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Vodafone Leadership Style

Vodafone Leadership Style

Management system and style can be identified as an overall methodology of leadership and how the company wants to drive the boat of the company. It is also the measure and approach that provides the direction, motivation and implementing plans. The management styles are different and based on the ideology, size and capacity of the company. It is a major determinant of the success or the failure of any company or organization. It is also seen to be the clear message and direction of the company behavior with employees and outside projects and tasks. There are five different organizations styles (systems) that are applied in a company like Vodafone based on its organizational structure and management strategy.

Definition and Types of Organizational Styles:

Organizational management styles are all about organizing, planning and controlling to get the tasks done. However, leadership is a different story where an individual get the influence of a group of people to create and achieve a common target. There are three main managerial and organizational styles that have been asserted effective. The styles are: Paternalistic, Democratic and Autocratic. However, first, it is worth mentioning that there are three main specific performing targets in every organization. These are the financial performance which include profits, return on assets and return on investment, product market performance like market, sales, and share. Hence, the shareholder return which is entitled to the economic value added and total shareholder return. One also can realize the process that involve in influencing a group of people towards a coming goal. 

Directive Management Style:

Returning to the management style of a company like Vodafone, the company has proven a great asset on diversional management styles in one place as they assure the highest standards of ethics and profitability as well as professionalism. The following are the main management styles in Vodafone Group. The first style is the directive: it is also known as coercive style as it has a primary objective to endure immediate compliance from the company employees. It is effective when there is a certain crisis in the company. It is also working when deviations are considered risky. However, it is not effective when employees are not qualified or trained enough. It is also ineffective when employees are overqualified and highly skilled because it makes them frustrated at the micromanaging. The directive leader gives order to the team around him, sets the standards, expectations and disciplines for those who do not achieve the set standards.

Authoritative Management Style

The second style is the Authoritative which is also known as the visionary style as it has primary long-term objective providing the company’s vision for its employees. It is also effective when everything is clear in terms of direction and standards of the company. The second benefit of this method is effective if the leader is credible enough. However, there are other chances that this method is not effectives when employees are underdeveloped as they need extra guidance and training to be able to achieve the company mission and vision. If the leader of the company or department is not credible. Employees would not follow the vision of the company if they cannot get to believe in it. In this method, the leader sets his vision and tell it to the teams below him. The steps back allow the team to work. The leader is also quite asked to step in periodically to reiterate the vision of the company in case of requirement. Hence, the leader reports to show the right steps for the teams below his authority.

Affiliative Management Style

The third style is the affiliative style is used when main objective are meant to create harmony and coherence between employees as well as between manager and employees. It is also effective as a matter of fact with the implementing with different styles and this is very basic and common in the management style followed in Vodafone Group. It is also applicable with tasks routine and performing adequate counselling, helping and managing conflicts. However, it is least effective when performance is incapable and inadequate. Affiliations would not emphasis the performance. Also it is not applicable when there are certain crisis situation that need attention and assertive directions. Hence, this returns us to the directive style in case of crisis.

Participative Management Style

The fourth style is the Participative is the fourth style and it is basically considered the most modest and democratic style between all as the main objective of this style is to build consensus and commitment between employees. It is effective as it drives employees to work together more. It is also beneficiary when staff have the sufficient credibility and experience. Having a steady and neat working environment is another assert and effectiveness. Yet, one could not be effective in certain situations when employees need to be coordinated carefully and in times there is a crisis like no times for meetings. It is also ineffective if there is a lack of competency. Hence, a close supervision is imminently required.

Coaching Management Style

A final step in management styles in the organizations are the coaching style. It is basically entitled to have the objective of long-term professional advancement of employees. It helps when skills are required to be elevated, corrected and developed. Employees are needed to be motivated and willing to get development. Pacesetting is the 5th managerial style as it has a main objective to accomplish tasks until a high standard of excellent work and productivity. It is merely active and beneficiary if people are working highly motived and competent altogether. It works perfect when there is little coordination or direction needed. It needs experts as well. However, it would not be effective when there is a workload that required coordination between others and assistance. It would not be needed when coaching, coordination and development are required.


Finally, it is showing that the above managerial organizational styles that could be implemented by any company. However, Vodafone group could be seen a role model in management structure and organizational manners. The group is a coherence between the above mentioned styles to create the most effective and functional managerial style.

Vodafone Leadership Style

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