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Essay about Friendship

Essay about Friendship

Paragraph about Friendship:

Friendship is one of the mightiest relations between people. Many people name others as friends even they do not know well. They claim that any nice person can be a friend. This raised an argument over the definition of friendship. The true friend is the one who is always in the time of need. The friend indeed is the friend in need. Right friendship has duties and responsibilities. Moreover, it should be based on respect and love. The true friendship includes listening, giving advices and giving the helping hand.

Qualities of a Good Friend:

1- Listening for Friend Problems:

Listening is the best thing that a friend can do to his friend. Therefore, this listening should include sympathy. The true friend is the one who listens to his friends’ silly jokes, laughs when he laughs and cries when he is hurt. He is the one who has time to lift his friend when he is down. Thus, listening is the basic mission of a friend. The true friend should listen to the problems of his friend. If the friendship does not include listening, it would be fake and untrue. There is an importance difference between listening and hearing. Hearing is just hearing to words without a big attention, but listening includes attention.

2- Advising Friend for Being Good:

Giving advices is the biggest mission of any friend. The true friend is like a mirror to his friend. He should advise him, tell him about his disadvantages and remind him of values. He is the friend who tells the truth even it hurts to make his friend better. Advising happens when a friend finds his friend does something wrong. In this case, the friend should advise his friend and guide him for the good things. This advice should be in private and not in public, because advising in public is something unacceptable.

3- Assistance in Hard Times:

Giving the helping hand happens through friends. The true friend cares about his friends’ problems. It does not matter how the problem is big. The true friend helps his friend when he is sick. Moreover, he prays for his friend happiness. He is like the life jacket to his friend who can be in a rough sea. If the friend does not help his friend, he should not be a friend. Giving the heling hand is in the hard times when one needs his friend. Helping is something good and done by many people but the true friend is the one who helps without waiting for any gains.

Conclusion about Best Friend:

In conclusion, People should learn how to choose the right best friends. In my opinion, they should not tell anyone as a best friend. That is because friendship is a deep meaning with big responsibilities. Situations can show the true friends and the untrue ones. Words are fine and good but actions are proofs. It is a fact that true friends are difficult to find. However, when one finds them, he will find people who listen to him, advise him and help him.

Essay about Friendship


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