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Causes of Obesity Essay

Causes of Obesity Essay

Obesity can be see the modern world big challenge and disease. Since technology is the main playing factor in our lives now, it is hard to make any physical activity for many reasons. Technology has made a lot of us lazy to move an inch. It became a struggle to move without a car. No more physical attributes like fitness session, jogging or even walking. Other reasons can be seen for the fact that everything around us has been turned into a digital task that can be done through few keyboard strokes or smartphones taps.

Cause #1 Genetics

Obesity can be inherited. Some cases had proved positive inheritance evidence of obesity. In this regard, the obese people have to check with a specialist in order to reduce their obesity. Obesity is a killer thing if it continues to gain more and more weight. It simply paralyze any human and makes his movement heavy and almost impossible.

Cause #2 Not Exercising

This reason can be found in the modern life more than ever. People are now concerned about either making money or struggling to make a living. In both ways, people are very busy despite the fact that technology has facilitated many heavy tasks in our live. The existence of machines also had played a negative impact on the human where there is no more movement; basic movements per day and hardly walking.

Cause #3 Wrong Habits

In this regard, it is urgent to mention that eating the wrong food and the wrong timing of eating can be very destructive for the human body. Eating fried foods and foods with high fats leads finally to obesity. Speaking of occupations that keeps you working all night and sleeping all day is very crucial to your eating habits. Therefore, it is worth mentioning that bad foods and uncompromised variety of food can cause obesity.


Obesity is brought about by various diverse variables. Notwithstanding what causes obesity a major issue is by all accounts expanding consistently. It is up to everybody to put an end to obesity and the additional toll that it is tackling the lives of many citizens around the world and sadly, fresh and youngsters are included as well.

Causes of Obesity Essay

Ali Badr
By : Ali Badr
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