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"The Use of Force" William Carlos Williams Summary

"The Use of Force" William Carlos Williams Summary

Author of "The Use of Force":

The Use of Force is one of the most notable stories in the history of English literature. William Carlos Williams, who is an American poet and storyteller made "The Use of Force" story. He was born in 1883 and died on 1963. He has worked as a physician. This could be the reason for which the author of "The Use of Force" could write this story. This author depended on imagism and modernism. In the beginning of his life, Williams was amazed of painting. In the discussion of the plot, themes and lessons of "The Use of Force" story.

Summary of "The Use of Force":

"The Use of Force" story is about a girl who has a very bad fever “my daughter is very sick”. The parents of this girl calls a doctor in order to check the girl. The doctor fears that this girl may have a diphtheria and he made a decision to check the throat of the girl. 

In spite of this, the girl refuses to open her throat. This made the doctor refuses to her throat and this makes the doctor uses force to open her throat with a spoon. Here the name of "The Use of Force" story is personalized with the usage of force.

Main Themes of "The Use of Force":

There are not many themes in "The Use of Force" story. The first theme in "The Use of Force" story is illness. The main theme of "The Use of Force" story is the usage of force “I forced the heavy silver spoon back of her teeth and down her throat till she gagged”. This theme is applied by the doctor towards the girl at the end of "The Use of Force" story. The author indicates that one could have to use force for a noble purpose in spite that force itself could be a bad thing. The author originates the idea that a bad thing a thing that is not morally accepted such as force might be used for achieving another good purpose. The second theme is violence. This happened when the doctor asked the girl to open her mouth and she attacked his eyes with her nails.

Lessons Learned from "The Use of Force":

There are some lessons learned from "The Use of Force" story like:

1- A student could be afflicted by diseases through his existence in school. This is because a school is a place in which many people gather “a number of cases of diphtheria in the school”. 

2- Parents should take care of their children and consider the method through which doctors treat their sons and daughters because the mouth of the girl was bleeding due to the action of the doctor. 

3- The country should exert its utmost in order to treat diseases such as diphtheria.

Analysis of "The Use of Force":

To sum up, "The Use of Force" story is very meaningful. It is not only a story about a girl who has an illness. However, the story has many themes and lessons that could be learned. To be clearer, "The Use of Force" story justifies the usage of force to face force or to achieve a good objective. In additions, humans should be treated well at the hands of specialists that should be trained well on how to deal with children. All these issues should be considered and society should be aware of such things. The result of this issue is that society shall be better.

"The Use of Force" William Carlos Williams Summary

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