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What If Malcolm X Were Alive Today?

What If Malcolm X Were Alive Today? 

Education has become easier with image, TV and video. The new technologies provide a great opportunity in order to increase the awareness of people. In addition, it can increase the education about different actions in life. Furthermore, the increase of the development and improvement of different technologies provide a great opportunity in order to increase literacy among people in the world. Thus, there are not heroes such as Malcolm X today because of the development in the technological fields, because technology can save times and students can prefer the use of computer than books.

The Technological Development:

The first reason why people cannot presently find role models such as Malcolm X is the great amount of development in technologies. According to Eric Wijaya "The importance of technology is aiming for comfort of use in whichever form it is. It always directs for easiness in life". Technologies are used in different fields in our life. To illustrate, technologies manage to increase the productivity of human nature. The development of technologies provides a great opportunity to facilitate the process of doing many things. The idea of the education become easier than before as students can learn with technologies.

Having Methods for Saving Time:

The second reason why there is no Malcolm X today is the methods of saving time. According to Lisa Kanarek "When you combine those timesaving methods with technology, you can save even more time". For example, computer can work to save time that we may spend to search for data in books or magazines. The development of technologies can help to save time. The development of smart phones, internet, Emails, and video can save time. Life without the use of technologies will become complicated. Sometimes, technologies can help to save the life not only the time.

The Preference of Using Computers:

Third, the most important reason why Malcolm X would never back today is that students prefer the use of computer. According to Manali Oak "Computers have brought about a revolution across all industries". Computer can save a great amount of data and information in this device. The access of internet provides a great opportunity in order to widen the knowledge of students and their ability of understanding. Computer helps students to do their assignments and tasks. Students can acquire more information through the use of computer.


Thus, Malcolm would leave the literacy and use the current method education because the development of the technologies in different sectors in life. Technologies can help save times. Additionally, the development of technologies can help students to achieve many tasks and assignments. This era is an era of technologies as they are used in many fields and industries. The advantages of technologies make them replace the traditional methods of different industries.


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What If Malcolm X Were Alive Today?


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