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The Pros and Cons of Technology

The Pros and Cons of Technology

Technology is good for people`s life. People cannot live a day without technology, they go to a mall and use electronic maps to know the way. People ride their cars and use GPS in order to reach the place they need. People walk in the street and see large screens showing you advertisements about technological products. When people want to talk to someone they use cellphones, wherever they are and they can reach each other in very fast. The latest cellphones even allow people to do more than just calling, they also allow people to locate where someone is and even voice order their phone to get them a certain number or add something to their notes. Technology is everywhere and we have all become so dependent on it especially with how convenient everything has become recently. While technology is really handy most of the time, it has its own pros and cons just like anything else in the world.

The Pros of Technology:

1. Making Life Easier:

Technology makes things easier for people; it helps them in their daily life. Imagine a world without a vacuum cleaner just how much would it take a mother to clean the house it would take at least an hour to only remove the dust from the floor if not more, depending on the size of the house. Technology allows simple tasks like cleaning to be done faster and thus allows people to focus on more important tasks like working or studying.

2. Facilitating Human Work:

Technology also helps people in their work. Imagine working without a computer in which you can arrange your files, how many drawers would you need in order to arrange your files manually and how many hours would you need in order to find a single paper inside all the drawers. Workers would need to spend hours classifying files and adding them to drawers and hours setting up new files and organizing small papers into files. 

3. Saving Time:

Just finding a single paper would require a lot of time and the amount of work force needed in order to organize paperwork alone would be immense. Computer allows you classify all your files into folder right away with only a single click and whenever you need a certain paper all you need is write its name in your computer and you will get it right away.

The Cons of Technology:

1. Not Using the Full Brain Skills:

While technology does in fact help people and make our life easier, fully depending on technology can cause more harm than good, let`s take the calculator as an example of not using brain skills. An accountant depending on a calculator all the time if the calculator broke down and he had to do all his calculations on his own so suddenly he would mess up real bad that`s for sure. Thus, depending on technology more than needed can in fact become a cons to the person. An accountant with the right basics who doesn`t use the calculator in small addition operations can in fact do a part of his job without a calculator and so his job won`t be badly affected when his calculator breaks down.

2. The High Prices of Technology:

Another con of technology is the price, technological devices are most of the time very pricy and people who want to learn about all the new applications in the latest models of technology must pay a lot of money in order to get what they want. Stuff like new cellphone models, new tablets, new computers is never cheap and customers who buy them usually need to have certain knowledge about technology and a certain amount of money. Old models get cheaper when new models get released however old models don`t have the latest features and sometimes some of them even have faulty features. Old models are usually bought by people who don`t have money they can spare on something too expensive while new models most of the time get bought by people who have money, rich people who can afford the price of the newest models.

Paragraph about Technology:

In conclusion, technology like everything else has its own pros and cons. The advantages of technology are a lot whether in daily life, work or free time. However most of its cons can be avoided except for the price, disadvantages related to how people use technology can be avoided by minimizing the use of technology in simple tasks like small calculations or small writings, that way a person would get used to using both normal methods and technological methods in their life and that would create a certain balance that is very important in a person`s life. On the other hand, cons like the cost disadvantages that cannot be avoided but it can be solved. If a person cannot afford a certain device he or she can always save up for the device and get it or just choose the device that fits them the most and stays within the budget.

The Pros and Cons of Technology

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