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The Role of Human Resources Management

The Role of Human Resources Management

Human resources are the vital means that can drive the organization to keep and enhance its position in global marketplace as well as preserve its sustainability there (Cania, 2014). For that, human resources should be managed accurately to achieve the required performance, which the organization is in need of it. Furthermore, the strategy of human resources shall fit the strategy of the organization in order to move in a parallel way together towards global marketplace. 

Objective of Human Resources: 

Therefore, human resources apply two main systems “regulator and obligation” on employees or the workforce of an organization. The first approach of control is used to shape the employee behaviors and attitudes inside and outside the working area. This shaping is to determine the reduction of the direct labor costs and enhancing efficiency, which are made by imposing employee obedience with identified rules and procedures and deciding employee rewards on some measurable productivity criteria.

The Role of Human Resources Management:

Workforce is the essential category in any organization that is responsible for the progression of the organization or its failure. Therefore, the concentration on the workforce is very important. Human resource is the department that is responsible for employing the abilities and skills of the workforce into the way of succession and high performance in order to achieve the main aim of sustainability in the global marketplace for the organization. 

The main aim of human resources is to use their strategies in order to link the performance of the workforce with the requirements of the organization. This is also by managing cooperation of employees with managers, collaboration of employees between them, proficiency, revealing the capabilities of employees like; motivation, obligation and fulfillment; and employee behaviors (Cania, 2014). Consequently, the main purpose of the human resources in an organization is to promote business performance through employees' management.

1- Enhancing Company Growth:

There are many effects of Human Resources on the company growth, employees' performance and work productivity. Human Resources Department plays a very important role in promoting the work in the company, as the HR employees are the main connection among other employees and managers. The specialties and roles of Human Resources Department have no limits, as they are responsible of recruitment process, securing employees` security, managing and arranging the work as well as implementing training programs and sharing information (Vlachos, 2009). 

Moreover, one of the most remarkable Human Resources Department contribution in the business growth is the performance-based evaluation that seek to assess and reward the efforts, attitudes and work of employees in the company.

2- Increasing Comfortability and Satisfaction among Employees:

Moreover, the effects of Human Resources Department include the great results that the company witnesses after hiring experienced HR team in the company. The results can be highlighted through reflecting the business development and growth in the company and the increase of comfortability and satisfaction among employees. Moreover, commitment approach is used by the human resources for utilizing the preferable behaviors and attitudes of the employees by establishing psychological links between the targets of both organization and employee. The commitment approach is specialized by higher and qualified levels of employee influence in decision-making, official participation agendas and best trainings for problem resolving (B. Arthur, 2016). 

3- Listening to Employees' Problems:

There is no doubt that HR employees pay great attention to the importance of listening to employees` problems and complaints of work in order to find possible solutions for such problems and facilitate their missions. The impacts of Human Resources Department also appear clearly on the increase of employees' productivity and efficiency at work. Human Resources Management is considered one of the most significant concern in any company due to the lack of the company to create a state of competitiveness among employees and increase the sustainable development in the company in addition to achieve the company`s goals through utilizing the efforts of HR team (Cania, 2014). 

4- Improving the Quality of Work:

It is important for any company to recognize the effects of Human Resources Management strategy that work on improving the work. Thus, most companies that care about Human Resources Department can easily reach an influential usage of strategies and work plans, successful management and coordination of personnel at work, applying reward and punishment strategies to encourage employees to perform better work, maintaining a competitive work environment as well as understanding the entire work problems and know the best solutions for them. 

5- Increasing Coordination and Unity:

Furthermore, Human Resources Department helps the company to recognize the coordination and unity of all employees in the firm (Okoye and Ezejiofor, 2013). This occurs when the HR Department tries to eliminate the gap that could happen among employees and managers in addition to the gap among employees and themselves at work, which would increase the understanding and the team spirit.

6- Organizing the Internal Workplace Atmosphere:

Human resources departments start to appear in the modern time, where its frequent progression in appearance in the business area is great. This is due to the global marketplace’s need to occur challenges between companies to obtain the first position among others. Therefore, the role of human resources is to organize the internal atmosphere of an organization in order to win the global marketplace. The human resources’ concept as a strategic asset has effects on both the characteristics and the effects on the system of an organization.

7. Human Resources Strategy Update:

The frequent changes in the universe due to the elements of globalization and progression of information systems are the main reasons for the need of updating the strategies of human resources to suit the global changes. In recent years, market challenges are the most important aspects in business, therefore each organization or factory is looking for the best performance of human resources in order to reserve their sustainability on global markets as well as achieving the main aims of the company. Hence, human resources department is capable of cost reduction, growing the number of customers, accomplishing sales levels, increasing the market measurements, innovative products, and enhancing productivity and quality. Likewise, the organizational performance obtains its credibility among the owners during days. This research paper is going to tackle the definition, aims and effects of human resources. 

The Role of Human Resources Management

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