self-study. Therefore, it is better to balance between attending in the universities and studying alone in their homes.

A Reason for Creation

The best moments of writing for any author are the moments of isolation and that is what staying at home alone provides. No author can write a novel or a play if he is between people as the moments of being with family and friends are not the moments of creation and inspiration, while the best moments of inspiration and letting the thought are the moments of being alone. All writers like to write in their homes inside their libraries as when people stay a lone, they have the opportunity of imagination and remembering. Almost all writings are based on imagination or memorizing. 

The imagination happens when the writer writes about nonfictional events in a story a play. In this case, the writer needs to write about the characters of the story, their feelings, the places and the events. “There are many people who go after online education as it has been well documented in both the popular websites and the educational organizations”. (Trawick, P. 35, 2010). Hence, people tend to stay alone and separate themselves from any distributors as writers cannot depict and imagine if they are not in his home alone. 

There is another kind of writing which is intellectual writing like articles and analyses. This type of writings needs tranquility and deep concentration. Writers who analyze and write about facts and real events should be sophisticated and cultured as they add their own opinions or the common opinions to the articles. In fact, writing is not an easy thing, so staying home alone is the solution and the safe haven of all the noise in the outside world is staying in homes alone. 

Many writers and intellectuals when they find themselves like strangers in their societies and when they suffer from any discrimination, they take shelters in their homes and stay away from the people. In fact, not all thinkers and writers feel comfortable when they stay between the people as many of them treated badly in all levels.


Finally, one can say that staying alone in homes has many uncounted advantages. All these advantages were mentioned or implied indirectly in the article of “Home Alone”. To describe the advantages of staying alone in homes, one should be intelligent. One of these advantages is that staying alone in homes paves the way for people to do their hobbies. One can read, play or even serve the internet and chat with his friends. These simple hobbies can be done in homes without need for getting out. Secondly, staying in homes is a good chance for students to study well as studying needs a quite inner state and tranquility. Thirdly, staying in homes helps writers and poets in creation which does not come when these authors are between others.

Advantages of Elderly Living Alone

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