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Advantages of Microwave Cooking

Microwaves Cooking Advantages

Microwaving has been a controversial subject between many people. It is like everything and it has advantages and disadvantages. Nevertheless, the question that should be asked here is that are the advantages more or the disadvantages. The supporters of using microwaves in homes say that it is unaffordable. It is amazing to buy something that is very small and has many tasks. Microwaves are so as they are used for cooking and baking healthy foods with the minimum amounts of oil. Moreover, it is a common knowledge that microwaves can save the time because the heat the comes from them is very high and it enables one of cooking in the least time. Thus microwaves are very important with no harmful effects.

Microwaves Are Scientifically Useful:

Microwaves have many advantages and these advantages are shown in the experts’ opinions. Domestic microwaves function power in a useful way to get food cooked (Vidmar). This means that the heat of microwaves are useful to the food and the human health. This is an expert opinion who has been studying microwaves for a long time refutes the opponents’ unscientific opinions that microwaves are dangerous on health. The matter here is the primary resources against the secondary resources. There are many demands on healthy and variable dried foods made researchers adopt microwaves as a safe mean of dried foods (Haghi). All these proofs are enough to make any person to buy a microwave feeling with no danger on his health.

Less Time to Cook:

Many people do not have time to cook as their time is distributed between sleep, work or study. This makes cooking a very difficult mission to this class of people who just go to their homes for having rest. These people are classified into two categories. The first kind of these people are the ones who depend on the unhealthy fast food. The second kind of people are the people who buy ready to eat vegetables and cook them either in hot water or microwaves (Duhaib et al). Depending on this fact, it is clear that microwaves save the people’s time which is the most precious thing on the world. This irrefutable evidence shows that using microwaves has become a necessity for saving time and effort.

Advanced Validity and Safety:

Due to its validity and safety, microwaves have been used in agriculture and food industries (Yadav et al). This is a bare fact that microwaves are used in agriculture instead of the chemicals. If microwaves are harmful and cause illnesses, people would not use them in agriculture and scientists would not make researches about their importance in this field. This argument has been raised because there are many people claiming that microwaves can cause cancer, but after the previous fact that microwaves are used not only in homes but in agricultures, it is meaningless to claim that microwaves result in cancer. This device is very safe, practical and cheap to buy. It has all the traits of ovens but in a smaller size and a higher potential.


Finally, microwaves are not only be used in cooking healthy foods. The heat that comes from microwaves is enough to cook foods quickly. Microwaves also dries the water that is in foods and this makes foods healthier and make them use the minimum quantity of fats like oil or butter. Thus microwaves have many advantages. Moreover, microwaves are not only used in homes but they are also used in restaurants. Again, everything has advantages and disadvantages, but the advantages of microwaves are more than their disadvantages.

Advantages of Microwave Cooking


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