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Market Entry Strategy for a New Product

Market Entry Strategy for a New Product

Generally, water is the significant source for the human to be alive. Doctors and scientists discover that the man should drink at least 2 liters of water every day to reserve the balance of his or her body. Moreover, as we know water is tasteless that hasn’t have any taste, smile, or even color. This makes some people forget to drink their 2 liters of water every day, which make them directed to the food to compensate the small amount of water inside their bodies. For that, Markets start to produce the infuser water bottle that encourages people to drink more water. This infuser water bottle is like any other water bottles except having extra part to put the best flavor to give the water some taste, color and smile. After the great success of such infuser water bottle, markets begin to make shapes, sizes, and different materials for this bottle to suit all people’s needs.

Market Entry Strategy for a New Product Factors:

1. Target Market:

To make any product obtains the admiration of the consumers, it should has targets in the markets to get the best-selling among other similar products. First, focus on the image of the infuser water bottle in the markets through the showing style and the label on it, this to attract the attention of the consumer. Second, turn consumers into experts, by making them determine which flavor, shape and size that they need. Third, position the product as a solution to a problem; this happens by positioning the infuser water bottle as an alternative to the unhealthy soft drinks that consumers may buy when they go out.

2. Product Characteristics:

The infuser water bottle is characterized by its various shapes, sizes, and usages. It also suits what the market wants nowadays. The thing that characterizes the infuser water bottle is the part that can contain fruits or any flavor the human wants to make him or her drinks water a lot instead of eating unhealthy foods or drinks. Moreover, due to the different sizes of the infuser water bottle, it can be taken everywhere the human can go and it cannot be obstacles in his or her way to any place.

3. Availability of A Marketing Organization:

Availability of marketing organization helps in organizing the prices and places to introduce the product. This assists in spreading the equality among all the products and makes the consumers the one who determines the best product to have.

4. Company Consideration:

The company of infuser water bottle should put into consideration the needs of the consumers to achieve their needs, by producing the best product that supports their life style. Moreover, the product should have a variety in shapes, sizes and usages to attract the attention of all the customers which leads to the best-selling for the company.

5. Governmental Policies:

The governmental policies for any product should contain many regulations which submit the product to many tests before introducing it to the markets. These regulations consist of labeling, durability, and composition. Labeling is to compare between what is written in the label and the sources that the product comes from. Durability is the ability of the product to bear any circumstances. Composition is shown in the materials that the product is made from.

6. Multinational’s Global Strategic Posture:

A global strategy should be appearing whenever there are significant interdependencies among a business’s competitive position in different countries. However, the most hard issues that a global strategy should pay its attention to include the configuration and co-ordination of the business‘s worldwide activities

7. Attractiveness of the Market:

Attractiveness of the market is the most important strategy in selling a product. Here, the country should selects the product and the best market channels to produce it through suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, agents, distributors, and consumers. These market channels should be check carefully to lead to the attractiveness of the market. Therefore, choosing new ideas and notions of introducing a product in a market is significant and essential for any country for market entry strategy.

Market Entry Strategy for a New Product


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