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Reasons Why People Love Football

Reasons People Love Football

No wonder that football is a great sport. Everybody loves football. According to the American terminology, football is the rugby. However, we are talking here about the real football or soccer as mentioned by the Americans to differentiate. European teams still on the top of the sport like Barcelona FC and the Royal team of Madrid; Real Madrid in the Spanish league. Bayern Munich FC is the German giant whose admiration is unbeatable all over the world. In fact, the reasons for which people love football are that it teaches teamwork spirit, it is a good sport for having good health, and it teaches beating challenges.

Football History:

Football was first invented in the modern history in colleges and universities in England in the early 19th century; around 1815. It was not the same as we see it today. Nowadays, football is a real business and we are here talking about billions of dollars are being invested in this impressive sport. The sport is very loved by most of earth’s nations. The majority of fans follow their national teams and local clubs are the main backbone of the national teams.

Reason #1: Football Teaches Teamwork Spirit:

Here in Gulf region, people love football so much. They love to watch it and they admire playing it. There are many superb football clubs in the gulf region like Alsadd (Qatar), Al-Hilal (Saudi Arabia), Al-Ain (Emirates) and Kazma from Kuwait. Yet there are a lot to mention. These clubs have massive numbers of fans in the gulf area. Nevertheless, there are reasons why people of gulf love football. Football teaches the teamwork and this spirit is important on the business level. That is why it can be seen that some companies manage with their recreational teams to establish such sports for their employees to break the tensions and to increase the team work spirits in order to maintain high calibers and revenues at their corporations.

Reason #2: Football Is a Good Sport for Good Health:

Football is essential in order to have a good health. Running and dribbling the ball as well as having a goal to score in are great reasons to love the football. Fans love their teams and they support them with their hearts in the winning and losses. The sport is a very good method to establish a good connection between people and show their passions truly.

Reason #3: Football Teaches Beating Challenges:

People love difficult things. Football teaches to beat your challenges. Scoring is a very hard thing in the football sport, which makes it a challenge. Since you were a kid, you were brought up with the existence of football matches being broadcasted in your home, cafes, and at your friends’ homes. The admiration is profound since you’re a kid. No wonder that the sport is very popular and loved in the Middle East and in Gulf region in particular.


Either you are a fan or a player; football will remain a secret of happiness. You support your team to win and you play hard to please your fans. It is a common and mutual interest between the two parties. Gulf is very fond of football and they tend to invest more and more in the future in order to keep loving the sport.

Reasons Why People Love Football
Ali Badr
By : Ali Badr
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